nerf guns tipsIt is a well known that as far as toy guns for kids go, Nerf guns are by far the safest. This is not only because they fire large Nerf darts of XLR disc projectiles, which can’t penetrate the skin line BB gun pellets or the pellets fired by Airsoft guns, but also because all “Nerf bullets” are made using the special Nerf foam, which makes them really soft and practically harmless, regardless of whether they are being shot on people or stuff.

With that being said though, Nerf guns are still projectile firing toy guns, which means that if they are not used the right way, they can cause some injuries or painful hits. This is why regardless of the fact that Nerf blasters are safe and harmless, you should also establish certain rules with your children that will make those toys even safer. Furthermore, you can also use the Nerf gun toys to teach your kids about the basics of gun safety, so that if they some time find themselves handling a real gun for some reason, they will know how to behave safely around it.

So, without further ado, let’s have some look at some safety tips for Nerf guns:

1.Never look down the barrel of a Nerf Blaster

Even though some Nerf guns may appear and feel empty, this doesn’t always mean that they actually. A dart being fired directly on your kid’s eye can be very painful and it can even cause serious injuries, so make sure that you teach your kid to NEVER, EVER look down the barrel of a Nerf gun.

2.Never leave your blaster loaded and ready to fire

All Nerf guns should always be stored with their magazines removed and their barrels and chambers empty, in order to prevent accidents. This is in accordance with the first rule of gun safety: “there is nothing more dangerous than an empty gun”. This is because kids may play around with their blasters if they think that they are empty and hit someone or themselves with a dart at point blank range, and that can be very painful. So always have your children remove the magazine from their Nerf guns and fire once to make sure that the barrel and chamber is empty before they store it.

3.Always point the gun downwards while carrying it or before you start taking aim

Waving a Nerf gun about while walking or waiting for your turn at target practice can be dangerous, because the gun can fire accidentally. Make sure that you and your kids always point your Nerf guns towards the ground when you carry them.

4.Always keep your finger away from the trigger while aiming and place it there only seconds before you fire

This is another great rule to keep your kids shooting someone by accident.

5.Only point the Nerf gun to people you are playing with

This will teach your kids to not become a nuisance by firing their Nerf guns at strangers who may not be alright with being fired upon, even if it is with soft and harmless projectiles.


That’s pretty self explanatory. Firing a Nerf gun at point blank range can be painful and it can also cause injuries.

7.Always wear eye protection when playing Nerf War

Your kids should always play Nerf War games while wearing goggles or sunglasses in order to protect their eyes from direct hits by Nerf darts.

Once your kids learn those rules and start following them to the letter, you can buy them some cooler and fancier Nerf guns, like the Nerf Stampede for example! The Nerf Stampede is a fully automatic Nerf machine gun will make you and your kids feel like Rambo!


nerf guns parents tipsNerf guns are famous and popular all over the world for one really simple reason: they are absolutely safe for children to play with.

This is because the projectiles that a Nerf gun fires have been specially designed to be completely harmless and painless when they hit someone.

Furthermore, Nerf darts and other projectiles are made using the special Nerf foam, which is extremely soft.

Some parents however are a bit reluctant when it comes to letting their children play with Nerf guns.

This is because although they are perfectly harmless, physically at least, they are still toy guns.

A lot of parents think that children shouldn’t be playing with toy guns for kids, because this will make them desensitized towards violence and it might make them violent as well. While there is some truth to those concerns, according to experts, there are many benefits to be had for kids playing with Nerf guns. Let’s see some of them:

They help them get some much needed physical exercise:

Kids love playing Nerf guns and in order to do that, they will have to get out of the house and away from the TV or their computer or gaming console. This means that instead of sitting around in front of the telly all day and getting fat, they will be outside getting some much needed exercise. It is a well known fact that children need at least two hours a day of physical activity in order to stay healthy and unfortunately, school is not giving them that, so any type of game, even a Nerf War, hat can get them out of the house is beneficial and should be more than welcome.

It teaches them to be competitive

I think we can all agree that we live in a competitive world, which means that nothing will be handed to you on a silver platter, if you want something, you need to fight for it and earn or win it. Games played with NERF guns can teach children how to compete, in a non too aggressive manner, and they can also act as a counterweight of sorts to the ‘you have to be nice to all people, all the time’ philosophy that they are taught at school.

It helps children learn how to cope with stress and pressure

Nerf war games are competitive and all forms of competition induce some stress and make the people participating in them feel some pressure. Life can be very stressful and before they know it, your children will find themselves under vast amounts of stress and pressure, which is why it is great for them to learn how to cope with small amounts of stress and pressure in a controlled gaming environment, such as the one during competitive games with Nerf guns.

It helps them improve their concentration skills:
Target practice with Nerf guns can help kids improve their concentration and learn how to be patient.

The bottom line: As you can see, games with toy guns and Nerf guns are not all bad. It goes without saying however that they should always take place under adult supervision. If you think that your kids are getting a bit too aggressive and competitive, you can always step in and talk to them. I am not saying that your children should only play with Nerf guns, but I do think that some hours of Nerf games each week can prove really beneficial down the line.

Nerf guns are not just for kids however! If you too want to join the fun and play Nerf War with your kids, you can do so with one of the Nerf Elite Guns which have been designed for teenagers and young adults. The Nerf Barricade for example is fully automatic, rapid firing blaster, that will make you and your kids feel like you are firing a machine gun!

nerf super soakerWhen it comes to toy guns for kids, Nerf guns and super soakers are by far the most popular, which is why most people would like to have one gun that can fire darts, as well as water.Nerf guns are designed to shoot Nerf darts and they are not waterproof, nor are they designed to be able to hold water tanks and pump water (or are they? More on that later).

Power soakers on the other hand, use air pressure to shoot water, which means that with a few modifications they can be turned into Nerf guns, right?

Well, the short answer is “Yes, you can turn a super soaker into a Nerf gun”. The long and more accurate answer however is “You can turn super soakers into Nerf Guns, but you wouldn’t want to!”.

All it takes to convert a Super Soaker into a Nerf gun is to simply replace its nozzle with a tube or a pipe which will stand in for the barrel. You just pump your soaker to build air pressure, load a dart in the barrel and pull the trigger. What’s wrong with that? Quite a few things actually:

Poor performance

In order for your super soaker to be able to fire a Nerf dart with enough power to allow it to travel a long or even adequate distance, you will have to pump it many, MANY times. This might work as a gimmick to impress your friends and it may allow you to accurately shoot some targets in your backyard, but this kind of gun is useless in a Nerf War scenario. You see most Nerf guns are able to shoot several darts a minute, so by the time you build enough air pressure in your modified soaker for the dart to come out, you will be buried under a mountain of enemy Nerf darts!

Poor Reloading time

Like I said above, all Nerf guns will be able to fire way quicker than your Super soaker mod, but that’s not the only advantage they will have! A guy with an empty Nerf gun magazine will be able to reload and get a shot off much quicker than you. All he’ll have to do is remove the empty magazine, snap on a new one, prime his gun and shoot. In order to reload, you need to pump the gun several times in order to build air pressure and then load the dart and push it all the way down the barrel before you are able to fire. In other words, it will be like using a musket against an M1 Garand.

More trouble than its worth

Finding a tube that is of just the right width and length to allow you to fire accurately and to make your darts travel long distances is a very time consuming trial and error process, which as you can tell from my two points above, is probably not worth it.

There are already hybrid Nerf guns out there!

OK, here’s the big twist: you don’t actually need to turn a Super Soaker into a Nerf gun, since there already are Nerf Water guns that can also be used as regular Nerf guns without any modification whatsoever! Granted, those are not cheap Nerf guns, but at the end of the day you will get an excellent product that will provide you with two toy guns for the price one. That’s not a bad deal if you ask me!

