nerf gun accesoriesIf there is one thing that makes most Nerf gun models stand out from other toy guns for kids, apart from the fact that they are completely safe, is the fact that most Nerf guns can be easily “modified” with various official accessories. This versatility allows Nerf gun owners to personalize their guns and not only make them cooler, but also more efficient during the various Nerf War games they will be involved.

Accessories for Nerf guns can be acquired in two ways: you can buy them separately, or they come packaged with certain guns. The Nerf guns that are part of the N-Strike series, for example, come with “tactical rails” on various parts of their body. Those rails allow pretty much all N-Strike accessories, whether they are bought separately or they came packaged with another Nerf gun model, to be attached on those guns, in order to create unique Nerf gun mods. But which accessories are the best for your Nerf gun? Let’s find out!


Pistol like Nerf gun models are mainly used as sidearms, so adding too many accessories on them, may actually make them harder to conceal or carry around. If you want to make your pistol more functional and cooler looking, you can add laser sight or a flashlight mod under its barrel. You don’t need fancy scopes or stocks for a pistol!

Assault Nerf guns

Most players will be using one of the many assault type Nerf gun models, which is why they are the most customizable. So, which accessories do you need to make your gun the best Nerf gun on the battlefield? We,, first of all you will need a good stock, since this will help you steady your aim and increase your accuracy. For maximum functionality you can choose a folding stock, since this will allow you to make your gun more maneuverable in enclosed spaces. Another thing that an assault Nerf gun should have is a scope. Don’t pick one of the bigger ones that come with Sniper rifle like Nerf guns though, as this will make your gun heavier and harder to handle. If you want to increase your ammo capacity, you can also use larger magazine models. A drum magazine will give you a significant edge over your competition. Finally, when it comes to Nerf gun accessories that can be added to the front of the gun, you can go with either a flashlight or laser sight, or with a fore grip. All those accessories will help you increase your accuracy.

Sniper rifle like Nerf guns

Well Nerf sniper rifles like the Nerf Longstrike are a bit big as they are, so adding more stuff onto them can make them really hard to carry around. In you are a sniper, the only accessories you will need are a good bipod and a good scope. In most cases however the scope that comes packaged with your gun will be more than adequate, so just look for a bipod to help you steady your aim for those hard long distance shots.

Nerf Machine gun models

Again, those guns are already big and heavy, so adding too many accessories on them can make them unwieldy. The only accessories you will need are a bipod, which will come in very handy when defending a fixed position, and a blast shield to protect you during assaults. You do need gancey scopes for a machine gun.

If you are looking for a cool Nerf machine gun with some unique accessories, then the Nerf Stampede is definitely the right choice. It is a fully automatic Nerf gun that comes with a blast shield that will allow you to assault enemy positions, without having to worry about getting tagged in the process. It is kind of like a Nerf light machine gun and it is absolutely deadly in the right hands.

nerf gun accesories guideWhat makes a Nerf so cool and makes it one of the best toy guns for kids, is the fact that what you see is not all you get! Nerf guns look really cool on their boxes and on the ads on TV or online, but what makes them really special, is the fact that you can easily make them even cooler and more functional. This is because pretty much all Nerf guns are fully customizable and this allows you to create your personal Nerf gun mods.

All Nerf gun models of the N-Strike series, which is Nerf’s main product line, as well as many other models, come with tactical rails. Those rains can be found in various parts of their bodies and they allow you to attach any accessories you want on them, in order to make your gun as badass and deadly as possible. some accessories are sold separately but what makes Nerf guns really cool, is the fact that the accessories that come packaged with one model, are compatible with all Nerf guns of the same series. If you bought a sniper rifle model and you want to attach its silencer or scope onto your assault rifle Nerf gun, you can totally do it.

So, in order to help you understand which accessories you will need in order to create your personal and very deadly Nerf gun mods, here’s a short guide:

  • Scopes

Scopes are ideal for improving your aim and accuracy and make you deadly and precise with pretty much any Nerf gun. It should be noted however that they are pretty large and they can some guns pretty unwieldy. If you like assault rifles, then you should pick a mid range scope, sniper scopes will only make your gun heavier and harder to handle. Pistols, machine guns and shotguns don’t need scopes as those weapons are designed to be fired from up close and personal (guns, shotguns) or they are not designed for accuracy (Nerf machine gun models).

  • Stocks

Stocks are essential for all assault rifle like nerf gun models as they help steady your aim and improve your overall accuracy. If you want to make your gun really deadly however, you should equip it with a folding stock, which will make your gun easier to carry around and less unwieldy in enclosed spaces. Folding stocks are also great for sniper rifles since they make them more compact and easier to carry.

  • Magazines

Not having to reload often can make a quite a difference in any Nerf war, so having the larger magazine possible for your main Nerf gun is essential. Barrel magazines have great capacity and they are easy to carry around and attach to your gun, making them ideal for most Nerf assault rifles and even for light Nerf machine gun models.

  • Bipods

Bipods help steady your aim, but deploying them does take some time and it leaves you open to enemy fire. Bipods should only be used with machine guns and sniper rifles.

  • Blast shields

Blast shields provide great defence against enemy fire, but they are pretty heave and they can make your gun hard to aim. They are great for heavy assault Nerf gun models that are not designed to be accurate, like shotguns and machine guns.

  • Fore grips

Fore grips help you steady your aim and they are great for assault rifles and shot fun models.

  • Flashlights / laser sights

Flashlight and laser sights help you aim in the dark. They can pretty heavy because they are battery operated, so only use them when they are absolutely necessary. They are used best with assault rifle and pistol like Nerf gun models.

If you are looking for a Nerf gun that comes packaged with a cool accessory, then you should definitely check out the Nerf Stampede. Not only is it a fully automatic light Nerf machine gun, it also comes with a blast shield that will keep you safe from enemy fire, while assaulting their positions.

nerf guns accessoriesAny Nerf war veteran will tell you that it takes more than having really cool or new Nerf gun models for a team to win the Nerf wars it takes part in. This is because although most Nerf guns are designed to be highly efficient on the battlefield right after you take them out of their box, their functionality, effectiveness and performance in battle is maximized only by using the right Nerf gun accessories.

In other words, if you want your team to win all Nerf wars, you will need to have your blasters equipped with the right Nerf gun accessories. As I am sure you know, accessories for Nerf guns are either sold separately or they come packaged with certain blasters and all guns of the same series are compatible with accessories made for guns of that series, regardless if those were bought on their own or they came with another gun. So, before you buy any accessories, have a team meeting and ask all your teammates bring their Nerf guns and mix and match your accessories in order to create deadly Nerf gun mods. Here’s what each “warrior class” should be equipped with:

Assault troopers

Assault troopers are the backbone of all Nerf war teams, which is why their guns are easily the most customizable. Your assault troops should all have stocks equipped on their rifles, in order to steady their aim and be as accurate as possible. You should also make sure to equip as many of them as possible with folding stocks, which will make their guns easier to carry and easier to handle in confined or tight spaces. They should all be equipped with high ammo capacity magazines, in order to reduce the amount of times that they will have to reload during battle. Scopes are welcome, but not mandatory. Don’t let any of your assault soldiers equip a sniper rifle scope on his assault nerf gun, though! Finally, if you are going to fight in the dark, then you should make sure that as many of your troops as possible have flashlights or laser sights equipped on their guns.


Snipers don’t really need many accessories, since their guns already come equipped with the most important one: the scope. If you want to make them more efficient and deadly, you can equip them with bipods, which will help them steady their aim and increase their long distance accuracy, and folding stocks, which will make their guns easier to carry around, therefore increasing their mobility on the battlefield.

Heavy troopers

Your Nerf machine gun wielding troopers don’t need any fancy stocks or scopes in order to be deadlier and more efficient. It should also be noted that their guns come with high capacity magazines included in the package. What they will need though, is a bipod to help them handle their guns better while holding a fixed position and blast shields that will keep them safe from enemy fire while assaulting enemy positions. Blast shields are also ideal for shotgun-like Nerf gun models.

Side arms

ALL of your teammates should be equipped with sidearms! Not, those guns should be easy to carry around and conceal, so they should be kept mostly free of accessories. If the battlefield has some dark or poorly lit areas however, they can attach a flashlight or a laser sight on their sidearms. This will make them more useful, without making them harder to carry and conceal.

If you are looking for a cool nerf gun that comes with unique accessories, then the Nerf Stampede is definitely the right gun for you! It is a fully automatic, battery powered Nerf machine gun, that comes equipped with a blast shield that will help you rain darts on your enemies, without worrying about them returning your fire.

