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The Ultimate sniper nerf gun: Nerf Longstrike! Read all about it here!


My Nerf Longstrike review: one of the best Nerf guns!

Nerf N-Stike Longstrike CS-6If you have young boys, then at some point they will definitely ask you to buy them some toy guns.

No most parents usually go for one of the realistic toy guns that look and work exactly like their real world counterparts.

According to experts, these guns are not good for your children, especially if they are very young!

The Nerf N-Stike Longstrike CS-6 is available on amazon.co.uk at the lowest price through this link.

Plus, they can be pretty powerful which makes their projectiles, which are usually small plastic pellets, more than a little dangerous!

If you want guns for kids that don’t look too realistic and are also very safe, then you should look no further than the famous Nerf guns! These guns have been around for many years and they are being made by toy industry leaders Hasbro with the safety of your children primarily in mind!

In this review, we will take a detailed look at one of the best selling Nerf gun models, the Nerf Longstrike! According to many Nerf Gun reviews, it’s probably the best Nerf gun to buy for your children! Are they right? Well, read my Nerf Longstrike CS-6 review and you will  find out!

Nerf Longstrike CS-6

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What is the Nerf N-Strike Longstrike CS-6

When it comes to a Nerf War, the Nerf Longstrike perfectly fulfills the role of a sniper rifle! It’s a very powerful Nerf gun that is very accurate over long distances! In other words, you will be able to fire at your enemies while being safely out of their weapon’s reach and range! You’ll get them way before the get close enough to shoot you! In short, with the Nerf Longstrike UK, you’ll feel just like an actual sniper!

  • Is it safe?

Like all Nerf guns this too has been designed to be as safe and fun as possible! It fires specially designed foam darts which are very soft and completely safe. It should be noted though that you shouldn’t aim the Longstrike Nerf at someone’s head or eyes.

  • How good does it look?

The first thing people notice about the Nerf N-strike Longstrike is just how good it looks! It’s one of the biggest Nerf guns on the market, measuring in at almost 3ft long, and it has a really long, detachable barrel (more on that later) thanks to which it can be extremely accurate over long distances. In short, it looks just like you’d expect a sniper rifle to look! If you don’t want your children to be playing with realistic toy guns though, there’s no need to worry: the Nerf gun Longstrike comes in very bright blue and orange colours that make it look like a toy!

  • Can I modify it?

Although not quite as customisable as some other Nerf gun models, you can modify the Nerf Longstrike to make it more useful for different combat situations and scenarios. The long barrel attachment may be great for long distance sniping, but it can be a liability when it comes to close quarters combat. So, if an enemy does get close to you, you can very easily take the long barrel off and end up with a Nerf Longstrike mod that’s ideal for close quarters combat! Further more, it’s also equipped with Nerf’s patented Tactical Rails, which means that you can equip it with any of the numerous Nerf gun attachments, like scopes and aiming modules, available! In short, it can be easily adapted to fit all battle situations!

  • Is it easy to reload?

The Nerf N-Strike Longstrike CS-6 uses a clip system for loading and re-loading! This means that when you run out of ammo, all you’ll have to do to reload is take out the empty magazine and place a fresh one in its place! You can even attach store two extra clips on specially designed place that can be found on the the Longstrike’s stock!

  • What’s in the box?

Inside every Nerf Longstrike package you will find: the gun itself, the detachable barrel extension part, six foam darts and a magazine, a flip up targeting sight and of course, the instruction manual! What you will now find however, is any batteries, simply because it doesn’t need any!

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Pros and Cons of nerf longstrike cs-6


  1. It’s a Nerf sniper rifle!
  2. Great for shooting at both long and shorter distances!
  3. Its long barrel can be easily detached for close quarters combat!
  4. It uses a clip loading system!
  5. It doesn’t need any batteries in order to work!
  6. Great price at amazon.co.uk, click here to get it!


  1. It may be a bit too big for young children to use.
  2. It only comes with one magazine and six foam darts. You will probably need to buy some more.
  3. The stock is not detachable! Once you attach it, it stays in its place permanently.

Where to buy nerf longstrike from and for how much?

The best place to buy Nerf Guns from, including the Nerf Long Strike of course, is definitely amazon.co.uk! You will find the cheapest price for it there, just 29.99 pounds, and they will also ship it to you very fast and completely free of charge! Click here to get it!

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