If you want a Nerf gun that will help you dominate all Nerf Wars, then look no further than the Nerf Stampede. This amazing fully automatic blaster is definitely one of the best Nerf Guns ever made and no Nerf War team should be without one!

new water gunsNerf guns are by far the most famous and popular toy guns for kids on the planet. The reason for that is simple: all Nerf guns fire very soft and safe projectiles, the famous Nerf darts and XLR, which are built using the patented Nerf foam. With that being said, the term Nerf gun always bring to mind high tech and fancy toy guns that fire projectiles. Well, this is about to change!

After revolutionizing the toy gun market, it seems that the people at Hasbro who are responsible for making the famous Nerf guns, have now set their sights at water guns! The new Nerf water guns are really high tech and they are pretty much better than any other soaker blaster currently on the market. But what exactly makes them so cool? well, here’s everything you need to know about those amazing, new Nerf guns!

Unique firing mechanisms

Nerf guns are famous for featuring state of the art priming and firing mechanisms that make them really fast to shoot, yet very accurate. The same is true for the Water nerf guns. Here is a brief rundown of their mechanisms

1.The Flash Blast system

Flash Blast Nerf soakers work pretty much like regular Nerf guns. You feel their tang with water and then you pull back a lever which sucks some water out of the tank and arms the trigger. You then pull the trigger and fire a stream water with great range and accuracy. This is a fast and reliable way to shoot some water at people, it’s faster than the pumping mechanism, but he quantities fired are rather small, which means that you will have someone a lot of times to make him of her soaking wet!

2.Pump action guns

Pump action Nerf Water guns work pretty much like most super soakers. You have to pull the pumping lever back and forth in order to make your blaster shoot a steady stream of water or a great quantity of water at your opponents. What makes the Nerf water blasters stand out from other blasters and soakers, is the fact that they use Nerf’s revolutionary Clip reload system, but more one that a bit later.

3.Hybrid Nerf guns

Some of newest Water Nerf guns are hybrid models, which means that they can be used to fire water or regular Nerf darts, In other words, you get two high tech Nerf blasters for the price of one!

Revolutionary clip based reloading system

What makes the Water guns made by the people at Nerf really unique, is the fact that can be “reloaded” using clips. This means that you can fill small tanks of water and have them on your person and once your soaker runs out of water, you simply remove its empty tank and just snap a new one in its place. It’s the same as replacing an empty gun magazine with a fresh clip! This makes reloading Nerf water guns ridiculously easy and fast and it means that you won’t have to run to a water tap every time you need “ammo”!

If Nerf water guns are not your thing then don’t worry, there are many cool Nerf guns out there for you to play and dominate your enemies with! The Nerf Stampede for example is a fully automatic assault machine gun, that will help you dominate every Nerf War!

nerf guns typesNerf wars are by far the most fun game that all fans of Nerf guns love and can’t wait till they next time they are able to play. But you know what’s even more fun than playing a Nerf War game?

Winning a Nerf war game! There is no better feeling than you and your team using your Nerf guns and skills to their full potential in order to completely dominate your opponents.

A lot of people think that having lots of fancy or new Nerf guns is all it takes to win Nerf Wars, that however is not true.

A Nerf War game is like a real world version of a multiplayer game in Battlefield or Call Of Duty and as I am sure you know, it takes a well balanced team to win at those games.

A team consisting solely of snipers or heavy machine gun wielding players will lose almost every time. With that being said, let’s have a look at what kind of Nerf guns and how many of each kind a Nerf War should have.

Assault weapons

Assault type Nerf Guns, like the Alpha trooper for example, are the best for Nerf Wars, due to their versatility, accuracy and high rate of fire. They can be used to provide cover or for full on assaults and they are pretty much deadly in each situation. Most of the members of your team should be armed with assault Nerf guns. Those guns may be a bit of “jack of all trades, master of none” when it comes to combat, but they are not gimmicky and they can help a warrior hold his or her own in any situation. Please note that people carrying them should also be carrying a sidearm in order to be able to defend themselves if they run out of ammo.

Heavy weapons

Nerf guns like the Nerf Stampede and the Vulcan are great for holding down positions and defending flags and bases, but they are not so great for use in the battlefield. This is because they are much heavier and bigger than other Nerf gun models, due to the fact that they are almost always battery operated, which makes them kind of hard to aim properly and a bit impractical. They can be used in attempts to overrun enemy positions however, provided that the rest of your team provides them with LOTS of cover. Your team should only have one of those guns or a couple at the most. Since most of those toy guns for kids are battery operated, the person using them should make sure that the batteries have enough power to last until the end of the much, since those Elite Nerf guns are pretty much useless once they run out of batteries.

Sniper rifles

Sniper Nerf Guns allow their users to shoot their enemies from a great distance, which means that they will be way out of range should they miss and the enemy fights back. Sniper rifles however are a bit big and they usually can’t fire as quickly as assault Nerf gun models. A couple of good Snipers should suffice for your team. It would also be a good idea for them to also carry a sophisticates sidearm with them in order to be able to defend themselves if their enemies get too close to their position or to be able to participate in rushes.

If you want to be an amazing sniper, you will need the right blaster. The Nerf Longstrike is by far the best Nerfsniper rifle and one of the best Nerf guns, period! Your enemies won’t know what hit them and with a little practice, you will soon become the MVP of your team!

nerf guns for AssassinationNerf Wars may be the most popular game played with Nerf guns, however Assassination, due to its simplicity and tension, is becoming more popular every single day. As i am sure you know, Assassination is a game of planning and stealth since every assassin must be able to “tag” his or competitor without getting tagged themselves in the process.

This means that being able to silently and discretely approach is vital for a game of Assassination. I think we can all agree that some Nerf guns are better than other when it comes to stealth since many of them, especially some of the fancy new Nerf guns, have been designed with Nerf War games and battlefield domination in mind. This means that a Nerf Vulcan or even Alpha Strike will help you win a Nerf war, but it won’t be of much use if subtlety and stealth is what you need to approach your targets like a silent Assassin. With that being said, let’s have a look at the best Nerf guns and gun types for Assassination games.


When it comes to Nerf Wars, pistol like Nerf guns are most often used as secondary weapons, since players prefer assault rifle like models, when it comes to Assassination though, Nerf pistols are by far the best Nerf guns for the job. What makes pistols so special, is the fact that they can be very easily concealed, in fact some single shot models, like the Nightstrike, are small enough to fit in your pocket! If you are not visibly armed, your “target” will not be alarmed even if he or she spots you. Furthermore, pistol like Nerf gun models are pretty accurate at small ranges, which means that you won’t even have to get THAT close for a successful hit. Be warned though: your target will almost have a Nerf pistol on his or her person, so make sure to not be seen while approaching nerf guns for Assassination ukand aim carefully before shooting. You don’t him or her to tag you back!

The Barrel Break Nerf Gun

The Barrel Break shotgun is one of the most unique Nerf guns out there and one of the best for Assassination games. It is essentially a double barreled sawn off shotgun, which makes it very deadly and easy to conceal.

What makes this model of the Nerf Elite guns series so cool for assassination games, is the fact that you can choose to fire each barrel individually and thus get out two shots in rapid succession, or to shoot them both at the same time in order to make sure that one of them will hit your target. Be careful though as you only have two shots available before reloading and reloading the Barrel Break does take some time.

Sniper rifles

When it comes to Nerf guns, Sniper rifle like models are not exactly easy to conceal, but they do allow you to tag your opponent from a safe distance, before he or she has a chance to wither spot you or retaliate. If you know your intended target’s schedule or the route he or she takes to home or work, you can hide in a sniping position and wait for them to pass by. It does take some patience and planning, but sniping your enemies is really rewarding!

