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How to make Nerf darts for your Nerf gun


Nerf darts for your Nerf gunIf you have a boy, then I can bet that his Nerf gun is by far his favorite toy! What makes those toy guns for kids so amazing, is the fact that only do they look really cool, they can also fire really safe and harmless projectiles. What makes the famous Nerf darts so great, is the fact that they you don’t have to worry about your kids injuring themselves or breaking stuff with them while they play around with their Nerf guns.

There is a kind of big problem with Nerf darts however: they can get lost pretty easily and they are not exactly cheap to replace! Each Nerf gun comes with some darts included in the package, but those will probably all get lost after a couple of heated Nerf War games. If you don’t want to have to buy extra Nerf darts after each of the Nerf Wars that your kids participate in, here is a quick guide on how to make your own darts that will be just as accurate and safe as store bought ones and they will also travel as far! Let’s get started!

1.The first thing that you will have to do, is buy a 1/2″ in diameter foam rod. This material is really soft, just as soft as the famous Nerf foam in fact and it’s also very cheap: it only costs about $3.50 for twenty feet and you can make up to 60 or seventy darts with that length! Note that although the rod comes in various diameters, only the 1/2 inch diameter is compatible with all Nerf gun models.

2.Cut the foam rod into small pieces that will be about the same length as a Nerf dart, that is about 2″ to 2 1/2″ long.

3.Once you are done cutting those pieces which will serve as darts for your Nerf gun, you will notice that they are all. This is because the rod was being stored coiled up in its package. Bent darts will have trouble with being shot out of a Nerf gun, but we can fix that! Put all of your “darts” inside a brown paper bag or a pillowcase place a hair dryer in its opening. Set it to low heat and let it blow for a few seconds. The heat from the dryer will straighten out your darts. Be careful, setting the drier on the high heat setting will probably melt the darts.

4.Time to use your glue gun! Plug it in and let it get hot. Once the glue gun gets hot, take it and place a little drop of glue just about the size of half a pea on one end of your foam dart piece. Before the glue cools down, take a BB and place it in the middle of the glue. The heat from the glue will melt the foam enough to allow it to absorb the BB while creating a protective foam ring over it. This way your dirt will be weighted, which is essential for accuracy, and you won’t have to worry about your kids coming into contact with the BB when hit by the darts.

5.Take your kid’s empty Nerf gun and look down its barrel. See that orange plastic rod in the middle? This is there to keep you from using homemade darts (store bought Nerf darts have a hole in the middle that allows them to slide through that plastic rod), it serves no other purpose and in order for your gun to be able to fire homemade darts, it will have to be removed (according to expert Nerfers removing this tod also increases a gun’s range), so do so using some tweezers or needle pliers.

6.Congrats! Your homemade darts are ready and your Nerf gun is able to shoot them!

Now that you know how to make your own Nerf Darts, you need the right Nerf gun to make the most out of them! The Nerf Vulcan is a fully automatic Nerf machine with an electronic firing and loading mechanism, which will allow you to unleash a storm of darts against your Nerf War enemies.