Check out those Nerf gun video games!

nerf gun video gameOne of the main reasons why parents choose to buy their kids a Nerf gun over some other toy guns for kids, is the fact that Nerf guns look nothing like real life guns and thus they don’t make kids desensitized to violence. When it comes to video games though, it seems that most of them are all about violence and realistic guns.

This is because video games are made with adults in mind, nowadays, and violence or realistic guns are not a problem for adults. In fact, one of the main reasons why some sci-fi shooters flop, is that adult gamers claim that the guns in the game look like Nerf gun models and not like actual guns.

If your children love shoot’em up video games, but you don’t want them to play violent ones that feature accurate models and depictions of actual guns and weapons, then the Nerf gun video games are definitely the right choice for you! What makes those games so special? Let’s find out!


There are two leading Nerf gun video games on the market right now: Nerf N-Strike and its sequel Nerf N-Strike Elite for the Nintendo Wii. Both those games are rail shooters. This means that they are games like Virtua Cop or House Of The Dead, in which the player’s character is moving on a set path and the player only has to aim and shoot. What makes those games really unique and great for kids however, is the fact that the characters in the game only use Nerf guns and Nerf projectiles. The game’s “arsenal” consists of accurate depictions of real Nerf gun models, as well as some that have been created exclusively for these games.


Unlike most video games that feature commandos and battle hardened veterans as their stars, the Nerf gun video games are about some kids who just happen to be Elite Nerfers. Their skills and Nerf guns are all that stands between an invasion by evil robots. All of the enemies in the game are robots, so you don’t have to worry about your kids witnessing and blood and gore on the screen while playing!


nerf guns video gameThis is what makes those games really cool. Each one comes with a Nerf gun included in the package. Nerf N-Strike comes with the Switch Shot EX-3 gun, and Nerf N-Strike Elite comes with a Switch Shot EX-3 that is equipped with the special Red Reveal accessory that allows the player to see some hidden messages while playing the game. Those Nerf guns have special slots for the Wii’s motion controller, which essentially turns them into light guns. This means that your kids will be using those guns to aim and shoot their enemies on the screen. Furthermore, those guns can also be used as regular Nerf blasters. They even come with darts included in the package! In other words, you get two cool things, a cool video game and a Nerf gun, for the price of one. If you want to get more bang for your buck, you can get the Nerf N-Strike Double Blast bundle, which includes both video games and a Switch Shot EX-3 gun, equipped with the special Red Reveal accessory.

If you want a really cool Nerf gun for your kids that will provide them with many hours of fun, then you should definitely get the Nerf Stampede. It is a fully automatic Nerf machine gun, that will make your kids feel like little versions of Rambo! Like all Nerf guns, it is perfectly safe for children to play with and shoot.

nerf gun video game ukWhen the time comes for parents to buy their kids their first toy gun, they will most likely choose a Nerf gun. Why is that, you ask? Well, the reason is actually very simple: Nerf guns look just like toys and not like actual guns and according to recent studies, children shouldn’t be playing with realistic toy guns for kids, as this familiarizes them with guns and makes them desensitized to violence.

When it comes to video games though, things are quite different. All kids love video games, but the vast majority of them nowadays, are made with adults which is why they feature realistic gun models and lots of blood and gore. It goes without saying that games like Call Of Duty and Battlefield should be kept away from younger kids, but what about those Nerf gun video games that are available for the Wii? Are they good for kids? Well, the answer to that question is a definite “Yes!” and here’s why:

They don’t feature any blood and gore

Nerf N-Strike and its sequel Nerf N-Strike Elite for the Nintendo Wii, are about some kids who are Elite Nerfers and they find themselves fighting against evil robots. The characters on the game only use Nerf guns and the only enemies are robots, which means that there is no blood and gore on screen for your kids to see and be shocked by. Furthermore, the main characters of the game are all kids who just love Nerf guns, instead of grizzled veterans and Navy Seals, and that makes them much more relatable to your kids.

They don’t feature realistic gun models

Like I said above, all the characters in the game, player characters and NPCs alike, use ONLY Nerf guns to fire each other. The game’s “arsenal” consists exclusively of digital representations of real life Nerf gun models, along with some fictional models thrown in for good measure. There are no realistic models of real life guns anywhere in sight.

They come with cool accessories

Each game comes with a specially designed Nerf gun. Nerf N-Strike comes with the Switch Shot EX-3, while its sequel, Nerf N-Strike Elite, comes with a new version of the Switch Shot EX-3 blaster that comes equipped with a uniques accessory, called the Red Reveal, which allows the player to view some hidden in-game messages. The good thing about those blasters, is the fact that can be used either as light guns, by inserting the Wii pointer controller on the right slot, or as regular Nerf blasters!

They will provide your kids with fun inside and outside the house

The Nerf gun video games are rail shooters, like Virtua Cop or Time Crisis, and they are really simple and easy to play games, specially designed for kids, that will provide them with hours of fun. But, like i said above, the Nerf gun models included with each game can also be used as regular Nerf guns. They even come with Nerf darts included in the package. This means that when not playing the Nerf video game, your kids can use the Nerf gun that comes packaged with it to play with their friends outside of the house. The Nerf video games are perhaps the only ones that will make kids actually get out of the house and get some exercise, because they come with a fully functional Nerf gun included in the package!

If you want to get your kids, and yourself, a cool Nerf gun instead of video games, then the new Nerf Stampede is definitely the right choice. It is a fully automatic Nerf machine gun, that can shoot dozens of darts with a simple squeeze of the trigger. Simply put, it’s one of the coolest and the best Nerf guns out there.

Nerf dart loading tipsNo matter how cool or deadly your Nerf gun is, when you are reloading it you are essentially a sitting duck, since you can’t use it to defend yourself and you can only fire back at your opponent after you are done loading it. Simply put, every time you reload your weapon, you risk getting “tagged” and “killed”. This means that if you want to stay alive during a Nerf war, you will have to reload as few times as possible.

Learning how and when to reload your primary Nerf gun and how to make the most out of its magazine and reloading system, is absolutely essential for your survival in Nerf wars. The following tips will probably save your life some day, so make sure that you follow them to the letter and running out of Nerf bullets won’t be a death sentence.

Always reload behind cover!

If you are running and you need to reload, find some cover and get behind it before you start reloading your gun. Remember, you are defenceless when reloading, so don’t make it easier for your enemies to kill you by standing in the open and essentially being a sitting duck! You can also ask your teammates to provide you with some covering fire while you get to your cover.

Burst fire is the way to go!

The current Streamline Nerf darts that come packaged with most Nerf models, are only accurate and precise when fired by a Nerf Sniper rifle. This means that you’d be better off firing in bursts of two or three darts with your assault blasters, instead of going for accurate single shots. Burst firing will dramatically increase your chances of tagging the enemy you are firing at. For even better results, use those guns for medium distance or close shots.

Don’t wait for your clip to run dry

If you have fired half or more than half of the Nerf darts loaded in your clip, then reload as soon as you get behind some cover. This way you will have a fresh clip on your gun and you will be able to pick up darts that you find scattered about the battlefield and load your half full magazine with them, which should be easily accessible, thus making it ready to be inserted in your gun when your current clip starts running out of ammo.

Six dart capacity magazines are useless

Don’t bother with 6 dart magazines unless you don’t have any magazines that can take more Nerf darts in them and are compatible with your Nerf gun. Six dart magazines run out of ammo really quick and they won’t allow you to fire in bursts. Furthermore, they will take as much space in your vest or pockets as 18 dart capacity magazines, so they are not even space efficient!

Always load your magazines with good darts

Make sure that you load your magazines as carefully as possible and only put the best Nerf darts that you can find in them. Bent darts or darts that have lost their original form and shape can cause jams during combat and on a Nerf war, a jammed Nerf gun is a death sentence.

Clips are better than drum magazines

You should stick with clips magazines instead of drum magazines, if that’s possible. This is because most drum magazines can have problems with their rotation mechanisms, which can result in jams and misfires. It should be noted that this problem is most common with the very large 35 dart capacity drums. 18 and 25 capacity drums are less likely to face that problem, so if your gun is only compatible with drum magazines, stay away from the 25 dart ones!

If you are looking for a cool Nerf gun with high ammo capacity that will allow you to safely overwhelm your opponents, then the Nerf Stampede is the right choice for you! It is a fully automatic Nerf machine gun that comes with a Blast Shield accessory that will keep you safe while you bury your enemies in Nerf darts!

single shot Nerf gunSingle shot Nerf gun models have been around since the early 90s, when Nerf guns were first introduced. Many Nerf fanatics and elite Nerfers started collecting Nerf guns after playing with their first single shot Nerf gun!