IF you want to deal death from afar like a professional hitman, then you will need one of the Sniper Nerf guns available on the market. The best one is definitely the Nerf Longstrike since it has the maximum range and it also comes with an amazing scope to help you with your aiming!


nerf guns AssassinationI think we can all agree that Nerf War is the favorite game of all fans of Nerf guns. There are however a couple of problems with it. First of all, in order to have the maximum amount of fun possible with a game of Nerf War, you will need a lot of people and a big and open space, like a park. This means that good Nerf wars can only take place during the weekends or the holidays, when everyone will have lots of free time. But what about the rest of the week? Should your Nerf guns be sitting on the shelf collecting dust?

Well, a new game called assassination is here to keep that from happening! Assassination is a very simple game and the only thing that you need to play it is a Nerf gun and some friends with Nerf guns. What makes it really special, is the fact that it can be played any time of the day. In fact, Assassination games don’t actually have time limits and they don’t stop until there is one “master assassin” standing, a process which will probably take days! Confused? Well, let’s have a look at the rules to help clarify things!

The object of the game

In a game of Assassination ALL players play the role of Assassins that need to eliminate their “competitors” and get away without getting “killed” themselves. Assassinations can happen any time, any day. There are no set rules or time limits regarding how and when someone can be “Assassinated”. The last man standing or the one with the most successful “hits”. is declared the winner.


All participants must gather and declare the fact that they want to participate in the games. This is where the players will decide whether the winner will be the last man standing or the one with the most successful hits. After that there is a set “cease fire” time, during which no Assassin can use his Nerf guns against other Assassins. Once this “cease fire” time runs out, the proper commences.


  1. Assassinations can happen anywhere at any time. Any time an Assassin spots another Assassin he or she can just pull out his or her and tag them. Once the target has been tagged, the Assassin who did the tagging must show him or herself and announce his or her name. A picture can also be taken with the “victim” as proof.
  2. Once a player gets Assassinated, he or she is out of the game and can’t Assassinate any other players.
  3. Any tagging is considered “fatal”. It doesn’t matter where the target gets hit. If a Nerf dart hits him or her, they are dead and can’t use their Nerf guns to retaliate. If their would be Assassin misses however, they are free to fight back until one of them is “dead”.
  4. Assassins are not immune while announcing themselves after a successful assassination, so they should make sure that no other players other than their intended target are in the vicinity.
  5. Targets DON’T have to be carrying Nerf guns in order for a “hit” to count.


  • Having a blog or a Facebook page about your Assassination games is the best way to keep track of the score and of who has “killed” whom.
  • Be careful where you “tag” your enemies. Certain locations, such as government buildings and airports, don’t take kindly to people carrying toy guns. Also, do not try to tag someone during school hours as this has gotten some Assassination players in trouble.

If you want to kill your opponents from afar like a skilled and silent hitman, then you will need the right Nerf guns. The Nerf Longstrike is essentially a Sniper rifle that will allow you to kill your enemies without them even seeing you until you announce yourself. It’s the closest you can get to being a badass sniper without joining the SAS!


nerf guns rebelleGirls have always liked Nerf guns, but certain new films and books, like “Brave” and “The Hunger Games” respectively, have made made those toy guns very popular with girls. This is why Nerf has introduced a new series of Nerf guns, or blaster as some call them, which have been designed exclusively for girls: the Rebelle series.

The Rebelle Nerf gun models look nothing like “regular” Nerf guns, but they work pretty much the same way: they shoot Nerf darts after being loaded and primed. This means that girls should have no problem whatsoever with tagging their friends and siblings for fun or with doing some target practice. But what if they want to take part in a Nerf War? Are the Rebelle Nerf guns enough to help them “survive” and even win? How do they stack up against the “regular” Nerf guns that the boys will be using? Well, read on and find out!

  • Design

The Rebelle Nerf guns may look kind of different than the more “traditional” Nerf gun models that we all know and love, but in reality they are just slightly redesigned and repainted N-Series blasters. This means that although they are white with pink and purple highlights and body decals, they still have the reliable and extremely successful N-Strike blaster technology “under the bonnet”. In other words, Rebelle guns are just slightly redesigned N-Strike blasters, which means that they can be used effectively in a Nerf war.

  • Projectiles

Since the Rebelle Nerf gun series is new, they came out just this year, it only consists of dart firing guns. As of the time of this writing, there are no XLR Rebelle models available. Rebelle guns are compatible with all types of Nerf dart projectiles that all N-Strike models are compatible with, but they come with specially designed Rebelle darts in the package. Those new Rebelle darts are just regular Nerf darts that have been repainted in “girly” colors, such as pink and purple, or have cool designs and even glitter on them to make them stand out from “regular” darts. Furthermore, the Rebelle darts are also collectible, which means that girls can trade them or collect ones that better suit and match their “combat attire”.

  • Accessories

Being essentially N-Strike blasters, the Rebelle Nerf guns are compatible with all N-Strike accessories. There is even a specially designed Rebelle tactical accessory that allows the owner to attach her smartphone running the specially designed Nerf Mission application on her Nerf gun.

  • Model variety

Here’s where the Rebelle series falls a bit short, but this is to be expected since the series is very new. There is not a wide variety of Rebelle Nerf guns available as of yet, but that doesn’t mean that there are not enough models to allow girls to participate in Nerf Wars! The series may be spearheaded by a bow and a crossbow model, called the Heartbreaker and the Guardian respectively, but there is also an assault blaster, called Sweet Revenge and a couple of side arm models. There is even a battery operated, semi automatic Rebelle blaster, called the Powerbelle. In other words, there may not be any Rebelle shotgun or vulcan like blasters, but the ones that are available will be more than adequate for most Nerf Wars!

If your little girl would like to be a sniper then I am sorry to inform you that there are no Rebelle Sniper Nerf guns as of yet, which means that you will have to choose one from the N-Strike series. With that in mind, then the Nerf Longstrike, the best Nerf sniper blaster and one of the best Nerf guns ever made, is the best choice.


Nerf Rebelle gunsNerf guns have always be considered to be toy guns for boys, since boys are more likely to play Nerf War games than girls. Nowadays however this has changed. Female pop culture characters like Katniss Everdeen from the extremely popular Hunger Games series and Merida from Brave, the latest movie by Pixar, are sharpshooters and they have made a lot of girls interested in sports and activities that are based on shooting and aiming skills. As a result, girls have taken an active interest in Nerf guns and Nerf War games.

Although Nerf guns are supposedly “unisex” toys, it is quite obvious that they have been designed with boys in mind, since, even though they look NOTHING like real life guns, they are obviously designed with function rather than looks in mind.

Seeing the increased interest that girls are displaying toward toy guns for kids, the people at Nerf have decided to create the Nerf Rebelle series, which consists of Nerf guns and accessories made specifically for girls. What makes the Nerf Rebelle guns different from the ones made for boys though? Let’s find out!

Unique designs
The Nerf Guns of the Rebelle series are based on those of the ever popular N-Strike series. What makes them stand out though, is the fact that they have been redesigned and repainted to make them more attractive for girls. Rebelle blasters are white with pink and purple highlights. They also feature pink and purple designs on their bodies to make them even “girlier”. In other words, the Rebelle blasters won’t look out of place in a girl;s room or toy shelf and in she has brothers who are also Nerf Guns, there will be no chance of their blasters being mixed up.

