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Who Else Wants the best nerf gun? Read my Nerf Dart Tag Strikefire 2 Pack report!


Don’t buy the Nerf Dart Tag Strikefire 2 Pack before reading my review!

Nerf Dart Tag StrikefireIf you are a parent of boys, then I’m certain that at some point the will ask you to buy them some toy guns for kids, is they haven’t done so already!

You, like many other parents out there, may be a bit hesitant when it comes to buying projectile firing weapons for your kids to shoot each other with!

If they don’t get hurt, they will pretty much break every vase in your home as well all other fragile items!

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Well, I may just a have a solution to this problem that will definitely make everyone involved really happy! I’m talking about the famous Nerf Guns!

These realistic toy guns are famous and popular all over the world for two simple reasons: one: they are really easy to use and fun to play with and two: they are completely safe and harmless! You see unlike other similar toys that fire small pellets at very high speeds, something which can be very dangerous for both the health of your children and the fragile stuff in your home, the Nerf Gun toys fire specially designed darts that are very soft and there fore completely harmless to your children as well as to your home!

In this review, we will take a look at a Nerf product that is great for those who haven’t yet gotten into the Nerf Guns UK craze, but want to give it a shot, pun not intended! We will talk about the Nerf Dart Tag Strikefire 2 pack!

Nerf Dart Tag Strikefire

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What is the The Nerf Strikefire game?

Do you remember laser tag? Well Nerf Dart Tag strikefire is just like that, only a bit less high tech since it uses air powered Nerf guns, instead of lasers! It’s extremely easy to set up and play!

All the players have to do is wear the specially designed scoring vest, put on the protective goggles and grab one of the dart guns! Then all you have to do is load your gun and shoot it at your opponent’s vest!

Nerf Dart Tag StrikefireThe darts actually stick to the vest, so each player will know how many times he or she has managed to hit the opponent! The one with the less darts on his or her vest by the end of the game, is of course, declared the winner!

The Nerf guns included with the Nerf Dart Tag game have an ammo capacity of six darts each and their range reaches about 30 feet! Impressed? The Nerf Dart Tag Strikefire is on sale and you can buy it through this link.

What’s in the nerf strikefire box?

Inside the package, you will find two specially designed Dart Tag Nerf Guns, two fully adjustable scoring vests, two sets of protective goggles, twelve Nerf darts and of course the instructions! Although inside the box you will find everything you need to start a two player Nerf Dart tag right away, the instruction manual also contains instructions and rules for seven different one-on-one games, as well as five team games that you can play with other friends who own a Dart Tag system! All in all, that’s a total of twelve action packed games for you to try!

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Nerf Dart Tag Strikefire Features

  • The Nerf  Dart Tag Strikeforce 2 pack, is  NERF’s version of laser tag, so you can be sure that your children won’t end up getting hurt while playing!
  • It comes with specially designed and fully adjustable scoring vests, as well Nerf’s VISION GEAR protective goggles to protect the eyes of your children while they are playing!
  • TheDarts provided with the Nerf Strikefire system will easily stick to the vests, which will make counting the score and deciding the winner very easy!
  • Each of the Nerf guns that is included in the Nerf Dart Tag Strikefire system has a six dart ammo capacity and a range of up to 30 feet!
  • Included in the Nerf Dart tag system’s package you will find 2 specially designed Dart Tag blasters, 2 fully adjustable special scoring vests, 2 sets of Dart Tag VISION GEAR protective goggles, a dozen Nerf darts that can be used for ammo and of course, the instruction manual which includes rules and instructions for twelve exciting games!

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Pros and Cons of Nerf Dart Tag Strikefire 2 Pack


  1. It’s a very safe variation on laser tag!
  2. The set includes everything needed for two players to start playing right away!
  3. The darts stick to the vests which makes counting the score and hits really easy!
  4. The guns included are really cool and can be used in other Nerf War games as well!
  5. Great price on amazon.co.uk! Click here to get it!


  1. It includes everything necessary for two players only, if you have more children you will have to buy another box!
  2. The amount of darts included is pretty small and since those tend to get lost easily, you my soon have to buy replacements.

Where to get Nerf Dart Tag Strikefire 2 Pack from and for how much.

The best place to get the Nerf Dart Tag Strikeforce 2 Pack from is definitely amazon.co.uk! Youwill find the best price on the web for it there, just 22.95 pounds and it will be delivered to you really fast! Click here to get it!

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