Those guns are not the most efficient or deadly in a Nerf war, because reloading them does take pretty long and they don’t have a great rate of fire, but they are popular as side arms, because they are small and light, which makes them easy to carry around and conceal.

In other words, under the right circumstances, a single shot Nerf gun can very much save your life on the battlefield. Here are some tips that will turn your single shot gun into a trusty companion in the heat of battle.

Make the most of your gun’s built in capacity

If your single shot Nerf gun has built in ammo carrying capacity, then you should always make sure that it is topped up at all times. This way you won’t have to scavenge the ground for any darts to use. This advantage can make a world of difference pistol only Nerf wars, since you won’t have to look around for Nerf gun bullets to collect.

Your single shot should always be easily and quickly accessible

Make sure that you place your single shot Nerf gun on a place that will allow you to draw and fire it as quickly as possible. Remember, you only get one shot with those pistols, as their name suggests, so you should make it count!

Single shot pistols have great range and accuracy

.What a lot of people don’t seem to know, is the fact that single shot Nerf guns are way more accurate than Assault type and Nerf machine gun models and they also have more tange. You should use their extra range and accuracy to your advantage and try to snipe enemies from distances that would make sniping impossible with the Nerf guns mentioned earlier. Furthermore, since your single shot gun has a pretty pathetic rate of fire, it needs to be reloaded after every shot, it seems safe to assume that you would be pretty much screwed if you were to be stuck with a single shot against rapid firing blasters. Remember though that you have much greater range and accuracy, so stay away from them and pick them off from afar and wait until reinforcements come!

Single shot Nerf gun models may be life savers in the battlefield, but they most likely won’t win you any Nerf wars. If you want to dominate your enemies, you will need a gun with great rate of fire. Here’s where the Nerf Stampede comes in! It is a fully automatic Nerf gun, that will allow you to rain nerf darts on your enemies, while being safe behind the cover provided by its specially designed blast shield accessory. Simply put, it might be the best Nerf gun ever made!

firing Nerf gun modelsMost of us have associated the term “nerf gun” with really fun toy guns that fire harmless dart shaped projectiles, the world famous Nerf darts, with great accuracy and over long distances. This however is no longer the case! Many of the latest Nerf gun models are part of the brand new XLR Tech series and there is something really special about them: instead of firing disc based projectiles, they fire special Nerf bullets that are shaped like discs!

Those discs are known as the XLR discs and they offer Disc firing Nerf gun models with some really cool and practical advantages. First of all, they are much more accurate than Nerf darts and they travel further. Furthermore, XLR guns are very easy to reload and reloading them can be done significantly faster than reloading dart firing Nerf guns. Those are not the only advantages of the XLR models though! Here are some tips and tricks that will help you dominate your Nerf war games:

  • You can have a disc in the blaster while reloading

If you have a magazine loading XLR disc blaster like those with the the Vortex clip system or the Vigilon models, then you can have one disc loaded in the blaster while you are putting in a new clip. This will allow you to be able to defend yourself if someone attacks you while reloading. Your opponent will also not be expecting a shot from an empty Nerf gun, so he will be caught off guard!

  • The discs can be curved

OK, I am not talking about being able to curve Nerf bullets like Angelina Jolie in Wanted, but discs fired from the XLR or vortex guns will start to curve as they travel. The longer they travel, the more they will curve. With some practice, you will be able to use that curving to make your discs curve around obstacles and cover, allowing you to hit your enemies when they think that they are safe.

  • You can tag people via ricochets!

Unlike Nerf darts, the new XLR discs can be easily ricocheted off of walls, trees and other obstacles. If ricochets are permitted in your Nerf War games, the discs’ bouncy nature will provide you with many easy kills that your opponents will not see coming. Just make sure to always keep in your mind that the discs spin in counter-clockwise direction, which means that they bounce towards the right when they ricochet. If you practice enough to master ricocheting and curving the disc shaped Nerf bullets, no one will be safe from you on the battlefield!

  • Always carry a regular Nerf blaster with you

Having a regular Nerf blaster with you is essential at this stage if your main Nerf gun is a disc firing model. This is because disc firing Nerf guns are new, so their ammo is kinda rare, so you probably won’t find any discs on the battlefield that you will be able to scavenge in order to reload your gun. You will find plenty of Nerf darts, so you should always have a small dart firing with you, in case you run out of ammo.

  • Practice reloading your gun

XLR discs may be easier to reload than Nerf darts, but if you are used to loading and reloading a dart firing Nerf gun, then you will need some practice in order to get used to loading those new guns. Just practice on your own for a couple of days and you will be fine.

If you are still a fan of the old school dart firing Nerf guns then don’t worry, there are still plenty of cool guns for you to choose from. The Nerf Vulcan, known as the Havoc Fire in the UK is a fully automatic, high powered Nerf machine gun that can also be used as a single shot Nerf gun. IT is simply one of the best nerf guns ever made!

nerf dartsWhat makes most Nerf gun models really cool, is the fact that unlike other toy guns for kids, there are many types of ammo that you can choose from them. Nerf guns may fire darts, but that doesn’t mean that there is only one type of Nerf darts out there! As all Elite Nerfers though, there are different kinds of darts and most of them are compatible with most or all models of Nerf blasters.

Each Nerf dart type has its own strengths and weaknesses. This means that although all Nerf darts are pretty accurate regardless of the gun that is firing them, each type seems to be best suited for a certain Nerf gun type. According to many Nerf fans, in order to win a Nerf War, you need only to have the right Nerf guns, but the right darts for them as well!

So, without further ado, here is a guide on the various types of darts, which Nerf gun type they are best suited for and how to make the most out of them.

Streamline darts

Streamline darts, or Streamlines for short, are the darts that come in the package of pretty much every Nerf gun. This means that they are by far the most common type of Nerf bullets in existence. They are pretty basic darts that are not very accurate and they have the shortest range, when compared to other, more specialized darts. So, using them for sniping is out of the question. You can use them to overwhelm your enemies though! The Streamlines are meant to be shot in bursts, which is why they are best used with Nerf guns that have a high rate of fire and large ammo capacity. Just get close to your enemies and start unloading on them and the lack of accuracy that those darts are known for, will work to your advantage. If you want to do some sniping, then you can carry a sidearm loaded with Whistler or Suction darts, which have greater range and are much more accurate. Streamline darts are meant to be used in a “spray and pray” king of scenario.

Suction darts

Suction darts are by far the most accurate Nerf darts out there, making them ideal for sharpshooters. Their main drawback however, is the fact that their range is not much greater than that of the Streamlines. They still travel further than Streamlines, but their range pales in comparison to that of the Whistler darts. Suction darts are best used with single shot Nerf gun models, which will allow you to take full advantage of their great accuracy. Do not use them for “spray and pray” purposes, because their great accuracy means that all of the darts that you will fire in quick succession will pretty much hit the same spot or target, instead of spreading out and hitting targets all over the place.

Whistler darts

If range is what you are after, then the Whistler Nerf darts, or Whistlers for short, are the ones for you! They have the greatest range of all Nerf types, which means that they will allow you to outrange most of your opponents and pick them off from relative safety. Their main drawback is the fact that their accuracy decreases with distance. In other words, the further they travel, the less accurate they are. This means that they are not as precise as Suctions, but as long as you keep an enemy in your sights, chances are that you will hit him, even from maximum range. In order to make the Whistlers travel as far as possible, you need to make sure that their whistling hole is facing upwards when you load them in your gun and clip. It goes without saying that those Nerf darts are better used with sniping Nerf gun models.

If you are looking for a really cool Nerf gun that will help you dominate the battlefield, then the Nerf Vulcan, also known as the Havoc Fire, is the best one for you. It is a fully automatic Nerf machine gun, that also doubles as a powerful, semi automatic blaster.

nerf darts gunWhat makes a Nerf gun stand out from other toy guns for kids, is the fact that it fires safe and harmless projectiles, the famous Nerf darts. Those darts are famous for being accurate, for being able to travel long distances and for not causing any pain or injuries when hitting people, or damage when hitting stuff.

That’s all nice and well, but it simply is not enough for Nerf War fanatics! According to them, having a cool Nerf gun is not enough to win Nerf Wars: if you want to dominate your opponents on the “battlefield” you will need to have darts that are in good condition.

As it turns out, according to Elite Nerfers at least, Nerf guns are only as good as the Nerf darts that they fire. The better the condition of a Nerf dart, the more accurate and overall efficient it will be.

This means that in order to make the most out of your darts, you need to learn how to take care of them and keep them in tip – top shape!

Here is what you need to know as far as keeping your Nerf darts as efficient as possible is concerned.