Colorful ammo
All Rebelle Nerf guns fire Nerf darts, there are no disc firing models available as of yet, what makes the Rebelle projectiles uniques though, is the fact that they look nothing like the traditional Nerf darts that we all know and love. Granted, they have the same shape, but they come in bright pink and purple colors and some of them are even covered in glitter. This means that girls can also personalize their weapons by choosing darts of their favorite color and design! Furthermore, the Rebelle darts are also collectible, which means that girls will even be able to trade and exchange them in order to get ones that better suit their “Nerf war look”!

Wide variety of models
Some may be quick to write off the Rebelle Nerf guns as an attempt to capitalize on the “young lady action hero” trope that seems to be extremely popular in pop culture nowadays, however that doesn’t seem to be the case. The series may be spearheaded by a bow and a crossbow type of Nerf gun (obviously because most female action heroes seem to favor those weapons) but there are also regular blasters and even side arms available as well! The Rebelle series even includes fashionable protective goggles! Granted, there are no Rebbelle Sniper rifle or gatling gun like models available as of yet, but the current Rebelle Nerf guns should be more than enough to allow girls to allow to participate and even win at Nerf Wars, even against boys armed with N-Strike weapons! The most powerful Rebelle gun currently available is the Powerbelle blaster, which is a battery operated semi automatic blaster, like the ones favored by many Nerf War veterans and experts.

nerf gun rebelleRebelle Nerf guns are kind of new right now, so there are no Rebelle Nerf Sniper rifles available yet. If you would like your little girl to deal “death” from afar in a Nerf War battlefield, then the Nerf Longstrike is definitely the right Nerf gun for the jom. It is the best Sniper Nerf blaster out there!

Nerf guns are extremely popular in the United States and they have been so for more than 20 years and now it seems that the Nerf craze has made its way to our UK stores. But just what is it that makes those toy guns for kids so desirable? Why have Nerf games become so popular lately? Well, let’s try to find some answers to those questions!nerf toy guns and gear

  • Safety first!What makes Nerf guns so popular is the fact that they are completely safe and harmless for the children playing with them. This is because, unlike airsoft guns and other toy guns, they fire large and really soft projectiles. Classic models fire Nerf Darts, while most new Nerf guns fire specially designed Nerf discs.Those projectiles are made using the world famous Nerf foam, which is extremely soft, and they have been specially designed to be as painless as possible when someone gets hit by them.
  • Cool designs!All Nerf guns are painted with bright colors and they look like really cool science fiction weapons. This means that they look nothing like real guns, which is great news, because according to recent studies, children shouldn’t play with realistic toy guns.
  • Easy to use and durableLet’s face it, children have a tendency to take apart their toys or break them, especially if they like playing with them. Nerf guns may look like something out of a Star Wars film or an episode of Star Trek, but they have been designed with children specifically in mind. This means that despite the fact that they look kind of complicated, they are really easy to use. All a child usually has to do is cock the gun and squeeze the trigger, in order to fire it. Furthermore, even the cheap Nerf guns are extremely durable, because they are made out of thick plastic and all their working parts are out of the reach of children and are only accessible by taking the gun apart.
  • They will make your kids get out of the houseI think we can all agree that one of the biggest problems with children nowadays is the fact that they simply don’t get out of the house much. They are all practically glued to their video games and computers. Nerf wars however a really fun outdoors are activity that your children will definitely love. It will definitely get them out of the house and they will get some much needed exercises as they will have to be constantly running and moving in order to hit their opponents and avoid the projectiles being fired their way. Also, since Nerf guns and their projectiles are totally safe, you will not have to worry about anyone getting hit or breaking anything. In other words, you can be sure that a Nerf war will result in no actual “casualties” and damages.

So if you are still wondering whether your children should join the Nerf Guns UK craze, I think that it is safe to say that if they like toy guns, then they will love Nerf guns!

If you want to get your child one of the coolest Nerf guns that will help him or her win every Nerf War, then you should definitely choose the Nerf Longstrike! It is essentially a Nerf sniper rifle, which will allow your child to hit his or her opponents from a long distance! It’s also one of the coolest looking toy guns on the market!

nerf gun maverickWhen it comes to Nerf gun reloading and firing systems, the revolver mechanism is one of the oldest and most popular. This is because it allows users to fire their Nerf guns really fast and accurately. Every time that you prime the fun or pull the trigger, the barrel revolves in order to put a new dart in the firing position and that will greatly increase your rate of fire.

Revolver Nerf gun models are favored by many Nerf war veterans and they are great for people who are just getting started with their Nerf hobby. It should be noted that the term “revolver” refers to the loading and firing mechanism and not the type of gun. In real life, the revolver system is limited to pistols but when it comes to Nerf guns, there are many assault type models that use this system as well. So, if your favorite Nerf gun is a revolver, here are some tips that will help you make the most out of it.

Spin the barrel while loading your gun

If you have a revolver nerf gun model with a flip-out, like the very popular Nerf Maverick, then you should spin the barrel while you are reloading it. Doing so will ensure that the rotation mechanism will be able to safely lock into the barrel, which is essential if you want to avoid potential misfires and jams. Remember, a jammed gun in Nerf war game is worse than a gun that has run out of Nerf gun bullets.

Whistler darts are better than Suction darts

If possible, you should always load your Nerf guns with Whistler Nerf darts instead of Suction darts. This is because the Whistlers have a far greater range.They can travel approximately 20-25% farther than suction darts. The only downside of the Whistlers is that they are a bit less accurate than suctions, but in my opinion, range is more important than accuracy in Nerf wars.

Open barrel revolvers should always be loaded

What makes open barrel revolver nerf gun models really cool, is the fact that you don’t have to open the gun in order to reload it. so, as soon as you see any darts on the battlefield, grab them immediately and load the empty chambers of your gun with them. while running around in the battlefield. By doing this, you won’t have to worry about running out of ammo. in the heat of battle.

Always reload a revolver with a flip-out barrel behind cover

If you are using a revolver Nerf gun with a flip-out barrel, you should never reload while out in the open since opening and locking the barrel back into position can take some time, during which you will be defenseless and practically a “free kill” for your enemies. Only reload when are behind some cover or when you are absolutely sure that there are no enemies around you or in range.

if you are looking for a cool Nerf gun that will help you dominate the battlefield and win all Nerf wars, the the Nerf Stampede is definitely the one for you. This amazing, fully automatic Nerf machine gun will allow you to fire dozens of Nerf bullets at your enemies, while hidden behind the safety of its blast shield accessory.

When it comes to toy guns, I think it is safe to say that Nerf guns and Airsoft guns are pretty much dominating the market. This is because unlike other toy guns for kids that only make funny electronic sounds or “bang” noises by using caps, they fire actual projectiles that allow children to play relatively safe war games. Both of those toy gun types and brands are extremely popular, but which one is the best for your children? Well, hopefully the following article will help you make up your mind!

the best nerf gun

  • Design.When it comes to looks, Nerf guns and Airsoft guns couldn’t be more different. Toy guns made by Nerf are brightly colored, usually green or yellow, and they look like something you would see in a cartoon or a science fiction film. Airsoft guns on the other hand, look just like replicas of real guns, in fact some of the later models are pretty much indistinguishable from their real counterparts. According to recent studies, younger children shouldn’t play with realistic toy guns, as this familiarizes them with real guns and thus it makes them more desensitized to violence.
  • Projectiles.What makes those toys really popular, is the fact that they fire projectiles. Nerf guns fire really soft darts or discs, called Nerf darts and Nerf Discs respectively, while Airsoft guns fire small pellets. Nerf darts and discs are really large and soft and they have been designed to be safe and painless, regardless of how small the distance between the “target” and the shooter is. The pellets fired by Airsoft guns on the other hand, are pretty harmless and painless when they hit someone a long distance away, but they can be very painful when fired at close range. It goes without saying that eye protection should be used when using either toy gun type.
  • Ease of use.Nerf guns and Airsoft guns operate pretty much the same way: they both require the shooter to use a priming or a cocking mechanism, that is activated by pulling back a part of the gun and releasing it, before pulling the trigger and firing the projectile. Most guns made by Nerf have magazines that can be loaded with darts or discs, allowing the shooter to fire as quickly as he or she can prime the gun, but some cheap nerf guns are single shot, front loading models. All Airsoft guns have magazines.
  • Durability.Nerf Guns and Airsoft guns alike have been designed with children and teenagers in mind, which means that they can both take some abuse. Furthermore, the working parts and mechanisms of both those toy guns for kids can only be accessed by taking the gun apart, which requires the use of tools. This means that you won’t have to worry about your child trying to modify his or her gun in order to make it stronger or increase its nerf gun for kids and adults

So, what’s the bottom line of this comparison? I think it is safe to say that Nerf guns are great for children of all ages and they are ideal for younger children, Airsoft guns on the other hand are better for teenagers and adults.

