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Nerf Deploy is one of the most realistic toy guns! Read my nerf deploy review!


My Nerf Deploy review: a really unique Nerf gun!

Nerf DeployIf you’re looking for a toy that your children as well as everyone else in your family will greatly enjoy, then look no further than the the ever popular and successful Nerf guns!

These amazing toys are perhaps the most famous toy guns ever made and they have provided hundreds of thousands of children, as well as adults, all over the world with countless hours of fun and entertainment!

What is it that makes the Nerf guns so popular and why do some people claim that they are the best toy guns for kids ever made?

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Well the answer is actually really simple! First of all, unlike other toy guns that are replicas of real world fire arms, which according to experts makes them inappropriate for children, Nerf guns uk manage to look somewhat realistic while still retaining the general feeling of being toys! Then there’s the fact that they are completely safe!

You see other toy guns, such as air soft guns, fire bullet-like pellets at great speeds that can really hurt someone if the hit him in an unprotected place. Nerf guns on the other hand, shoot large darts made by a specially designed, very soft foam!

In this review, we will take a detailed look at one of the most popular Nerf guns ever: the Nerf Deploy! Is it as awesome as people say it is? Wee, keep on reading my nerf gun reviews and you’ll find out!

Nerf Deploy

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Nerf Deploy Overview

There are very few Nerf, is any, that can even come close to matching the mazing capabilities and features of the Nerf Gun Deploy!

Nerf DeployWhat makes this gun stand out not just from other Nerf guns but from all toy guns in general, is the fact that simply with flick o a switch, it can be transformed from a gun to a flashlight! This means that it’s both a very cool and deadly weapon and as well as a very useful tool!

Furthermore, as its name suggests, the Nerf Deploy CS-6 comes with a clip with a capacity of six darts, however like all Nerf guns of the N-Strike series, it is also compatible with larger clips like the 25 dart barrel clip that comes with Nerf Raider! Let’s ave a more detailed look at some of its features!

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Nerf Gun Deploy Features

  •  Two operating modes!

This is what makes Nerf N-Strike Deploy so cool and unique: it’s a gun as well as a flashlight! When used as a gun, the Deploy will allow you to shoot your enemies quickly and accurately thanks to its easy to use pump action loading mechanism. In layman’s terms, it works just like a shotgun! If your prey however manages to escape and hide in a dark place, then you can easily transform the Nerf Deploy into a high powered flashlight that you can use to find your target! All it takes is flipping a switch! When you do find your target, just flip the switch again and you’ll be able to open fire in no time flat! In short, you will be able to quickly switch to the Nerf Deploy mod of your choice, to better deal with each tactical situation on the fly!

  • Clip reloading system!

Unlike other pump action Nerf guns, the Nerf Deploy CS-6 is equipped with a clip reloading mechanism! This means that you can use special magazines pre loaded with darts to reload your gun once you run out of ammo! It comes with only a six dart clip, however it is compatible with all the other magazines made for Nerf Guns of the N-Strike series. In short, it can carry as much ammo as you’d like it!

  • Carry strap!

All real world guns come with carry straps, so it was about time that Nerf guns started doing the same! The Nerf Deploy CS-6, might be the first ever Nerf gun to feature a carry strap! This is a really cool feature because it allows you to effectively holster this gun and switch to using another one, like a small sidearm for example, really fast!

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Pros and Cons of Nerf Deploy


  1. It’s unique: It’s a gun and a flashlight rolled into one!
  2. Switching between operating modes is really simple and extremely fast!
  3. It features a clip loading mechanism!
  4. It’s the first Nerf gun to come equipped with a carry strap!
  5. Great price at amazon.co.uk! Click here to get it!


  1. You’ll need 3 AAA batteries to use it in flashlight mode.
  2. The supplied six dart clip is a bit too small for such a cool gun, but you can find many clips with bigger capacity in all toy stores as well as on line.

Where to get Nerf Deploy from and for how much.

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