  • Don’t store Nerf Darts in your pocket

In order for a Nerf dart to be as accurate as possible and to travel as far as it can possibly can, it needs to be in the right shape! When you store Nerf darts in your pocket, they get all squished and bent out of shape, which as you can probably tell, will greatly affect their performance. So, where should you keep your darts during a Nerf War game? Well, ideally, they should be loaded into extra magazines for your Nerf gun. If you don’t have any extra magazines, you can store them in a pouch or a bag that you will have on your person, They can even be stores in the pockets of tactical vests, provided that they are roomy enough. As long as they are not placed in your trouser pockets, they will be fine.

  • Always use Nerf darts that are in good condition

Like I said above, the performance of a Nerf gun is greatly affected by the shape it’s in. If it is all squished and bent out of shape, it will simply not work as intended. Nerf darts that are bent out of shape can also cause your Nerf gun to jam and a jammed gun is pretty much a death sentence on the battlefield. In other words, you should always make sure that your magazines and Nerf guns are loaded with darts that are in good condition.

  • The more you use a Nerf dart, the more its performance decreases.

In order for a Nerf gun to perform as well as it possibly can, it needs to be able to fit as snugly as possible into the barrel of a Nerf gun. The problem however is that each time you use a Nerf dart, it loses a bit of thickness and over time, it will lose enough thickness to not be able to fit snugly in the barrel, which will give its performance a great hit. If you see that a dart is not as accurate or it doesn’t travel as far as it used to, then it’s time to replace it, even if it looks to be in perfect shape. It should be noted that Whistler and Suction Nerf darts lose their thickness a lot slower than Streamline darts.

  • Always store your darts in a dry place

Remember that Nerf darts are made out of foam and foam absorbs moisture. Moisture will make your darts softer, which again will affect their performance in a very negative way, so always make sure that you store your darts in places that are relatively free of moisture.

If you want to dominate your opponents in Nerf Wars, you will also need the right Nerf gun. The Nerf Vulcan, known as the Nerf Havok Fire in the UK, is an electronic, fully automatic Nerf machine gun, that can also double as a high powered, spring loaded gun. It is simply one of the best Nerf gun models ever made.

nerf gun discIf there is one thing that probably everyone knows about Nerf guns, is the fact that they are toy guns that fire the famous Nerf dart projectiles, right? Well, this has changed nowadays, because newer Nerf gun models use a new type of Nerf gun bullets: the XLR Tech Discs. Those discs are made of the same Nerf foam material that the darts are made, which means that they are just as safe. They are also more accurate than darts and their shape makes them easier to load into guns and magazines and easier to carry around.

Being relatively new, those XLR disc firing Nerf gun models haven’t seen much action in Nerf wars, however, many Elite Nerfers have decided to try them out and see what they are capable of. Those veteran Nerf fans, discovered that those discs have some “secrets” that they can take advantage of in order to dominate their opponents in the “battlefield”. In fact, many Nerf War veterans are currently using XLR disc firing Nerf guns. Here are some really cool tricks and tips regarding those amazing, new Nerf bullets.

Nerf discs can be curved

Remember the cool scenes in the film Wanted in which Angelina Jolie and James McAvoy were bending their bullets in order to hit targets hiding behind cover? Well, you will be able to pull off something like that with your disc firing Nerf gun. The XLR discs will “bend” as they travel in the air (kinda like frisbees) and with a little practice, you will be able to use this bending effect to hit enemies hiding behind cover. Just remember that they spin in a counter clockwise direction, which means that they will ALWAYS bend towards the right.

Nerf discs are really bouncy

Because of the fact that are disc shaped, those new Nerf bullets are really bouncy. This means that when they hit a wall or a tree, instead of sticking to it, like Suction darts, or falling to the ground, like any other type of Nerf darts, they will bounce off and keep going. This means that with a little practice, you will be able to achieve “trick shots” by using this ricochet effect in order to hit enemies who think that they are safe behind cover. Just make sure that ricochet kills are allowed in your Nerf war games.

They are ideal for “spray and pray” tactics

The new Nerf discs aren’t as fast as some Nerf dart types, but although relatively slow, they are very stable projectiles. This means that a swarm of discs is far more intimidating and much more likely to hit a target than a swarm of darts. Also, most disc firing Nerf gun models have very high rates of fire, which means that you will be able to create a deadly “cloud” of Nerf discs, really fast! A swarm of discs might be kind of slow moving, but it is definitely not easy to dodge.

Don’t play in grassy areas

XLR discs are green, so they can easily be lost if you play in a grassy area, because they will blend in with the grass.

Don’t get them wet

Getting your discs wet will make them go soft and as I am sure you know, softness takes a very heavy toll on the performance of all Nerf bullets. So make sure that you always keep them in a dry place and that you don’t shoot your Nerf gun near bodies of water and wet areas.

If you are an old school Nerfer looking for a cool dart firing Nerf gun that will allow you to annihilate your opponents, then the Nerf Vulcan, known as the Nerf Havok Fire in the UK, fully automatic Nerf machine gun, is the right choice for you. Not only can it rain dozens of Nerf darts on your enemies with a squeeze of the trigger, it can also double as an extremely powerful semi automatic blaster.

nerf gun personalWhat makes Nerf guns arguably the best toy guns for kids in the market, is the fact that they are very customizable. When you get a new Nerf gun, you can modify it to make it look even cooler than it is and match your own style and taste. Personalizing your Nerf guns is one of the most fun things that you can do with them. This article will help you learn the basics of Nerf gun personalization

  • Nerf gun integration

Perhaps the most common way of personalizing a Nerf gun is the one known as “gun Integration”. Nerf gun integration is essentially taking out all of the internal parts and mechanisms of a blaster and putting them into the case of another that has been previously hollowed out. Integrations are really practical, because they allow you to essentially transplant the firing power and all the features of your favorite gun, into a new body. It is a great way of surprising your Nerf war opponents!

  • Painting

The second most popular method to personalize a Nerf gun is of course to give it a new paint job! This is the favorite form of personalization of many Nerf fanatics. This method also results in some really cool looking Nerf mods, since when you decide that you want to paint your gun, your creations will be only limited by your imagination! Just visit your local hardware store and you will be amazed by how large the variety of colors to choose from is! Most Nerfers, especially older ones, usually prefer to paint their Nerf guns black, in order to to give them a more “realistic” look, but there are so many other colors for you to choose and experiment with! You can, for example, look in shops that sell car accessories for metallic colors that will look just as good on your Nerf guns as they do on cars!

Here are some useful tips that you should keep in mind If you do decide to paint your Nerf gun:

1.Always take the gun apart first

You should never paint a Nerf gun while it’s still in its case. This is to prevent paint from getting into the barrel and causing extra fiction when firing your gun, which will heavily affect its performance in a negative way. So, just disassemble the gun and make sure to apply paint only on the outer shell.

2.Always use primer

Primer is a pre-coat that should be applied on your Nerf gun before painting it, in order for the paint to stick better to it. This is because the plastic on Nerf guns is very slippery and paint doesn’t adhere well to it. By applying primer on your gun, you give the paint something to stick to. If you haven’t used or seen primer before, you should know that it comes in a can and it is used just like spray paint.

3.Don’t paint your entire Nerf gun black

For safety reasons, if you’re going to paint your Nerf gun black, you should keep the stock barrel that extends past the case of the gun and the trigger in their original, bright colours. All-black Nerf guns may look really cool and badass, but it is easy for someone, like a policeman, to mistake them for real firearms and this can easily get you into a lot of trouble!

If you are looking for a really badass Nerf gun that you can easily customize and personalize, then the Nerf Vulcan, also known as the Nerf Havok Fire in the UK, is the best choice for you. It is a fully automatic Nerf machine gun, that also doubles as a very high powered semi automatic blaster. It doesn’t just look awesome, it is one of the best Nerf Elite guns out there!

Air-power-nerf-gun-informationMost Nerf guns are spring powered, there are however some models that are powered by air. Those Nerf gun models, also known as Nerf air guns, are usually the weapons of choice of many Elite Nerfers. What makes those Nerf Elite guns so unique and sought after, is the fact that they can fire their art projectiles way further and with more accuracy than spring powered models.

The air powered Nerf gun models may be more powerful and accurate than spring powered Nerf guns, but they are also quite unique, which means that operating and maintaining them is a lot different than operating and maintaining spring powered guns. As you can probably tell, if you have never used an air powered Nerf gun, you might not be able to use it to its full potential without some help and without knowing some basic stuff about it. Here’s where we come in! This article has everything you need to know about nerf powered Nerf guns!

Know when to leave your gun pumped and when to empty it.