Nerf guns come in all shapes and sizes, but the coolest one is by far the Nerf Longstrike! What makes this particular Nerf gun stand out from the rest, is the fact that it looks just like a science fiction sniper rifle and it even comes with a specially designed scope, that will allow your child to shoot his Nerf war opponents from a great distance!

Nerf guns are by far the most popular toy guns for kids, as well as adults, in the world. The main nerf guns gamereason for that, are the so called Nerf wars, or in other words, “war games” using Nerf guns.

This is because thanks to the fact that those specially designed toy guns fire really soft projectiles which not only not cause any pain when they hit people, they also won’t break or otherwise damage any things that they hit, including windows.

If you want to play a good game of Nerf War however, you will need more than just some Nerf guns and some friends. Here are some tips to make your Nerf wars as fun as possible for everyone involved!

  • Play during the day:The projectiles fired by Nerf guns, whether they are discs or darts, may be large and brightly colored, but they don’t glow in the dark! This means that if you play a game of Nerf War during the night, not only will you not be able to tell where you’re shooting at or where the shots you are taking are coming from, you will also lose a lot of your darts or discs, since you won’t be able to see and find them after you fire them all. This brings me to the next tip.
  • Don’t play in areas with many trees and bushes:Trees and bushes may provide excellent cover from enemy projectiles, but they are also magnets for Nerf bullets. This means that a lot of projectiles will end up getting tangled inside the foliage and becoming pretty much irretrievable. Try playing in a park that doesn’t have many short  trees with thick foliage or thick and thorny bushes.
  • Bring some extra ammunition:Most Nerf guns come with enough darts or discs to fill one magazine. Those will be enough for a game or two, but they will soon start getting lost. Always have some extra ammo with you. You can use the darts that came with some old Nerf guns that you no longer use, or you can buy some. Spare darts are really cheap and  they are available everywhere that you can find Nerf guns for sale.
  • Don’t annoy people:Make sure that you and your friends don’t play your Nerf War games in crowded areas. Nerf darts may be painless and harmless, but they can be very annoying, especially if they hit children or parents who are not participating in the game! Also try not to shout and curse! Have some respect for the other people.
  • Wear eye protection:The projectiles fired by Nerf guns, be they darts or discs, may be painless and practically harmless, but they can hurt really bad if they hit someone in the eye, so it is always recommended to wear some kind of eye protection when playing Nerf War games. Protective goggles, like the ones used by gardeners, are really cheap and they won’t impair your vision while playing.
  • Have fun:The game may be called Nerf War, but it is not an actual war! It’s only a game and like in any other game, your only goal should be to have as much fun as possible! Don’t be too competitive and don’t get into pointless fights about whether or not someone actually got “tagged” or not! Just have fun, without worrying about the result! It’s only a fun game!

If you want to have the maximum amount during a Nerf war, you will need some good Nerf guns! The Nerf Longstrike, Probably the coolest one out there, since it is essentially a semi automatic sniper rifle, which will allow you to take out your enemies from afar! They won’t even know what or who hit them!

New nerf gunsI bet that when most of you hear the words “Nerf War”, you just think about running around with your friends and shooting your Nerf guns at each other, until you become bored or tired and you decide to call it a night. This can be fun, but Nerf weapons are so much more that regular toy guns for kids and you can play some really cool games with them that will make you feel like you are participating in a real life version of the latest “Battlefield” or “Call of Duty” game. So, without further ado, here are some fun, video game inspired, Nerf war games for all you Nerf gun aficionados out there!

  1. Free for all.This is essentially a “deathmatch” type of game and it is by far the simplest game that you can play with your Nerf guns. Just find a “battlefield” and start your Nerf war! Everyone works alone and the winner is the one who will manage to “tag” the most people in a limited amount of time, the loser is the one who gets “tagged” the most. You can also declare the winner based on everyone’s kill and death ratio. This is type of game is perfect for small groups of people.
  2. Last man standing.This is a cool variation on the Free for all game type. Again it’s every man for him or her self, the only difference is that once you get “tagged”. you get killed and you have to wait outside the battle zone until the current round or game is over. The last person “alive”, is the winner. This game type is ideal for both small and larger groups. Be warned though: the more people playing, the more time those who get “killed” will have to wait in the sidelines…
  3. Team DeathmatchIf. You have lots of friends with Nerf guns, keeping track of individual kills and kill ratios can become pretty difficult, so it’s better to divide yourselves on two teams (or more if you have LOTS of nerf gun fans as friends). Once you divide your group into teams, you can decide on the type of game that you will play. You can play a regular deathmatch in which the team with the most kills at the end of a time limit wins. You can also play a “survival” type of Team Deathmatch in which the team that will manage to eliminate ALL of the opposing team (or teams’) members, will be declared the winner. Just keep in mind that the more people playing, the bigger the combat zone will need to be.
  4. Capture the Flag.This is perhaps the most complicated game you can play with your Nerf guns, but it’s also the most fun. Again, you will have to divide your group into two teams. Then you will have to choose two spots near opposite edges of the battle zone that will serve as each team’s base. In each base you will then place a fla, or a an item that will essentially function as a flag. Each team should try to “steal” the opposing team’s flag and bring it back to their base. In order for a team to score a point, both flags should be at their base. Once a team’s flag is successfully captured, return it to its owners and start another round. When a player get “tagged”, he or she stops moving and shooting for a certain amount of time. If that player was carrying a flag, he or she will have to drop it on the ground and pick it back up only if it hasn’t been picked up by another player while that player was “dead”. It might sound a bit complicated, but once you get the hang of it, this game will become your favorite, you will need lots of friends with Nerf guns in order to have the maximum amount of fun though.

If you want to dominate all Nerf War games, then you will need the right Nerf guns. The Nerf Longstrike is one of the most unique and coolest Nerf gun models out there! It is essentially a sniper rifle, that will allow you to tag your opponents from a long distance, without worrying about them returning fire!

nerf wars gameMost Nerf war games require all players to have at least one or more Nerf guns with them. What can you do if you have lots of friends who think that Nerf guns are cool and would like to play with them, but they don’t have some of their own and you don’t have enough for everyone? Well, Humans vs Zombies is a game that has been devised in order to allow large groups of people to have huge amounts of fun, without each of them having to own a vast Nerf gun collection. In fact, the fewer the  guns, the more fun everyone involved will have. So, without further ado, let’s see how a game of Humans vs Zombies is played!

