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Don’t buy the Nerf Laser tag System before reading my review!

Nerf Laser tag SystemNerf guns have been on the market for more than 20 years, which means that there are literally hundreds of them available for you to choose from! While all Nerf guns are completely and harmless for children, some may be a bit too big or too complicated for small kids to use properly, which means that it would be wise to do some research before you buy one! In this review, we will take a look at one of the most popular and unique Nerf gun sets for beginners and seasoned players alike: the Nerf Laser Tag System 2PK! Is it really as good as the people who use it say it is? Well, keep on reading my review and you will find out!


I think we can all agree that nobody likes having to look for and pick up all those farts that you fired during a Nerf War, once the game is over, it is a necessary evil though, right? Well what I told you that there was a Nerf gun system that doesn’t need projectiles of any sort? I am talking the new Laser Tag System 2PK, made by Nerf!
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This amazing set, consists of two specially designed Nerf blasters that fire Lazer beams instead of darts! This means that the only thing they need to work, is batteries! You won’t have to carry around any ammo with you and you won’t have to spend time looking for your darts or discs! Furthermore, unlike other Lazer guns, the ones included in the 2PK System, feature realistic recoil action which means that you will feel like firing a real gun when firing them! They will also vibrate every time you get hit, letting you know that you lost a life or that you’re out of the game! They are also equipped with specially designed shields that you can deploy to protect yourself from enemy fire! Each set includes two state of the art Phoenix LTX Lazer guns!

  • State of the art Lazer Guns!

The Laser Tag System 2PK from Nerf, includes two state of the art Phoenix LTX Lazer blasters! These highly advanced blasters, are equipped with a specially designed recoil feature that simulates the kickback of a real gun, thus making your Nerf Wars a lot more challenging and realistic! Furthermore, thanks to its vibration function and flashing lights, you will know when you’ve been hit or when you have hit some one else! This essentially eliminates cheating from your game! There are two guns in each set, but that doesn’t mean that a Laser Tag battle is a two player game! You can play the game with as many people as you want, as long as each of them has a Phoenix LTX blaster of course!

  • Amazing shields!

The guns of the Laser Tag 2PK System, are also equipped with force field like shields! You can use those to allow yourself some extra time when it comes to aiming! They will also protect you while you’re carrying out a head on assault, since they will allow you to take a few hits before you “get killed” by your enemies!

  • No ammo needed!

The best thing about the Nerf Laser Tag 2PK System however, is the fact that the guns included in the package only need batteries in order to work! Since they don’t use any projectiles, they are perfect for indoor Nerf Wars! There’s also the benefit of not having yo look for and collect your darts or discs after the game is over, which is by far the most annoying part of any Nerf War!

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The Good and The Bad

The Good:

  • The guns have a realistic recoil action function, which simulates the recoil of a real gun!
  • The guns vibrate and flash their lights when you get hit!
  • The Phoenix LTX blasters included in the package, are equipped with a cool shield function!
  • The guns don’t use darts or discs!
  • Two state of the art Phoenix LTX Lazer guns are included in each Laser Tag System 2PK Package.

The Bad:

  • Each gun needs six AA batteries in order to work!
  • The guns contain highly sophisticated electronic components, so you risk causing them irreparable time every time you drop them!

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