If you are in combat, then your air powered Nerf gun should always be kept pumped up. If you are done with using your gun and you intend to store it until your next Nerf war or practice session, then you should make sure to empty it before doing so. Long story short, when in combat, ALWAYS KEEP YOUR AIR GUN PUMPED UP and if you are going to store it, EMPTY IT BEFORE DOING SO. There’s only one exception to those rules: you should never leave your airgun all pumped up if you do not intend to use it again within about 30 minutes. This is because by leaving the gun pumped up without using it for more than 30 minutes at a time, you risk damaging the bladder or tank/ in which the air is stored and this can severely reduce the power of your blaster or even cause it to stop working altogether.

Know and understand the three types of air powered Nerf gun models.

Pretty much all Nerf guns that are powered by air fall into one of the following three categories: high power guns, rapid fire guns and semi automatic guns. Each type has its own unique advantages, so you must learn and understand them in order to pick the best Nerf gun for you and your playing style. High powered airguns have far greater range than all conventional spring powered blasters, and they are usually way more accurate, making them ideal for snipers. Rapid-fire airguns have a very high rate of fire that spring powered blasters simply can’t match. Semi auto airguns on the other hand can fire shots every time you pull the trigger. In other words, you won’t have to prime them before firing, like you would do with spring powered Nerf guns.

Always carry a regular Nerf gun as a back up gun

Always have spring powered or electronic blasters with you as back up if your primary Nerf gun is air powered. This is because pumping an airgun’s tank or bladder full once it runs out of air, is a very lengthy process which will leave you totally defenceless and unable to fight back against the enemies approaching you for a free kill. If you have a spring powered or electronic blaster with you, you will at least be able to retaliate and buy yourself some time to get behind cover and safely repump your airgun.

If you are looking for a really unique and powerful Nerf gun, then the Nerf Vulcan, known as the Havoc Fire in the UK, is the best choice for you! It is a fully automatic, electronic Nerf machine gun that features a unique belt fed loading mechanism. It can also be used as a high power, spring loaded semi automatic gun!

nerf missionMost Nerf gun models may look really futuristic and like something that came out of a sci-fi film, in fact many sci-fi films and TV series use re – painted Nerf guns as props, but they are a bit old fashioned when it comes to certain aspects. Many Nerf guns come with scopes, but those just provide the user with some crosshairs in order to help him or her aim better. Modern day scopes do way more than provide the user with an aiming reticles or crosshairs.

Modern day scopes provide their users with all sorts of useful that they need in order to fire their guns as accurately and precisely as possible. Nerf gun scopes simply can’t do that, right? Well, this is about to change! The revolutionary Nerf Mission app for the iPhone and the iPod Touch, provides Nerf users with a heads up display that will not only make them feel like they are inside a video game, it will also provide them with everything they will need to make every single shot count and work as effectively as possible as a Nerf War team.

And the best part? The Nerf Mission App is free! All you need is a special mount that will allow you to attach your IPhone or iPod on your gun! Here’s what the app can offer you!

  • It will provide you with valuable battlefield information

Like I said above, an iPhone or iPod running the Mission All can easily be attached to a Nerf gun, all you need is the right accessory, and provide the user with a fully functional HUD that uses the latest in Augmented Reality technology to provide him or her with valuable information regarding the Battlefield. More specifically, the Mission App Heads Up Display features a compass, a GPS, a two-axis inclinometer and a rangefinder that will let you know how far your targets are. All this information is absolutely essential for making precise and accurate shots, especially if you are your team’s sniper, which brings us to the next point.

  • Amazing zoom capability

You know what makes snipers really deadly? The ability to use the zoom functions and optics of their scopes to zero in on their targets. Most Nerf gun sniper scopes don’t have that ability and if they do, their zooming capabilities are very limited. The Nerf Mission app will allow snipers to zoom in on their targets for more precise and accurate long distance shots.

  • It comes with many cool extra features

The Nerf Mission app is as useful off the battlefield as it is on it. When you are not using it as a H.U.D. mounted on your favorite Nerf gun, you can use it to view information on pretty much all the Nerf gun models available on the market, since it comes with a Nerf gun database. Furthermore, you can use the app to design and plan multiplayer games and missions and share them with your friends. Finally, you can also use the app and your device’s camera in order to record footage of your Nerf war games and show it to your friends or even upload it to Youtube and other similar sites.

If you want a Nerf gun that will essentially turn you into a Nerf wielding version of Rambo, then the Nerf Vulcan, released in the UK as the Nerf Havok Fire, is definitely the right gun for you. This fully automatic, electronic Nerf machine gun will make you feel like the ultimate badass in your Nerf War games!

increase your accuracy with your Nerf gunIt is a well known fact that all Nerf gun models are pretty accurate, because of their specially designed Nerf darts. All toy guns however, and real guns for that matter, are only as accurate as the person shooting them. In other words, if you can’t seem able to hit your target, it is probably not the gun’s fault, but your own!

With that being said, no one is born a sniper or a sharpshooter like Annie Oakley! Anyone can learn how to shoot a Nerf gun accurately and everyone can improve his or her accuracy with their weapon of choice. All one need’s to do to become a better shot and be able to shoot his or her Nerf War enemies with great precision and accuracy, is practice!

Practice makes perfect, as the old saying goes, so here are a few practice tips for people looking to learn how to be Nerf gun sharpshooters!

Understand how your gun works

First things first, before you learn how to accurately shoot a Nerf gun, you need to learn how its reloading and firing mechanisms work and you need to become proficient at operating them. You aren’t going to be able to shoot anything if you don’t know how to fire and reload your gun! Most guns fire by squeezing the trigger after you prime it and most nerf guns use magazine based loading systems. There are some models however that use other firing mechanisms, while some guns require the use to place a dart inside the barrel before firing them. Only after you learn how to shoot and load your gun you will be able to learn how to shoot it accurately.

Practice on stationary targets

OK, the best form of accuracy training is target practice! You can start by firing on stationary targets first. Those targets can be anything from dart boards to empty cans. Just take your time and fire whenever you feel ready, this will help you get to grips with the firing mechanism and the kick back of your gun.

Practice quick shooting

This is where things start to get a little more advanced! Once you get to grips with your gun’s firing system and the way it handles, it is time to start practicing firing it quickly. Just set up your targets the same as before and try to hit them by firing as fast as possible. Your object here is to score as many hits as possible in the shortest amount of time. You can also keep some extra clips handy in order to practice reloading your Nerf gun as well.

Try different scenarios

Try to make your practice sessions more interesting and challenging by changing things up a bit. Finding moving targets is going to be hard, but there are man ways to make shooting stationary targets more challenging and fun. Try shooting from the furthest possible distance (more on that later), or add some obstacles between you and your target (those will represent civilians or your teammates) and try shooting your targets without hitting those obstacles. You can also set a time limit in which to try and get as many hits as possible and use all the Nerf darts that you have available. This will help you improve your accuracy while quick firing as well as your reloading skills!

Learn to aim a bit above your target

The more a Nerf dart travels, the more altitude is loses, which means that you your darts will usually land a bit below from where you are aiming. In order to compensate for that, you will need to aim a bit above your targets.

If you just don’t seem able to improve your accuracy there is no need to worry, there are many “spray and pray” Nerf gun models for you to choose from. The Nerf Vulcan, known as the Nerf Havok Fire in the UK, is an electronic Nerf machine gun that will allow you to shoot dozens of darts in just a few seconds. With hat rate of fire, your accuracy won’t matter!

Nerf gun sniperLet’s face it, there is nothing cooler than being a sniper during a Nerf war game and being able to pick off your enemies from afar, without them knowing what hit them. A lot of Nerf gun fans think that all it takes to become a sniper, is buying a sniper Nerf model and a good scope.

While having the right equipment and the right Nerf gun is definitely essential for snipers, the gear alone is not enough to turn you into a sniper who will dominate Nerf wars!

Sniping is much more complicated than you think and being a good sniper, requires lots of training, discipline and cunning. Here are some tips to turn you into the ultimate Nerf gun sniper!

  • Be fit!

A sniper has to be able to get vantage points as quickly and silently as possible because he is essentially a free kill while moving from one sniping position to another. Not only do you need to be able to run really far and fast in order to becomes a good sniper, you also need to be able to climb on trees and walls, since snipers need to always have the high ground. Having the right Nerf gun accessories can also make moving around the battlefield easier. Use collapsible or folding stocks to make your gun easier to carry around and to ensure that it won’t get in your way while climbing.