  • Object of the game:Imagine that you and your friends are in a post apocalyptic world that has been overrun by zombies and you need to survive a zombie attack, long enough to be rescued and moved to safety. The object of the game for the humans is to stay alive for a set period of time, while the object for the zombies is to kill all the humans before the time runs out.
  1. The players of a Humans vs Zombie game have to divide themselves in two teams: Humans and Zombies. The number of players in each team doesn’t have to be equal, in fact, the game will be more fun if there are more Zombies than humans.
  2. Each human gets at least one Nerf gun. You can choose to have as many humans as you have Nerf guns, thus having one human per gun, or to divide the guns among the humans. Just remember that each human should have at least one gun. The zombies don’t get anything.
  3. Allow some time for the two teams to scatter around the play area. Zombies and humans alike can choose to either stick together and form smaller teams, or move individually. Once this time passes, the game starts.
  4. Zombies are of the fast variety instead of the Romero variety, which means that they can move as fast they want. Once a human is hugged or caught by a zombie, he or she drops any Nerf guns and ammo that he or she is carrying and becomes a zombie. The guns and ammo that have been dropped can be picked up and used by other humans but not by zombies.
  5. Zombies don’t die. If a human “tags” a zombie, the zombie player will simply stop moving for ten seconds or more. You can have additional penalties for hitting specific parts of the body. For example a zombie hit on the torso or legs will have to wait more than a zombie hit in the arms or shoulder before moving again. If you have eye protection for ALL players then you can declare headshots “fatal”.
  6. Zombie players don’t have to return Nerf darts lying on the ground or other parts of the play area to their owners. Humans will have to take the risk and pick up their wasted ammo themselves. It goes without saying that zombies don’t have to wait for humans to reload their guns.
  7. There are no safe zones for humans. The zombies can “attack” them in all areas of the play area.
  8. If there is at least one survivor – human alive and not zombified at the end of the time limit, they are declared winners. If all humans get zombified, then the original zombie team (i.e. the ones who were zombies since the beginning of the much) is declared the winner.

Zombie vs Humans games, and all Nerf War games for that matter, can be really fun if you use the right Nerf guns. If you want to keep the zombies and your opponents in general away from you, then the Nerf Longstrike is the Nerf gun for you! This Nerf sniper rifle will allow you to deal with your opponents from a long distance anyway, therefore not giving them the time to react to your attacks!


nerf toysIf you grew up in the 80s or early 90s, I bet that you have some pretty cool memories of lazer tag or laser quest games. Well we all know how expensive laser tag equipment can be, but if I were to tell you that you can get pretty much the whole laser tag experience at home with your Nerf guns?

Nerf dart tag is essentially laser tag with Nerf guns, the only difference is that instead of using expensive laser weapons and sensors, you will be firing specially designed darts using your favorite Nerf gun and some dart gun vests.

  • Wait a minute, what kind of darts and vests are you talking about?I think we all know that pretty much all nerf guns can fire a wide of different darts: you have the standard ones that come packaged with each gun and then you have other darts that you can buy, like the whistler darts, which are faster and more accurate than regular darts. Nerf dart tags have been specifically designed for Nerf dart tag games. They look just like regular nerf darts, but their tips are covered in velcro, which allows them to stick on the specially designed dart tag vests when they hit them. In laser tags you had complicated sensors that told you whether you hit your opponents or not, in Nerf dart tag games, all you have to do to keep track of your score and accuracy, is count the number of darts on your opponents vest.
  • Where will I find those special darts and vests?Well, there are Nerf dart tag starter sets available that contain a coupe of new Nerf guns, a bunch of dart tag darts and a couple of vests. If you and your friends already own some Nerf guns however and don’t want to buy any more. you can buy some dart tag vests and darts anywhere that you can find nerf guns for sale.
  • Will I need anything else?Well like in all Nerf war games, it is always a good idea to have some kind of eye protection handy, since getting hit with a dart in the eye can be quite painful. Furthermore, try not to wear “fluffy” clothes, like woolen sweaters for example, when playing Nerf dart tag, since your darts, and those of your opponents as well, will starting sticking to your clothes.
  • Where can I pay Nerf dart tag?The short answer is EVERYWHERE! As I am sure you know Nerf guns are safe to use and fire even inside the house, since the darts that they fire are soft and pretty much incapable of breaking stuff and causing damage. You should however always keep in mind that Dart Tag is essentially a form of Nerf War, so the usual tips and restrictions, i.e. don’t play in a crowded area or an area that contains many spots in which your darts can get stuck or lost, apply here as well.

Although pretty much all Nerf guns can be used for a good and fun game of Nerf tag, there are some models that can give you a distinct advantage over the opposition. The Nerf Longstrike is essentially a sniper rifle, making it one of the best nerf guns for dart tag games, since it will allow you to safely take out your opponents from afar.

nerf n strikeIf you grew up during the late 80s or early nineties then you probably know everything there is to know about Nerf guns. But even if you don’t know that much about them, you probably know the basics: they are toy guns for kids (and adults as well) that fire specially designed darts that have been made using a special foam which makes them really soft and safe for people as well as things that get hit by them.

Lately however some new Nerf guns have been made available and they look nothing like the Nerf toy guns that we all know or grew up with. What makes those Nerf guns stand out, is the fact that instead of darts, they fire discs! So, just how different are those new Nerf models? Are the discs more dangerous than Nerf darts? This article will answer all your questions!

  • Are those discs safe?Nerf guns are always being created with safety in mind. In other words, ALL toy guns for kids made by Nerf are being designed to fire harmless projectiles. The same is true for the latest disc firing models. What makes the Nerf darts stand out from other projectiles fired by toy guns, is the fact that they are made using the special Nerf foam, which makes them really soft and therefore. The same applies for Nerf disc guns. Those discs are not made using the same foam, but they are made using a similar material, which renders them just as safe and harmless as the darts that we all know and “love”.
  • Are those new guns easy to use?Nerf guns that fire disc projectiles work pretty much the same way as their disc firing brethren. What makes them stand out however, is the fact that they are easier to reload and less prone to jamming, because of their disc shaped projectiles. It should also be noted that there are many fully automatic Disc firing Nerf guns, but they need batteries in order to be used in “fully automatic” firing mode. So, the bottom line is that if you or your kid knows how to use Nerf dart guns, using those guns will pose no problem whatsoever.
  • I have many nerf accessories, are they compatible with those new Nerf guns?Disc firing Nerf guns and the ones that fire the traditional dart projectiles have the very same tactical rails. This means that all accessories that you bought for your old guns, can also be attached on the latest disc firing models.
  • Are those discs accurate?Not only are those new Nerf discs, they are officially known as the XLR discs, more accurate than traditional disc projectiles, they can also be fired more quickly and they can travel much further. In other words, a skilled Nerf warrior equipped with a good XLR disc gun will dominate pretty much all Nerf Wars he participates in if his opponents are equipped with traditional Nerf guns that shoot dart projectiles.
  • Can the disc Nerf guns fire dart projectiles and vice versa?No. Dart guns can only fire guns and disc guns can only fire XLR discs. Only the accessories are backwards and forwards compatible.nerf gun war

If you are a traditional type and you still love disc firing Nerf guns, there is no need to worry: your favorite guns are not going anywhere. On the contrary, they keep getting better and better! The new Nerf Longstrike for example is simply one of the best nerf guns ever made! Its accurate scope and great range mean that it is a sniper rifle that can turn you into an ace sniper who will take out his enemies before they know what hit them!

nerf pistolThey say that a soldier’s equipment is about as important as his skill and training when it comes to staying alive in the battlefield and the same goes for Nerf wars. Having one of the latest and coolest Nerf guns is important, but it usually won’t be enough by itself, especially since some players take games of Nerf war WAY too seriously. So, what you will need in order to stay alive as long as possible and dominate your opponents apart from your favorite Nerf gun? Let’s have a look!

