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Nerf guns vs Airsoft guns


When it comes to toy guns, I think it is safe to say that Nerf guns and Airsoft guns are pretty much dominating the market. This is because unlike other toy guns for kids that only make funny electronic sounds or “bang” noises by using caps, they fire actual projectiles that allow children to play relatively safe war games. Both of those toy gun types and brands are extremely popular, but which one is the best for your children? Well, hopefully the following article will help you make up your mind!

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  • Design.When it comes to looks, Nerf guns and Airsoft guns couldn’t be more different. Toy guns made by Nerf are brightly colored, usually green or yellow, and they look like something you would see in a cartoon or a science fiction film. Airsoft guns on the other hand, look just like replicas of real guns, in fact some of the later models are pretty much indistinguishable from their real counterparts. According to recent studies, younger children shouldn’t play with realistic toy guns, as this familiarizes them with real guns and thus it makes them more desensitized to violence.
  • Projectiles.What makes those toys really popular, is the fact that they fire projectiles. Nerf guns fire really soft darts or discs, called Nerf darts and Nerf Discs respectively, while Airsoft guns fire small pellets. Nerf darts and discs are really large and soft and they have been designed to be safe and painless, regardless of how small the distance between the “target” and the shooter is. The pellets fired by Airsoft guns on the other hand, are pretty harmless and painless when they hit someone a long distance away, but they can be very painful when fired at close range. It goes without saying that eye protection should be used when using either toy gun type.
  • Ease of use.Nerf guns and Airsoft guns operate pretty much the same way: they both require the shooter to use a priming or a cocking mechanism, that is activated by pulling back a part of the gun and releasing it, before pulling the trigger and firing the projectile. Most guns made by Nerf have magazines that can be loaded with darts or discs, allowing the shooter to fire as quickly as he or she can prime the gun, but some cheap nerf guns are single shot, front loading models. All Airsoft guns have magazines.
  • Durability.Nerf Guns and Airsoft guns alike have been designed with children and teenagers in mind, which means that they can both take some abuse. Furthermore, the working parts and mechanisms of both those toy guns for kids can only be accessed by taking the gun apart, which requires the use of tools. This means that you won’t have to worry about your child trying to modify his or her gun in order to make it stronger or increase its range.best nerf gun for kids and adults

So, what’s the bottom line of this comparison? I think it is safe to say that Nerf guns are great for children of all ages and they are ideal for younger children, Airsoft guns on the other hand are better for teenagers and adults.

Nerf guns come in all shapes and sizes, but the coolest one is by far the Nerf Longstrike! What makes this particular Nerf gun stand out from the rest, is the fact that it looks just like a science fiction sniper rifle and it even comes with a specially designed scope, that will allow your child to shoot his Nerf war opponents from a great distance!