  • Learn the basics of camouflage

Sniping is all about hitting your enemies without them being able to spot you in order to retaliate, which is why you should blend in with your environment. Always wear colors that don’t contrast with the colors of the battlefield and avoid bright colors altogether. Camo pattern clothing is always a good idea. Nerf guns are brightly colored and they can be easily spotted by your enemies, which is why you should camouflage them as well. You can try painting your favorite sniper Nerf gun black, or you can keep it covered with a blanket or some cloth that will match the color of your clothing while sniping.

  • Have lots of ammo with you

If an assault troop runs out of ammo, all he has to do is collect some darts from the ground and reload his Nerf gun with them. A sniper doesn’t have that luxury. Seeing as you will be hidden and away from the main action, there most probably won’t be any darts lying around you for you to collect and load your gun. Always make sure to carry some extra ammo with you.

  • Always have a back up gun with you

Sniper Nerf guns are amazing when shooting targets that are far away, but they won’t be much use when coming face to face with the enemy, as they tend to have really poor rates of fire. This is why you should always have a back up Nerf gun with you at all times if you are a sniper. If you think that an enemy is sneaking up on you, switch to your back up weapon and take him down.

  • Learn how to compensate for the wind

The wind affects Nerf bullets the same it affects regular bullets! The longer a Nerf dart travels, the more its course will be affected by the wanted, which means that if you want your shots to be accurate, you will need to be able to compensate for the wind. If for example the wind is blowing from the East, you should aim a bit to the left of your intended target. Practice firing in various wind conditions and you will soon master the art of wind compensation.

If sniping is not your thing and you prefer more direct approach to combat, then don’t worry: there are many badass Nerf gun models for you to choose from! The Nerf Vulcan, also known as the Nerf Havok Fire in the UK, is a fully automatic, electronic Nerf machine gun that can fire dozens of Nerf darts in just a few seconds! If you like machine guns better than sniper rifles, then this is definitely the right Nerf gun for you.

nerf gun camoflageRegardless of whether you are a sniper or not, stealth is essential for surviving and winning Nerf wars. The problem with all Nerf gun models however, is that in order to not be like the more realistic toy guns for kids that parents hate, they are painted in really bright orange, yellow and green colours.This means that even you wear camouflage clothing or clothes that match the colour of your environment, your brightly colored blaster will give you away. This is why real guns are always black!

In order to make your favorite Nerf gun harder to spot and thus become stealthier in the battlefield, you can camouflage it. The best way to do that, is to paint it with a camouflage pattern! Here’s hot to do that!

1.Go to your local hardware store and get a can of primer (the primer will help the paint adhere on your Nerf gun) and two different colours of flat and quick drying spray paint. You can choose black and grey or light grey and dark grey for urban camo patterns or olive green and brown or dark yellow for forest camo patterns.

2.Carefully disassemble your Nerf gun. This is to prevent the paint from getting into the mechanisms or the inside of the barrel. Both of those things will severely affect the gun’s performance.

3.Once the gun is disassembled, place tape over any parts on the outside of its casing that you don’t wish to pain over. Warning: for safety reasons, you should leave the end of the barrel and the trigger in their original colors. This will keep people, and especially law enforcement agents, from mistaking your blaster for a real firearm. Trust me, you don’t want that to happen since it can be EXTREMELY dangerous.

4.Apply the primer on the outside of the casing and leave it to dry.

5.Once the primer has dried, take one of the colors you have selected and spray paint the entire outside of the casing. Wait for the pain to dry.

6.While you are waiting for the paint to dry, look around for some tree leaves that are in good condition. If there are no trees and leaves nearby, you can just cut out some leaf shapes from a piece of paper.

7.Place the leaf on the painted Casing of your Nerf gun and use the second colour to paint around it. Use small bursts of the spray paint for better results. Repeat this process until the entire casing is covered by leaf patterns. The patterns don’t have to have the EXACT shape of the leaf.

8.Wait for the paint to dry.

9.Once the paint has dried, put your gun back together and fire it to make sure that everything is in its right place.

10.Congratulations, your favorite Nerf gun is now camouflaged!

If you don’t like stealth and you prefer a more Rambo – like approach to your Nerf wars, then the Nerf Vulcan, also known as the Nerf Havok Fire in the UK, is the right Nerf gun for you! This amazing, fully automatic Nerf machine gun, will allow you to annihilate your enemies thanks to its very ammo capacity, uniques belt fed loading system and staggeringly fast rate of fire. It can also double as a high powered single shot blaster.


Nerf gun rangeWhat makes any Nerf gun really cool and unique when it comes to toy guns for kids, is the fact that pretty much all Nerf guns can be customized. Younger Nerfers can buy some accessories or mix and match the ones that come with the models that they already know, in order to create unique and really cool looking Nerf gun mods. More experienced and older Nerf fanatics however, can take their Nerf guns apart and modify them in order to make them deadlier in combat.

One of the most popular Nerf gun mods, is the removal of the air limiter that keeps almost all Nerf gun models from reaching their full potential as far as range is concerned. Nerf limits the range of all the guns that they manufacture, by using specially designed air restrictors and air limiters. If you want to increase the range of your favorite Nerf gun, all you need to do is remove its air restrictor and air limiters. Note that air restrictors and limiters are different things. This is much easier than it sounds! Let’s find out how it’s done!

Identifying and removing the restrictor

Removing an air restrictor or limiter from a Nerf gun is relatively easy, but you first need to be able to identify them. Air restrictors and limiters can simply be removed and thrown away once you have located them. Air restrictors almost always have the same exact shape, regardless of the blaster model: an air restrictor is a small piece of plastic with three prongs that is attached to the end of a spring. This spring can and should also be removed along with the restrictor

Removing the air limiters from spring powered guns:

Spring powered Nerf guns are almost always equipped with air restrictors as well as air limiters. The first air limiter of a Nerf gun that needs to be removed is the barrel post. The barrel post is the long rod that a stock Nerf dart has to slip over when being placed in a Nerf gun. The extra plastic that you will be left with after removing the Barrel post, can be removed with a drill. This is because those two plastic pieces, were keeping the air from flowing freely inside the gun, thus severely limiting its power and range. Removing these air limiters allows air to flow to the dart more quickly, which greatly increases its range. Once you remove this limiter, you can simply take out the air restrictor which we described above.

Removing the air limiters from pump guns:

Pump guns will almost always come equipped with some sort of air limiters, but unlike spring powered Nerf gun models, they do not come with air restrictors. Again, always remember that air restrictors are the three pronged pieces of plastic with a spring that we described earlier. Anything else is an air limiter. Air limiters in air powered Nerf guns usually look like grates. These air limiting “grates” reduce the range of the nerf gun, because they force the air to flow through and around them, instead of flowing freely. Just remove the grates and you will greatly increase the range of your Nerf gun.

If you don’t care much for Nerf gun mods, then you can just pick a Nerf gun that is badass by design, like the legendary Nerf Vulcan, which is known as the Nerf Havok Fire in the UK. It is an electronic, fully automatic heavy Nerf machine gun, that will allow you to dominate the battlefield, as soon as you take it out of its box.

nerf gun repairStreamline darts are the Nerf darts that come packaged with pretty much all Nerf gun models, apart from the late Elite Nerf guns. Those darts are pretty accurate, they can travel very far and they are also great for use in “spray and pray” tactics. They do have a pretty big drawback however: they are more fragile than other Nerf darts.

Believe it or not, if your Nerf darts aren’t in tip top shape, the range and accuracy of your gun will be negatively affected and the chances of your weapon jamming, will increase exponentially. This is because darts need to be as smooth and thick as possible in order to fit very snugly inside the barrel. This snug fit is mainly responsible for a gun’s and dart’s accuracy and range. The tighter the fit, the better the range and accuracy.

Streamline Nerf darts get worn out by repeated use and they fit a bit less snugly in the barrel pretty much every time they used. So, in order to keep from having to replace the darts that came with your Nerf gun all the time, here is how to reinforce the darts in order to slow down their wear and tear and how to repair them once they get damaged or too worn out. All you ned is some tape and a pair of scissors! (Note that Nerf gun bullets that have broken in half can not be repaired.)

How to reinforce streamline Nerf darts

Take some pieces of tape and wrap them around the point where the foam and the rubber tip of the Nerf dart meet. WARNING: you should make absolutely sure that the tape doesn’t touch the or cover the rubber tip. Wrap the tape around as securely as possible and make sure that it’s surface is smooth and completely free of any wrinkles. Don’t wrap the tape TOO tightly, because this will make loading the ammo into the magazine really difficult.

The tape will essentially protect the front of the dart during the loading process. When you cock or prime a Nerf gun, a dart gets inserted into the barrel via the loading mechanism and sometimes the dart might get caught at the top of the barrel, which can cause it form tears, to bends, or, in some extreme cases and usually in Nerf gun mods, to get ripped in half! The slick and smooth surface of the tape that has been applied to that spot, will allows the dart to be loaded as smoothly as possible every time.