  • Extra ammo.Bringing only as many nerf darts or discs as your various Nerf guns can carry is pretty much suicidal during a game of Nerf war. The absolute worst thing that can happen to any soldier is to run out of ammo while surrounded by enemies. Every second that you spend with an empty gun, exponentially increases the possibility of being “tagged” and killed by one of your opponents. Always have at least one pre-loaded and ready “lock and load” clip on your person. You can find additional nerf darts and magazines in every toy store that has toy guns or nerf guns for sale.
  • A side arm.You may rely on your favorite Nerf gun for most of your kills during a Nerf gun, but smaller Nerf guns that can be easily concealed or carried in your pockets can save your life. If you are reloading and an enemy is coming for you, having a primed and ready to fire side arm, even a small one, can make a world of difference as far as your survival is concerned! Do not underestimate smaller or single shot Nerf pistols, under the right circumstances, they can be as deadly and important as your main gun.
  • Tactical vest.Now your clips and side arms will have to be stored somewhere on your person until you need them. It is also important that you place them at a place where they will be easy to reach and use, without compromising your speed and mobility on the battlefield. You can try storing them on your pockets, but this will make them full and that will hinder your movement and agility. A tactical vest on the other hand comes with many pockets and pouches placed near your chest. This means that all your accessories and guns will be easy to reach and you won’t have to worry about them getting in your way while fighting your Nerf wars.
  • Eye protection.All Nerf guns fire painless and harmless projectiles, regardless of whether they are discs of darts, but the truth is that getting hit at close range in the face or the eyes with them can still be quite painful. If you don’t want to have to worry about being shot in the face and getting hurt, you will need to protect your eyes. Some Nerf gun sets come with eye protection included in the box. If you don’t have any Nerf protective goggles, you can wear some sunglasses or even protective goggles like the ones used by gardeners, painters and other professionals, which are really easy to find and very cheap.

realistic toy gunsApart from those accessories, there are also some Nerf guns that can help you make a difference in the battlefield and greatly increase your chances of surviving and winning Nerf wars. One of those guns is the Nerf Longstrike, which is essentially a Nerf sniper rifle, which will allow you to pick your enemies off safely and from afar.

nerf gun partyNerf guns are so popular nowadays that it seems that a game of Nerf Wars is always happening somewhere. Now, Nerf Wars can be very fun, but they can also be very frustrating, especially if you play a variant in which people who get “tagged” or “killed” have to wait until the game or round is over in order to start playing again.

Just imagine being taken out in the beginning of the game and having to wait for thirty minutes before you get to play and shoot your Nerf gun again!Here are some useful tips that will help you “stay alive” as long as possible during a Nerf War game, in order to have the maximum amount possible, because any game is more fun when you are winning!

  • Pick the right Nerf gun.guns come in all shapes and sizes, which means that no two models are the same and that each model and type is designed with a specific use and play style in mind. There is even a Nerf shotgun and a Nerf machine gun out there! What you need to keep in mind though, is that just because a Nerf gun looks cool, this doesn’t mean that it will be useful in a Nerf War! Some new Nerf gun models for example are fully automatic, but they are battery operated, which makes them pretty heavy and not ideal as an assault weapon. You can use fancier models as secondary weapons, but your primary should always be one of the “assault rifle” models, since they are well rounded and can be used effectively in pretty much any combat scenario.
  • Always have a side arm.pistols may not be the coolest looking or the fastest firing Nerf guns, but they can “save your life” and get you out of a tough spot. Having one always cocked and ready to fire can save you from being tagged while trying to reload your main gun, so always keep one primed and ready to fire on your person. If you don’t have a tactical vest or too many pockets, there are also very small, single shot models out there that are just as effective as backup weapons as their fancier counterparts.
  • Have lots of extra ammo.darts and discs may be big and powerful, but they tend to get lost pretty easily, especially during a heated game of Nerf war. If your gun runs out of ammo and you have to scrounge the battlefield for extra Nerf bullets, then you are pretty much “dead”. ALWAYS have a few extra darts or discs on you. You can use the ones that came packed with older Nerf guns that you don’t use anymore or you can buy some from nerf guns amazon and other toy stores.
  • Use magazine loaded Nerf guns.Being able to reload your Nerf gun as quickly as possible can make all the difference during Nerf Wars. Magazine loading guns are way faster to reload than guns that you have to reload by placing each dart or disc inside the gun individually. Having a magazine loaded weapon means that you can reload it simply by removing the empty clip and sticking a fresh one in its place. You can buy extra magazines from Nerf gun ebay and all toy stores!
  • Use the right Nerf accessories.makes the new Nerf guns really cool, is the fact that they can be modified by adding new accessories to their so called “tactical rails”. There are many accessories out there for you to choose from, ranging from stocks and scopes to increase your accuracy, all the way to flashlights and laser sights! Pick the ones that you think will help you the most, stocks and scopes will do wonders for your accuracy, while “tactical flashlights” will make you deadly in a poorly lit environment. Just don’t overload your gun and make it heavy and hard to use

nerf machine gunsIf you like to “deal death from afar” and “tag” your opponents without them knowing where the dart came from, then the Nerf Longstrike is definitely the best gun for you! This Nerf sniper rifle will turn you into a deadly sniper that, with some practice, will dominate all Nerf wars!

nerf partyI think it is safe to say that we all know that Nerf guns come in all shapes and sizes, yet there is one thing that they all have in common: they fire specially designed darts made using the world famous Nerf foam. Well, that has changed! Many of the new nerf guns fire disc shaped projectiles, called XLR discs, instead of the traditional Nerf darts! Those new disc firing or XLR guns are becoming more and more popular every single day and many Nerf gun enthusiasts and fans “swear” by them and have adopted them as their weapons of choice. So, are the new kids on the block better than the classic Nerf guns that we all know and love? Let’s find out!

  • Safety.What makes Nerf guns stand out from all other toy guns for kids, is the fact that they have been designed specifically with safety in mind. Nerf Darts are well known for being very soft and harmless, regardless of whether they hit people or things. The new XLR discs are just as soft and harmless as their dart counterparts. So, as far as safety is concerned, you can always rest assured that a Nerf gun will be safe and harmless, regardless of whether it is firing disc or dart shaped projectiles.
  • Range and accuracy.Dart firing Nerf guns are famous for being really accurate and for having quite a lot of range, always depending on the model and the design. The new XLR technology guns however are much more accurate and they can fire their projectiles a bit further than most dart firing Nerf gun models. This is because they are disc shaped and thus more aerodynamic. It should be noted however that XLR discs are quite smaller than Nerf darts and thus it’s easier for them to get lost or to get stuck in a place from which retrieving them will be all but impossible.
  • Ease of use.Both disc and dart shooting Nerf guns work on pretty much the same principle: they have to be loaded with ammunition and cocked / primed before allowing the user to pull the trigger and fire the projectile. It should be noted however that because of the fact that they are shaped like discs, XLR projectiles are much easier to load into the guns and their magazines, which makes reloading them significantly faster than reloading dard firing Nerf guns. Also, because of their compact size and shape, XLR disc guns are also less prone when it comes to jams.
  • Model variety.Dart shooting Nerf guns have been around for years, which means that there are many different models to choose from, ranging from assault rifles to sniper rifles and even Gatling guns. XLR guns are much “younger” and thus there is not a great variety in their models. It should be noted however that there are many fully automatic XLR guns available, but if you need batteries in order to use them at “fully automatic” firing mode. Running out of battery power in the middle of a Nerf war will essentially turn you into a sitting duck.
  • Accessories.Dart and XLR disc firing Nerf guns have the very same tactical rails on them, which means that both gun types are compatibles with all of the N-Strike accessories available out there, including the ones that come packaged with certain models.nerf gun war

If you are a die hard fan of dart firing Nerf guns then do not despair: the XLR guns have nothing on some classic models. Take the Nerf Longstrike for example! This amazing Nerf Sniper rifle will allow you to take out all of your XLR disc gun wielding opponents before they know what hit them or where the darts came from!

