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My Nerf Big Bad Bow review: one of the really cool Nerf guns

Nerf Big Bad BowWell, as you may know, the Nerf toys are mostly toy guns that come in all shapes and sizes: from small and simple guns that are great for kids all the way to high tech, complicated guns that have been made with teenagers and young adults in mind! All Nerf guns however, regardless of their target age group, have one important thing in common: they are perfectly safe and harmless for the people playing with them!

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Because of their huge popularity, new Nerf gun models are finding their way to store shelves in an almost daily basis! There are some guns and models however that really manage to stand out and attract the attention of kids and adults alike, usually because they have a really cool design or a unique feature! In this review, we will take a look at a truly unique Nerf gun that is becoming more popular every day: the Nerf Big Bad Bow!

Let’s find out why people seem to love this Nerf gun so much!


One of the first Nerf guns ever made, way back in the 90s, was a really unique blaster that looked and worked like a bow! It was the Nerf Bow N Arrow and its production stopped after a few years. Nostalgic Nerf fans, as well as newer ones, have been asking the people at Nerf to make another Nerf Bow, but they seemed reluctant to do so. Things have changed tough, and today we have a new bow, the Nerf Big Bad Bow which is better than its predecessor in every single way! The first thing you’ll notice is its really cool design! It doesn’t look like an archaic bow, like its predecessor used to look like, but it resembles a modern day composite bow, complete with pulleys and targeting sights!

Another cool thing about it, is its firing mechanism which works more like that of a crossbow! In order to fire it, you have to pull back it’s string until a plunger inside the bow is secured, then you have to insert an arrow in the arrow slot and press the trigger to fire it! This will allow you to aim without having to keep pulling the string! Inside the package you will find 3 arrows! You can keep one in the firing slot and you can attach the other two on the specially designed arrow holders found on the front of the bow! Finally, the arrows can fly more than 35 ft away!

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  • Convenient firing mechanism!

The Nerf Big Bad Bow may look like a bow, but it doesn’t work exactly like one! In terms of shooting, it is more like a crossbow! In order to get it to fire you have to pull its string all the way back, via the specially designed handle. Then you’ll have to to load an arrow in the arrow firing slot, if you haven’t one there already and pull the trigger to release it! This means that you can keep the bow primed and ready to fire, without having to keep pulling the string, like you would with a normal bow! It is also equipped with two arrow holder slots for your spare arrows on its front!

  • Really cool design!

The Nerf Big Bad bow looks more like a bow that Rambo would use instead of Robin Hood! It has been modeled after modern day composite bows instead of simple and archaic bows, which makes it look cooler and more futuristic!

  • Really long range!

The arrows fired by the Big Bad Bow can travel up to 35 feet away! This is just about the same range as that of the Longstrike, the famous Nerf Sniper rifle!

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Pros and Cons


  • It’s a Nerf bow!
  • It looks really cool!
  • It is really simple to prime and shoot!
  • You don’t have to keep pulling the string while aiming it!
  • It features two arrow holders for spare arrows!
  • Three arrows are included in the package!
  • It has a range of 35 feet!


  • Replacement arrows are really hard to find. You can mod it to fire darts though.
  • It’s not a true composite bow, the pulleys are just there to make it look cooler.

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