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What are the best Nerf darts for your Nerf gun?


nerf dartsWhat makes most Nerf gun models really cool, is the fact that unlike other toy guns for kids, there are many types of ammo that you can choose from them. Nerf guns may fire darts, but that doesn’t mean that there is only one type of Nerf darts out there! As all Elite Nerfers though, there are different kinds of darts and most of them are compatible with most or all models of Nerf blasters.

Each Nerf dart type has its own strengths and weaknesses. This means that although all Nerf darts are pretty accurate regardless of the gun that is firing them, each type seems to be best suited for a certain Nerf gun type. According to many Nerf fans, in order to win a Nerf War, you need only to have the right Nerf guns, but the right darts for them as well!

So, without further ado, here is a guide on the various types of darts, which Nerf gun type they are best suited for and how to make the most out of them.

Streamline darts

Streamline darts, or Streamlines for short, are the darts that come in the package of pretty much every Nerf gun. This means that they are by far the most common type of Nerf bullets in existence. They are pretty basic darts that are not very accurate and they have the shortest range, when compared to other, more specialized darts. So, using them for sniping is out of the question. You can use them to overwhelm your enemies though! The Streamlines are meant to be shot in bursts, which is why they are best used with Nerf guns that have a high rate of fire and large ammo capacity. Just get close to your enemies and start unloading on them and the lack of accuracy that those darts are known for, will work to your advantage. If you want to do some sniping, then you can carry a sidearm loaded with Whistler or Suction darts, which have greater range and are much more accurate. Streamline darts are meant to be used in a “spray and pray” king of scenario.

Suction darts

Suction darts are by far the most accurate Nerf darts out there, making them ideal for sharpshooters. Their main drawback however, is the fact that their range is not much greater than that of the Streamlines. They still travel further than Streamlines, but their range pales in comparison to that of the Whistler darts. Suction darts are best used with single shot Nerf gun models, which will allow you to take full advantage of their great accuracy. Do not use them for “spray and pray” purposes, because their great accuracy means that all of the darts that you will fire in quick succession will pretty much hit the same spot or target, instead of spreading out and hitting targets all over the place.

Whistler darts

If range is what you are after, then the Whistler Nerf darts, or Whistlers for short, are the ones for you! They have the greatest range of all Nerf types, which means that they will allow you to outrange most of your opponents and pick them off from relative safety. Their main drawback is the fact that their accuracy decreases with distance. In other words, the further they travel, the less accurate they are. This means that they are not as precise as Suctions, but as long as you keep an enemy in your sights, chances are that you will hit him, even from maximum range. In order to make the Whistlers travel as far as possible, you need to make sure that their whistling hole is facing upwards when you load them in your gun and clip. It goes without saying that those Nerf darts are better used with sniping Nerf gun models.

If you are looking for a really cool Nerf gun that will help you dominate the battlefield, then the Nerf Vulcan, also known as the Havoc Fire, is the best one for you. It is a fully automatic Nerf machine gun, that also doubles as a powerful, semi automatic blaster.