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Are you a fan of Nerf guns? Here’s how to win all Nerf Wars!


nerf gun partyNerf guns are so popular nowadays that it seems that a game of Nerf Wars is always happening somewhere. Now, Nerf Wars can be very fun, but they can also be very frustrating, especially if you play a variant in which people who get “tagged” or “killed” have to wait until the game or round is over in order to start playing again.

Just imagine being taken out in the beginning of the game and having to wait for thirty minutes before you get to play and shoot your Nerf gun again!Here are some useful tips that will help you “stay alive” as long as possible during a Nerf War game, in order to have the maximum amount possible, because any game is more fun when you are winning!

  • Pick the right Nerf gun.guns come in all shapes and sizes, which means that no two models are the same and that each model and type is designed with a specific use and play style in mind. There is even a Nerf shotgun and a Nerf machine gun out there! What you need to keep in mind though, is that just because a Nerf gun looks cool, this doesn’t mean that it will be useful in a Nerf War! Some new Nerf gun models for example are fully automatic, but they are battery operated, which makes them pretty heavy and not ideal as an assault weapon. You can use fancier models as secondary weapons, but your primary should always be one of the “assault rifle” models, since they are well rounded and can be used effectively in pretty much any combat scenario.
  • Always have a side arm.pistols may not be the coolest looking or the fastest firing Nerf guns, but they can “save your life” and get you out of a tough spot. Having one always cocked and ready to fire can save you from being tagged while trying to reload your main gun, so always keep one primed and ready to fire on your person. If you don’t have a tactical vest or too many pockets, there are also very small, single shot models out there that are just as effective as backup weapons as their fancier counterparts.
  • Have lots of extra ammo.darts and discs may be big and powerful, but they tend to get lost pretty easily, especially during a heated game of Nerf war. If your gun runs out of ammo and you have to scrounge the battlefield for extra Nerf bullets, then you are pretty much “dead”. ALWAYS have a few extra darts or discs on you. You can use the ones that came packed with older Nerf guns that you don’t use anymore or you can buy some from nerf guns amazon and other toy stores.
  • Use magazine loaded Nerf guns.Being able to reload your Nerf gun as quickly as possible can make all the difference during Nerf Wars. Magazine loading guns are way faster to reload than guns that you have to reload by placing each dart or disc inside the gun individually. Having a magazine loaded weapon means that you can reload it simply by removing the empty clip and sticking a fresh one in its place. You can buy extra magazines from Nerf gun ebay and all toy stores!
  • Use the right Nerf accessories.makes the new Nerf guns really cool, is the fact that they can be modified by adding new accessories to their so called “tactical rails”. There are many accessories out there for you to choose from, ranging from stocks and scopes to increase your accuracy, all the way to flashlights and laser sights! Pick the ones that you think will help you the most, stocks and scopes will do wonders for your accuracy, while “tactical flashlights” will make you deadly in a poorly lit environment. Just don’t overload your gun and make it heavy and hard to use

nerf machine gunsIf you like to “deal death from afar” and “tag” your opponents without them knowing where the dart came from, then the Nerf Longstrike is definitely the best gun for you! This Nerf sniper rifle will turn you into a deadly sniper that, with some practice, will dominate all Nerf wars!