The biggest reason why Nerf guns are the most famous and popular toy guns for kids all over the world is the fact that they are the most sophisticated and advanced toy guns on the market. What also sets them apart from all other similar toys, is the fact that they are completely safe for kids to play with.

The Nerf machine guns combine cutting edge technology with Nerf’s safest projectiles to provide you with hours of safe fun. A Nerf machine gun is enough to turn the tide in any Nerf war thanks to its amazingly fast rate of fire and very high ammo capacity, which is why there are many different models for one to choose from.

Our detailed and in depth reviews will help you find out which is the right Nerf machine gun for you and your Nerf War team. More specifically, our reviews will cover things like:

  • Firing mechanisms

Nerf machine guns come with different firing mechanisms, there are semi automatic ones and fully automatic ones that come with battery operated mechanisms, for example. Each firing mechanism has its own pros and cons. Our reviews will let you know how the firing mechanism of each Nerf machine gun we talk about works and what are its strengths and weaknesses during combat.

  • Ammo capacity

Regardless of firing mechanism, Nerf machine guns are the fastest firing Nerf guns, which means that high ammo capacity is essential for making them useful in a Nerf war scenario. Our reviews will help you find one which ones have enough ammo capacity to cover the needs of your Nerf war team.

  • Ease of use

A hard to use Nerf gun can be a serious disadvantage during Nerf wars. Nerf machine guns are the most sophisticated Nerf guns out there, which means that some of them can be a little complicated, which would make them hard to use during a heated Nerf war. Our reviews will let you know just how easy to use each Nerf machine gun is and how fast it can be reloaded and deployed during combat.

  • Size and weight information

Nerf machine guns can be pretty big and pretty heavy, which can make them difficult to carry around and less effective on the battlefield. Our reviews will let you know the weight and size of each Nerf Machine gun covered, in order to help you pick one that you or your team members will be able to actually carry around during a Nerf War!

Those are just some of the subjects that will be covered in the Nerf machine gun section of our website. We sincerely hope that you enjoy your stay and that our reviews will help you pick the right gun for you and your team!

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