How to repair Streamline Nerf darts

Repairing Streamline darts is actually very easy! When you notice any tears on a dart or if it has become bent and wrinkled, then simply wrap some tape around the problematic spots. WARNING: NEVER COVER A DART COMPLETELY IN TAPE. If you do that, the dart’s surface will be completely free of foam which provided it with much needed friction and this lack of friction, will cause the dart to slide right out of the ammo magazine. Furthermore, the smoothness of the tape will make it easier for the dart to move inside the barrel, thus reducing it’s range and accuracy.

Now that you know how to repair and reinforce your Nerf darts, you can put them to good use with a good Nerf gun! The Nerf Vulcan, also known as the Nerf Havok Fire in the UK, is a fully automatic Nerf machine gun, that will allow you to literally rain Nerf darts on your Nerf war opponents, thanks to its amazing rate of fire and electronic firing system!

Nerf darts for your Nerf gunIf you have a boy, then I can bet that his Nerf gun is by far his favorite toy! What makes those toy guns for kids so amazing, is the fact that only do they look really cool, they can also fire really safe and harmless projectiles. What makes the famous Nerf darts so great, is the fact that they you don’t have to worry about your kids injuring themselves or breaking stuff with them while they play around with their Nerf guns.

There is a kind of big problem with Nerf darts however: they can get lost pretty easily and they are not exactly cheap to replace! Each Nerf gun comes with some darts included in the package, but those will probably all get lost after a couple of heated Nerf War games. If you don’t want to have to buy extra Nerf darts after each of the Nerf Wars that your kids participate in, here is a quick guide on how to make your own darts that will be just as accurate and safe as store bought ones and they will also travel as far! Let’s get started!

1.The first thing that you will have to do, is buy a 1/2″ in diameter foam rod. This material is really soft, just as soft as the famous Nerf foam in fact and it’s also very cheap: it only costs about $3.50 for twenty feet and you can make up to 60 or seventy darts with that length! Note that although the rod comes in various diameters, only the 1/2 inch diameter is compatible with all Nerf gun models.

2.Cut the foam rod into small pieces that will be about the same length as a Nerf dart, that is about 2″ to 2 1/2″ long.

3.Once you are done cutting those pieces which will serve as darts for your Nerf gun, you will notice that they are all. This is because the rod was being stored coiled up in its package. Bent darts will have trouble with being shot out of a Nerf gun, but we can fix that! Put all of your “darts” inside a brown paper bag or a pillowcase place a hair dryer in its opening. Set it to low heat and let it blow for a few seconds. The heat from the dryer will straighten out your darts. Be careful, setting the drier on the high heat setting will probably melt the darts.

4.Time to use your glue gun! Plug it in and let it get hot. Once the glue gun gets hot, take it and place a little drop of glue just about the size of half a pea on one end of your foam dart piece. Before the glue cools down, take a BB and place it in the middle of the glue. The heat from the glue will melt the foam enough to allow it to absorb the BB while creating a protective foam ring over it. This way your dirt will be weighted, which is essential for accuracy, and you won’t have to worry about your kids coming into contact with the BB when hit by the darts.

5.Take your kid’s empty Nerf gun and look down its barrel. See that orange plastic rod in the middle? This is there to keep you from using homemade darts (store bought Nerf darts have a hole in the middle that allows them to slide through that plastic rod), it serves no other purpose and in order for your gun to be able to fire homemade darts, it will have to be removed (according to expert Nerfers removing this tod also increases a gun’s range), so do so using some tweezers or needle pliers.

6.Congrats! Your homemade darts are ready and your Nerf gun is able to shoot them!

Now that you know how to make your own Nerf Darts, you need the right Nerf gun to make the most out of them! The Nerf Vulcan is a fully automatic Nerf machine with an electronic firing and loading mechanism, which will allow you to unleash a storm of darts against your Nerf War enemies.

nerf gun work modeWhen it comes to toy guns for kids, the popularity of Nerf guns is simply unmatched, since they are by far the most famous toy guns in the world. But what makes the Nerf gun so popular?

Simply put, all Nerf guns feature sophisticated mechanisms that allow them to accurately fire their Nerf dart and other projectiles over long distances. What’s even better, their projectiles are completely safe and harmless, regardless of who or what they hit.

Ever wondered however how a Nerf gun works? Well, let’s find out!

A brief history of Nerf

NERF is the name of a product line of indoor toys made out of a special very soft foam by Hasbro, the well known American toy manufacturer. The first Nerf products were released in the 1980s and they were soft balls that children could safely play with indoors. In the early 90s the first nerf gun models were introduced in the market. What made them stand out from other toy guns, was the fact that they fired really soft projectiles. These guns gained immense popularity both because of some very clever marketing campaigns and because they were considered a fun and safe alternative to toy guns that fired much more dangerous and hard projectiles.

  • How does the Nerf pump action mechanism work?

All NERF guns fire their projectiles via the power provided by the build-up of air pressure, which is why pretty much all NERF guns feature a manual air pump system. When the user pumps his Nerf gun, compressed air gets pushed into a chamber. The more the user pumps his gun’s pumping mechanism, the bigger the air pressure inside the chamber becomes, which results in great firing power. Some of the earlier NERF guns featured a firing system system that fired a projectile each time the user pumped the gun, newer guns however have ditched that firing system. Newer Nerf toy guns come equipped with an air pressure chamber that is connected to their trigger mechanisms. When the trigger is pulled, a short burst of fast-moving air gets released from the air chamber and makes its way to the firing area of the gun and then it leaves the barrel, taking the dart that is in there with it.

  • How do Nerf pop guns work?

Some of the less sophisticated and cheaper NERF gun models fire foam balls hey do so by employing pretty much the same principle as old fashioned cork guns. A ball made of dense but really soft foam is placed at the mouth of a their barrel. When the high-pressure air moves from its chamber into the barrel,it does so with enough power to take out and launch away the ball that is essentially blocking its path. The wholes process might sound a bit complicated, but it only takes a fraction of a second to be completed.

  • How do Nerf dart guns work?

The most common type of Nerf gun is the dart gun. Those guns use a pretty sophisticated system to shoot their Nerf darts. Nerf darts are light and cylindrical wit a hole in their middle and they are made from a special and very soft foam. What makes NERF darts stand out from other darts fired by toy guns for kids, is the fact that they may be soft but their air-filled chambers are sealed. This is an essential feature because it would be impossible for the darts to be fired if the air couldn’t pass through them. When a NERF dart gun is getting ready to be fired, it is threaded through a hollow rod which releases a burst of compressed air when the trigger gets pulled. This burst of air launched the dart out of the gun. Those Nerf guns are the quickest to fire, because there needs to be very little buildup of pressure inside the dart’s inner chamber for it to be launched out of the gun.

If you are looking for a really cool and high tech Nerf gun, then the Nerf Vulcan, which is known in the UK as the Nerf Havok Fire, is definitely the right choice for you. It is a fully automatic Nerf machine gun, that comes with a specially designed electronic firing system that will provide you with an insanely huge rate of fire.



nerf gun for kidsIt is a well known fact that Nerf guns are the most famous and popular toy guns for kids in the world, which is why there are many models for one to choose from. The problem however is that although all Nerf gun models are safe for children to play with, not all of them have been designed with really young children in mind.

Nerf guns are popular with people of all ages, ranging from young children,teenagers, all the way to adults, which means that certain models are designed with older users in mind. Those models are still safe to use because the still fire the really soft and perfectly harmless Nerf darts, but they me a bit too complicated or big for younger children to operate. In other words, just because your kid sees a Nerf gun and he or she thinks that it’s cool, this doesn’t mean that it is appropriate for your kid’s age!

So, without further ado, here’s what to look for when buying a Nerf gun for your kid!

Size does matter

Some of the admittedly coolest Nerf gun models, like the sniper rifle and some assault rifle models, are pretty big and that can make them hard for young kids to carry around and use properly. Just to get some perspective, a Nerf Longstrike with all its accessories attached onto it can easily be as tall as a young child! What good is a toy gun going to be for your kid if he or she can’t even hold and aim it? Which brings us to my next tip.

Weight also matters

Some new Nerf guns come with fancy electronic loading and firing mechanisms which allow them to fire automatically and makes them deadly in a Nerf war. Those guns are great for teenagers or adult Nerf fans, but they are definitely not for kids. This is because they require several batteries in order to work and that makes them quite heavy, which means that your kids will have trouble picking them up and aiming them on their own. Carrying them around in a Nerf war will also be pretty much impossible.

