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Read This and find the best nerf gun to buy: Nerf Barrel Break!


My Nerf Barrel Break review: a very cool and unique Nerf gun!

Nerf Barrel BreakIf you happen to be a parent of young boys, then sooner or later, they will definitely ask you to buy them some toy guns!

All boys do that! Many parents however are not too excited with the idea of buying  for their kids that allow them to shoot projectiles at each other!

Their biggest concern, is of course that they will get hurt in the process, or break every vase and fragile item in the house!

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Well, there is a very easy solution to this problem that will definitely make everyone as happy as possible! I’m talking about the famous Nerf Guns!

These revolutionary toy guns are very well known and they are selling like crazy all over the world for two simple reasons: the first, is the fact that they are really easy to use and will provide your children with a lot of fun! The second reason, is that they are completely safe and harmless!

You see most toy guns for kids fire small pellets made from hard plastic at very high speeds and these can cause some serious injuries id they hit children in an unprotected spot of their body! The Nerf Gun toys on the other hand, fire specially designed foam darts that are very soft and there fore completely safe for both your children and your home!

In this review, we will take a look at a rather unique Nerf product that is a great starting point for those who haven’t joined the Nerf Guns UK craze yet, but still want to give it a shot, pun not intended! We will take an in depth look at the Nerf Berrel Break! Is it as good as Nerf fans all over the world claim it is? Well, read my Nerf Barrel Break review, to find out!

Nerf Barrel Break

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Nerf Barrel Break Overview

The Nerf N Strike Barrel Break blaster has been designed to look and fell just like those sawn off shotguns that we see in action movies and video games!

It’s definitely one of the most original and unique blasters that Nerf has made in the past few years! There’s no other Nerf gun quite like it!

Nerf Barrel BreakWhat makes the Nerf Barrel Break IX-2 so unique and cool, is the fact that it works just like a real world double barrel shotgun!

It has two barrels and a firing mechanism that allows you to shoot them both at once for a devastating close quarters attack, or to fire one barrel at a time to hit long range targets with greater accuracy!

It’s also equipped with Tactical Rails, which means that you can easily equip it with most of the accessories and parts made for guns of the N-Strike series! Let’s take a closer look at the Barrel Break Nerf!

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  • Loading mechanism: The Nerf N Strike Barrel break blaster features a rather unique loading mechanism that also doubles as a cocking mechanism! It’s been modeled to reflect the way real life double barrel guns are loaded! Pulling a special lever with make the gun break in half, revealing its two dart chambers! Just place a dart in each chamber and then pull the barrels back into place and you’re ready to fire! The Nerf Barrel gets loaded and cocked at the same time which means that its rate of fire depends on how quickly you can reload it! With a bit of practice, you will be able to load it no time at all!
  • Firing mechanism: The Nerf Barrel Break IX-2 also features a unique firing mechanism! Pulling the trigger back fully, will result in both the barrels being fired at the same time and it will deliver a very powerful short range attack! If your target is a bit further however, you can press the trigger half way, which will fire only one barrel but the projectile will be able to travel over greater distances and it will also be more accurate! In other words, the Barrel Break Nerf is very effective when it comes to both close and long range combat, making it a very versatile Nerf gun!
  • Additional features and accessories: The Nerf Break Barrel comes equipped with a special dart rack on which you can attach all your spare darts in order to always keep them handy! This will help you reload as fast as possible! Also included in the package, you will find ten whistler darts, this means that you won’t have to buy extra darts any time soon! When it comes to customisation, the Nerf Barrel Break IX-2 doesn’t disappoint either! It features Tactical Rails, which means that you can easily equip it with most of the additional parts and accessories made for the Nerf guns in the N-Strike series!

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Pros and Cons of Nerf Barrel Break


  1. It features a unique firing mechanism that makes it highly effective for close and long range targets alike!
  2. One of a kind loading mechanism that also doubles as the cocking mechanism!
  3. It can fire two darts at the same time!
  4. It’s compatible with most N-Strike parts and accessories!
  5. It’s equipped with a built in dart rack, to help you reload it as fast as possible!
  6. Great price on amazon.co.uk. Click here to get it!


  1. It only has a two dart ammo capacity.
  2. Once loaded, the only way to empty the barrels is to shoot the darts.

Where to get Nerf Barrel Break from and for how much.

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