Nerf N-Strike Guns At the Cheapest Prices!

nerf guns ukBoys don’t have that many options when it comes to toys they can play with. They like video games, action figures and perhaps something that has to do with constructing thing (although they refer to destroy rather than build).

This Christmas if you are looking for a present for them a great choice is Nerf Guns. You cannot go wrong with something that involves action.

We met NERF back in the 70s when a ball was launched. However, NERF is still a popular toy company. And they no longer produce balls but a lot more elaborate things for boys.

NERF is actually the acronym for Non-Expandable Recreational Foam. It was from this foam that the original ball was made and it was the safest material because it was very light and it couldn’t damage anything.

This ball is absolutely perfect for indoor use, and that was the idea that the creator had at the first place. Although he wanted to add a net in order to be something like a volleyball court.

The ball was launched in the market by Parker Brothers, however, without the net. And parents didn’t have any problem leaving the kids play with the ball even inside the living room. Nothing could be broken by the soft foam.

The NERF GUN balls were a huge success and within a year more than 4 million balls were sold. NERF has been passed to Hasbro. In the 90s there was another huge success with selling Nerf Guns. They were guns that could throw foam and as you would expect Nerf guns were tons of fun.

By the end of its first year over four million Nerf Gun balls were sold. In 1972 the Nerf basketball game was invented and is still sold today.

Nerf N Strike Guns: Best toy guns for kids

new-nerf-gunsKids nowadays love the Super Soakers, which as the name suggests throw water and the Nerf Gun which shoot darts. We would suggest the second as the water can leave quite a mess behind.

The Nerf guns are very popular but there is such a wide range that it is difficult to decide which one is the coolest Nerf Gun. In order to give you some ideas we present you some of the best nerf guns to consider getting. We also give you some reviews of them and lead to you to find the best prices possible.

Some of the coolest models that you should definitely be looking at are: Nerf Rapid Fire, Nerf Maverick, Nerf Longshot and Nerf Vulcan.

We give you a price comparison guide so that you an find the cheapest prices in UK. We will help you pick the best gift for your child. Only remember that toys like these sell pretty quickly.

Nerf Gun Accessories

There are many Nerf Gun accessories that can provide new levels of enjoyment in the game. But with a Nerf Gun you can have tons of fun anyway. So some people say that accessories are not needed. Still, here is a brief description of the available accessories:

The Disk Shot is similar to a clay-pigeon launcher, and fires foam disks for target practice. The user uses a remote, which can snap onto N-Strike rails, to operate the Disk Shot and, launch a large foam target into the air.

The targets’ surfaces are smooth enough for Suction Darts to adhere. The launcher itself holds 12 disks, has two speeds, and draws power from a wall outlet. The user can fire disks straight up, or have the launcher release them at a random angle.

The Disk Shot set includes an Element EX-6 blaster, the Disk Shot launcher, six Micro Darts, six disks, a remote control, and the power adapter.

The Tech Target is a battery-powered electronic target. Each scoring area has its own sensor, so the target can assign points. The target has a number of games built in.

The current N-Strike edition of the Tech Target includes two Reflex IX-1 blasters and four Sonic Darts. A previous edition included the Scout IX-3 blaster and three Sonic Darts. The original version, which did not have N-Strike branding, included a unique blaster and three Mega Darts.

N-Strike Ammo Boxes are footlocker-style plastic crates, modeled after classic green military ammo crates. Each comes with 100 darts and holds up to 300. Streamline Dart and Sonic Dart ammo boxes have been released.

Reinventing Traditional Old Games with Nerf Guns

nerf guns ukThere are numerous ways in which fun could come up by playing with the good old Nerf guns.The majority of children gets the toys in question as presents and despite the initial excitement that lasts for only a few days after a while the toy is put aside or even lost.

Safety for indoor use is a nerf gun main characteristic and as a result children’s games are charged with a lot more energy.

The fact that most products on the market that address children do not necessarily stimulate their imagination doesn’t mean that the latter is limited. On the contrary it is infinite.

Nerf Guns are a brilliant alternative to days consumed in front of a Tv or a video game. They also offer an enjoyable activity for children to occupy with when the weather conditions are unfit for outdoor entertainment.

An interesting way to stimulate your kids being active is the reinvention of the game of war. Get the kids separated into two groups. Once the first group gets hidden they count to thirty in order to provide everyone with the opportunity to hide.

After that chasing begins. Group one slowly chases group two , and pick them off with their Nerf guns. Given the fact that you own neon guns and a black light the game in question gets undoubtedly advanced on the spot. The darkness combined with the flashlights will edge up the fascination.

When considering adolescent or pre-teen gatherings this type of playing could be taken outside. The proposed times of the day to play the game in order to enhance the levels of excitement and entertainment are during the sunset or absolute darkness.

The teens could possibly combine the Nerf toy gun with the use of flashlights or you could set up Christmas lights to ensure their safety. It is certainly a cheaper solution to a laser tag or a paintball party. What is more the effect of Nerf guns is also more desirable than the one that paint gun toys have to offer.

With the addition of some small and effortless touches children can differentiate their traditional games into something far more stimulating and interesting. The occupation with Nerf guns equals with additional spice to games that have been in a way saturated because of the many times they have been played in their original version.

It is the absolute «Do» for a rainy day during which parents are not in a mood to stimulate their kids’ vigorousness and yet don’t want to have them sat silently in front of reruns.

Begin enjoying yourself with your children by buying a set of Nerf toy guns – You will not regret it!

The best Nerf Gun that you can buy for your child.

Nerf GunsMany parents choose their children’s Nerf Guns from their appealing looking, something difficult since all our guns have cool looking. The best way of buying a Nerf Gun for a kid is to be aware of its age because every gun is more suitable to a specific age range.

Some of the Nerf Guns can be too heavy for younger ages and different way of shooting enthusiasm a kid based on his age.Also there are many places that a child can play with a Nerf Gun.

The big ones are capable to shot up to 40 feet and are not recommended to be used at home. The smaller ones can be used without warring even in a living room.

Nerf Maverick, Nerf Raider and Nerf Vulcan are some of the coolest Nerf Guns for Sale.Impressing looking guns with different playing purpose each one of them. Nerf Maverick is a Nerf Gun that looks like revolver and it is a smaller gun.

When you feel like shooting with a Maverick you can just load the 6 foam darts into the round chamber and fire them off in seconds. It is a gun for playing in a playfield as well as at home as it shoots up only to 15 feet.

The Nerf Raider and Nerf Vulcan are bigger guns and are more suitable to bigger kids who enjoys the Nerf Guns.The Raider is a Nerf Gun similar to a has the largest capacity, 35 darts and can be set up to shoot a single shot or rapid fire to give better capacity to win the battles.

A Nerf Gun as a Nerf Vulcan is a rapid shooter with mini darts. It has attached ammo belt and target sites. Those extra accessories can give you the edge on your battles .You will never run out of Nerf ammo and always will have precise shoots.

The Raider as well as the Vulcan are Nerf Guns for Sale that suits to be played at open places because the are able to shoot long distance. Choosing among these two guns they can take you into higher Nerf level.

Choose to buy the Nerf Gun based on your playing style and battle abilities. And why not to select all the Nerf Guns that each one will give you different style of playtime and enjoyment.

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