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World’s Greatest nerf gun: the Nerf Barricade! Read my review!


My Nerf Barricade review: the best Nerf revolver

Nerf BarricadeAs you may have noticed, the Nerf craze has taken over the country by storm! Nerf games are being played on every street and garden of the country!

Even grown ups have joined the Nerf Guns UK craze and some Nerf Wars, as they are called, even break out during lunch time in many offices! But just what is it that makes the Nerf Guns so cool?

Well, the products of the Nerf line by Hasbro, are essentially toy guns for kids and even adults, but what makes them stand out from other similar toys, is the fact that they are very safe!

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Unlike other toy guns, such as airsoft guns and pellet guns, that shoot small and hard projectiles that can seriously hurt a child, these specially designed toy guns fire darts that have been made using a really soft and completely harmless foam! You can be sure that your children won’t get hurt while playing with their Nerf guns, as long as they don’t aim for someone’s eyes, that is!

Because of their huge popularity, new Nerf guns are constantly coming out, but there’s a specific model that has been proven to be very popular among all Nerf aficionados: the Nerf Barricade! What makes this specific model so awesome and desirable? Well, read my in depth Nerf Barricade review and you’ll find out!

Nerf N-Strike Barricade

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Nerf Barricade Description

Nerf BarricadeThe Nerf gun Barricade RV-10 is essentially a semi-automatic revolver that uses a specially designed electronic mechanism in order to allow for rapid fire, without the need for constant manual cocking!

It needs three AA batteries in order to work, which have to be placed in a special compartment next to the Nerf N-Strike logo.

It is also equipped with an automatically revolving barrel that can hold and fire up to ten of Nerf’s specially designed, completely harmless darts. Nerf enthusiasts will tell you that the Nerf Barricade RV-10 is essentially a greatly improved version of the Nerf Maverick gun!

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Nerf Gun Barricade top Performance:

  • Range: The Nerf N-Strike Barricade RV-10 Blaster has a pretty long range! It can easily fire its darts to a distance of up to thirty five feet! This is pretty impressive for such a small Nerf gun!
  • Firing rate: This is very important, because in the heat of battle, when you’re surrounded by enemies, you wouldn’t want to be wielding a gun that takes ages to fire! Fortunately, this is where the Nerf N-Strike Barricade really shines! Thanks to its electronic flywheel mechanism, you will not have to cock it manually every time you have to shoot it! Once you fire a dart, the barrel will turn automatically and you’ll be able to fire the next right away, provided the chamber is not empty of course! If you want to talk actual numbers, the Nerf Barricade can fire up to three darts per second! You should note though that its battery operated, which means that if your batteries run out during a fire fight, you’ll be practically defenseless!
  • Capacity: When it comes to revolver type Nerf guns, the Nerf Gun Barricade has the largest capacity available! It’s barrel can accommodate up to ten darts! Thanks to its great firing rate though, those tend to be spent really quickly, so make sure to get some extra to avoid running out of ammo during combat!
  • Modification capabilities: Like all guns in the N-Strike series, this too comes with Nerf’s patented Tactical Rails! This means that you can buy and attach special mods to improve its accuracy, including a stock and targeting scope!

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Pros and Cons of Nerf Barricade


  1. Really fun and easy to use!
  2. Amazingly fast rate of fire!
  3. Great ammo capacity!
  4. You can modify it to improve its accuracy and overall performance!
  5. It’s semi-automatic, which means that you won’t have to be constantly cocking it!
  6. Great price at amazon.co.uk! Click here to get it!


  1. It’s battery operated. If it runs out of battery power, it becomes useless.
  2. It’s electronic barrel is a bit noisy which could be a problem if you want to set up an ambush.

Bottom line: The Nerf Barricade is a really great and easy to use toy gun that all children and adults as well will love! It’s very fun and easy to use but it can also be “deadly” during a Nerf War game! It’s only major drawback is the fact that it’s battery operated!

Where to buy Nerf Barricade from and for how much?

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