Keep it simple

What makes Nerf guns so desirable, is the fact that they look incredibly cool and that they are really high tech. Some nerf gun models come with very sophisticated ammo loading and firing systems, which allow their users to dominate the battlefield in Nerf War games. The problem with those guns, is that loading and firing them can be a bit too complicated for younger children. Not only that, in their attempts to operate those complicated guns, kid will probably jam them and they might even break them altogether! Long story short, you will be called all the time to help them load their guns or to unjam them.

Introduce your kids slowly to Nerf guns

I think that the first Nerf gun that you buy for your kids should be a small pistol and preferably a single shot one. Once they get a bit familiar with that, you can buy them a revolver and once they master using that, you can get them one of the more advanced models. This way you can be sure that your kids will be able to play and have fun with all Nerf guns that you buy them, without worrying about them breaking them or getting them jammed all the time.

If you are looking for a really cool Nerf gun that will help your kids dominate the battlefield on their Nerf War games, then the Nerf Vulcan, also known as the Nerf Havok Fire in the UK, is the best choice for them, provided that they are old enough to be able to use it, of course. It is a fully automatic Nerf machine gun with a revolutionary electronic firing system, which allows the user to rain dozens of Nerf darts on his or her opponents in just a few seconds. It can also double as a high powered, single shot blaster!

Nerf guns are by far the most high tech and popular toy guns for kids in the world. The problem with that is that they are verycheap nerf guns sought after as presents for christmas and birthdays. Why is this such a problem? Well, because they are so high tech and complicated, new Nerf guns can be pretty expensive. In fact, the cooler a blaster and the more bells and whistles it comes with, the more expensive it will probably be. Some of the best Nerf guns can cost around 50 or sixty dollars, which is a bit much for toy guns.

With that being said, it is very hard to say no to your kid when he or she asks for a new Nerf gun. The main reason for that is the fact that Nerf guns are EVERYWHERE! So, since you can’t “dodge that bullet” you might as well try to save some money! Here are some tips on where and how to find cheap Nerf guns.

Discount toy stores

A lot of the so called discount toy stores usually have lots of last year’s Nerf gun models available at greatly reduced prices. If your kid is not asking for any particular model, you will find many cool Nerf guns there for really cheap prices. They will also be new and in their boxes, so you can be sure that they won’t be heavily used or defective. If your town does have a discount toy store, then you should definitely check it out.

Thrift stores

Thrift stores usually have lots of Nerf guns for sale, including some really cool models, at great prices. The catch however is that those toy guns are probably used and they most likely won’t come with their boxes. If it’s not a special occasion and your kid just wants a Nerf gun, you can buy some really cool ones at thrift stores for just a few bucks, some Nerfers have bought really cool models for as little as 3 bucks! Just check out the thrift stores in your area, who knows, you might find a diamond in the rough!

Look online

If you are looking for the latest Nerf guns at great prices, then the Nerf guns amazon page is your best bet. Not only do they have all the new Nerf guns really cheap, they will also send them to you for free. Another great place to look for cheap nerf guns, is the Nerf guns eBay site. Just be warned that some of the guns that you will find there may be used. You can also do a Google search for forums run by Nerf fans and see if they have any guns for sale. Lots of them sell Nerf guns in their original packaging. They might be interested in trading some of their guns for some old ones of yours. Nerf gun collectors are weird like that! You can also post which guns you are looking for on those forums and someone will surely help you by either selling them to you, or telling you where you can find them cheap.

With so many Nerf guns available, finding the best can seem really difficult and time consuming. Well, if you want your kid to have lots of fun and win every Nerf War game he or she participates in, then the Nerf Stampede is your best choice. This fully automatic Nerf blaster, will allow your kid to unleash a storm of darts against his or her opponents.

Nerf-Gun-collectionNerf guns have been around since the early 90s, which means that a lot of people have actually grown up playing with them. Like with all toy guns and toys in general, as new models and designs come out, the old ones get discontinued and this makes them collectible. There are many Nerf gun collectors out there and most of them would do anything to get their hands on some classic models.

Finding old Nerf guns is not very easy, but it is not impossible. The most important thing that a Nerf collector should know however, is where he or she will be able to find those old models that he or she is after. Here are some tips from veteran collectors that might help some new collectors or aspiring get started with their collections.

  • Garage sales

Old toys are usually considered junk, which is why among the first things to be thrown away when someone cleans their garage. When some people decide to clean their garage, they elect to try and sell their stuff instead of throwing them away. Those garage sales are a great source for older Nerf guns, since most people consider them toys and they have no interest in them. You can also buy the guns you are looking for really cheap at garage sales, because the people selling them were just going to throw them away, so every cent that you offer them is profit. Just don’t look too excited, because they will ask more money than they would otherwise.

  • Thrift and second hand stores

Some thrift and second hand stores have huge toy sections, which means that you will inevitably run into some old Nerf guns there. They also sell them extremely cheap since they are used and out of their box and they have no real value for toy collectors (Nerf guns won’t fetch you thousands of dollars at auction, like the old Star Wars toys). Keep in mind though that some thrift stores don’t have Nerf guns because their owners are against selling toy guns. If your town has any thrift stores, they can be found under “thrift stores” on the phone book or online, make sure that you visit them!

  • Old or discount toy stores

If you are not looking for TOO old Nerf guns, there is a good chance that you will find some older and discontinued models at older or discount toy stores. Those store sell unsold stock by other toy stores, or stuff that have been in their shelves for ages without selling.

  • Search online

Although you won’t find old Nerf guns in the Nerf guns Amazon site, you will probably find some in the Nerf guns eBay site. If you are looking for particular models, you can always search online for forums and web sites run by fellow Nerfers. Most of them have “ads” made by people who want to sell or trade their old Nerf blasters. The Nerfer communities are really helpful.

Old Nerf guns may be cool and have a lot of nostalgic and sentimental value, but they have nothing on newer models! The Nerf Stampede is an amazing fully automatic blaster than can find dozens of darts per second, simply by loading it and squeezing the trigger! No serious Nerf collector should be without one!

nerf guns factsNerf guns are now the most popular and famous toy guns for kids all over the world! You may think that you know everything about them, but I am sure that there are a lot of cool things that you don’t know. Believe it or not, Nerf products have been around since the Late 60s, but the first Nerf guns that fired darts were introduced in 1992! This is just one of the cool facts that you will find in this article! Let’s see some more!

1.Like I said above, the first Nerf products were introduced during the late 60s and they were not Nerf guns, they were balls! That’s right, the first Nerf products were balls made by the special Nerf foam.

What made them unique, was the fact that kids could play with them indoors, without their parents worrying about them breaking any stuff. The Nerf ball was soon followed by a Nerf Football and an indoors basketball set, containing a Nerf ball and a basketball hoop, called NerFoop, a portmanteau of Nerf and hoop.

2.The Name Nerf has nothing to do with toys! It comes from the world of drag racing! In the late 60s cars were being pushed to the starting grid of drag races by specially designed trucks. Those trucks had some specially designed bars on their front with which they pushed the cars. In order to keep the cars from being damaged by those bars, the bars were covered with a rubbery foam known as NERF.

4.The First dart blaster was called the Sharpshooter and was released on 1992 along with the famous Nerf slingshot. That year was the biggest and most profitable in the company’s long history.

5.Nerf guns have appeared in a large variety of movies and TV series, including Chuck, The Office, 30 Rock and Modern Family. The futuristic guns used in the series Terra Incognita produced by Steven Spielberg, were actually painted Nerf blasters. Many sci-fi series and movies use slightly modified and heavily repainted Nerf guns as props.

Nerf guns and products have always been popular with celebrities! The Monkees appeared in a Nerf commercial back in the 60s. Comedian Seth Green has appeared in numerous Nerf commercials in the early 90s. George Clooney is perhaps the biggest and most famous Nerf fun out there. When working on “Up in The Air” he would prank hs co-workers, especially actress Anna Kendrick, by throwing Nerf balls at them while they were rehearsing or when a take was not going well. Furthermore, Ryan Gosling reported that while directing “The Ides Of March”, Clooney would often carry a loaded Nerf gun and he would shoot the actors who screwed up during their takes.

6.Hasbro has employees that test Nerf gun prototypes in a special warehouse that has been specially designed to simulate several indoor environments such as offices, living rooms and bedrooms. Sounds like the perfect job, right?

Wow, we have come a long way since indoor balls, basketball sets and slingshots right? Take one of the latest and more advanced Nerf guns for example, the legendary Nerf Stampede! This amazing Nerf gun is a fully automatic blaster than can fire dozens of darts per minute, simply by squeezing the trigger!

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