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How to dominate Nerf wars with the new disc firing Nerf gun models


firing Nerf gun modelsMost of us have associated the term “nerf gun” with really fun toy guns that fire harmless dart shaped projectiles, the world famous Nerf darts, with great accuracy and over long distances. This however is no longer the case! Many of the latest Nerf gun models are part of the brand new XLR Tech series and there is something really special about them: instead of firing disc based projectiles, they fire special Nerf bullets that are shaped like discs!

Those discs are known as the XLR discs and they offer Disc firing Nerf gun models with some really cool and practical advantages. First of all, they are much more accurate than Nerf darts and they travel further. Furthermore, XLR guns are very easy to reload and reloading them can be done significantly faster than reloading dart firing Nerf guns. Those are not the only advantages of the XLR models though! Here are some tips and tricks that will help you dominate your Nerf war games:

  • You can have a disc in the blaster while reloading

If you have a magazine loading XLR disc blaster like those with the the Vortex clip system or the Vigilon models, then you can have one disc loaded in the blaster while you are putting in a new clip. This will allow you to be able to defend yourself if someone attacks you while reloading. Your opponent will also not be expecting a shot from an empty Nerf gun, so he will be caught off guard!

  • The discs can be curved

OK, I am not talking about being able to curve Nerf bullets like Angelina Jolie in Wanted, but discs fired from the XLR or vortex guns will start to curve as they travel. The longer they travel, the more they will curve. With some practice, you will be able to use that curving to make your discs curve around obstacles and cover, allowing you to hit your enemies when they think that they are safe.

  • You can tag people via ricochets!

Unlike Nerf darts, the new XLR discs can be easily ricocheted off of walls, trees and other obstacles. If ricochets are permitted in your Nerf War games, the discs’ bouncy nature will provide you with many easy kills that your opponents will not see coming. Just make sure to always keep in your mind that the discs spin in counter-clockwise direction, which means that they bounce towards the right when they ricochet. If you practice enough to master ricocheting and curving the disc shaped Nerf bullets, no one will be safe from you on the battlefield!

  • Always carry a regular Nerf blaster with you

Having a regular Nerf blaster with you is essential at this stage if your main Nerf gun is a disc firing model. This is because disc firing Nerf guns are new, so their ammo is kinda rare, so you probably won’t find any discs on the battlefield that you will be able to scavenge in order to reload your gun. You will find plenty of Nerf darts, so you should always have a small dart firing with you, in case you run out of ammo.

  • Practice reloading your gun

XLR discs may be easier to reload than Nerf darts, but if you are used to loading and reloading a dart firing Nerf gun, then you will need some practice in order to get used to loading those new guns. Just practice on your own for a couple of days and you will be fine.

If you are still a fan of the old school dart firing Nerf guns then don’t worry, there are still plenty of cool guns for you to choose from. The Nerf Vulcan, known as the Havoc Fire in the UK is a fully automatic, high powered Nerf machine gun that can also be used as a single shot Nerf gun. IT is simply one of the best nerf guns ever made!