Home Looking for the best Nerf Sidearm? Here’s the Element EX-6 Action Kit!

Looking for the best Nerf Sidearm? Here’s the Element EX-6 Action Kit!

Element EX-6 Action KitIf there is one thing that any expert Nerfer will tell you, is that regardless of what your main Nerf gun during a Nerf War is, without a good sidearm, survival in the battlefield is all but impossible. The reason for that is simple: no matter how great the ammo capacity of your main baster, sooner or later it will run out of ammo and you will be essentially turned into a sitting duck, unable to fend off the attacks of your opponents. If you have a sidearm handy however, you will be able to fire back and buy enough time for you to get to cover and safely reload your main gun.

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When it comes to sidearms, there are way too few modes that expert Nerfers carry. The most used Nerf pistol is the famous Element EX-6, which you can currently get along with many cool attachments by getting the Element EX-6 Action Kit. What makes this sidearm so good that expert Nerfers swear by it? Should you get the Element EX-6 Action Kit?Keep on reading to find out!


Element EX-6 Action Kit sidearmThe Element EX-6 Action Kit consists of the state of the art Element EX-6 pistol blaster, the tactical scope attachment for improved accuracy and precision, the Light Beam Unit attachment that will allow you to accurately aim and shoot in the dark and twelve Micro Darts, to ensure that you will never run out of ammo. In other words, it contains everything you will need to make the perfect sidearm for all your combat and tactical loadouts.

  • The Element EX-6

The Element EX-6 is by far the most popular Nerf Sidearm out there. This is because it is extremely accurate and very reliable. One of the main reasons why Elite Nerfers love this blaster is the fact that it will NEVER jam. It is also extremely light and easy to carry and conceal. In fact, without any accessories attached on it, it weighs less even than the ultra lite Nite Finder.

The Element EX-6 is a single shot, front loaded blaster that allows you to store five extra darts under its barrel. In other words, it can carry up to 6 Micro Darts, one in the muzzle and five under the barrel, and this ammo capacity is simply unmatched by other sidearms.

Thanks to its tactical rails it is also extremely customizable. The accessories included in the Element EX-6 Action Kit, will help you make the most out of its range and accuracy.

nerf action kit ex-6

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  • The Tactical Scope

The tactical scope does not feature any zoom capabilities, but it does offer you a targeting reticle to help you make your aim more precise. It also comes with optional orange tinting in the lens, that will help you aim in the dark, or when the sun or a source of bright light is behind or near your target. The Tactical Scope comes equipped with Tactical Rails of its own, which means that you can attach other accessories on it. It is also compatible with other N-Strike Nerf guns.

  • The Light Beam Unit

The Light Beam Unit is essentially a dot sight that allows you to see where your darts will end up after you fire them. It is essential for fighting during the night or in poorly lit areas. Like all Nerf products, the Light Beam Unit is completely safe for kids to play with, since it is NOT actually a laser sight, even though a lot of Nerfers refer to it as such. In other words, if you are a parent you can be sure that your kid won’t cause eye damage to himself or to other kids while playing with this cool accessory attached on his Nerf gun. The Light Beam Unit comes equipped with Tactical Rails of its own, which means that you can attach other accessories on it. It is also compatible with other N-Strike Nerf guns.

The Good and the Bad

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The Good:



  • The Element EX-6 Action Kit contains the amazing Element EX-6 blaster: the best Nerf sidearm
  • The accessories included will help you make the most out of the Element EX-6 blaster
  • The package includes 12 Micro Darts
  • The accessories have Tactical Rails of their own
  • The Light Beam Unit is not a laser sight, which means that it is safe for all kids to play with

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The Bad:



  • Although extremely light on its own, the Element EX-6 gets significantly heavier with all its accessories attached
  • The Light Beam Unit needs two AAA batteries to work

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