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Choose wisely your next nerf gun from the vast new nerf guns lineup!


Nerf N Strike Guns: Best toy guns for kids

new-nerf-gunsKids nowadays love the Super Soakers, which as the name suggests throw water and the Nerf Gun which shoot darts. We would suggest the second as the water can leave quite a mess behind.

The Nerf guns are very popular but there is such a wide range that it is difficult to decide which one is the coolest Nerf Gun. In order to give you some ideas we present you some of the best nerf guns to consider getting. We also give you some reviews of them and lead to you to find the best prices possible.

Some of the coolest models that you should definitely be looking at are: Nerf Rapid Fire, Nerf Maverick, Nerf Longshot and Nerf Vulcan.

We give you a price comparison guide so that you an find the cheapest prices in UK. We will help you pick the best gift for your child. Only remember that toys like these sell pretty quickly.

Nerf Gun Accessories

There are many Nerf Gun accessories that can provide new levels of enjoyment in the game. But with a Nerf Gun you can have tons of fun anyway. So some people say that accessories are not needed. Still, here is a brief description of the available accessories:

The Disk Shot is similar to a clay-pigeon launcher, and fires foam disks for target practice. The user uses a remote, which can snap onto N-Strike rails, to operate the Disk Shot and, launch a large foam target into the air.

The targets’ surfaces are smooth enough for Suction Darts to adhere. The launcher itself holds 12 disks, has two speeds, and draws power from a wall outlet. The user can fire disks straight up, or have the launcher release them at a random angle.

The Disk Shot set includes an Element EX-6 blaster, the Disk Shot launcher, six Micro Darts, six disks, a remote control, and the power adapter.

The Tech Target is a battery-powered electronic target. Each scoring area has its own sensor, so the target can assign points. The target has a number of games built in.

The current N-Strike edition of the Tech Target includes two Reflex IX-1 blasters and four Sonic Darts. A previous edition included the Scout IX-3 blaster and three Sonic Darts. The original version, which did not have N-Strike branding, included a unique blaster and three Mega Darts.

N-Strike Ammo Boxes are footlocker-style plastic crates, modeled after classic green military ammo crates. Each comes with 100 darts and holds up to 300. Streamline Dart and Sonic Dart ammo boxes have been released.