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A beginner’s guide to Nerf gun accessories


nerf gun accesories guideWhat makes a Nerf so cool and makes it one of the best toy guns for kids, is the fact that what you see is not all you get! Nerf guns look really cool on their boxes and on the ads on TV or online, but what makes them really special, is the fact that you can easily make them even cooler and more functional. This is because pretty much all Nerf guns are fully customizable and this allows you to create your personal Nerf gun mods.

All Nerf gun models of the N-Strike series, which is Nerf’s main product line, as well as many other models, come with tactical rails. Those rains can be found in various parts of their bodies and they allow you to attach any accessories you want on them, in order to make your gun as badass and deadly as possible. some accessories are sold separately but what makes Nerf guns really cool, is the fact that the accessories that come packaged with one model, are compatible with all Nerf guns of the same series. If you bought a sniper rifle model and you want to attach its silencer or scope onto your assault rifle Nerf gun, you can totally do it.

So, in order to help you understand which accessories you will need in order to create your personal and very deadly Nerf gun mods, here’s a short guide:

  • Scopes

Scopes are ideal for improving your aim and accuracy and make you deadly and precise with pretty much any Nerf gun. It should be noted however that they are pretty large and they can some guns pretty unwieldy. If you like assault rifles, then you should pick a mid range scope, sniper scopes will only make your gun heavier and harder to handle. Pistols, machine guns and shotguns don’t need scopes as those weapons are designed to be fired from up close and personal (guns, shotguns) or they are not designed for accuracy (Nerf machine gun models).

  • Stocks

Stocks are essential for all assault rifle like nerf gun models as they help steady your aim and improve your overall accuracy. If you want to make your gun really deadly however, you should equip it with a folding stock, which will make your gun easier to carry around and less unwieldy in enclosed spaces. Folding stocks are also great for sniper rifles since they make them more compact and easier to carry.

  • Magazines

Not having to reload often can make a quite a difference in any Nerf war, so having the larger magazine possible for your main Nerf gun is essential. Barrel magazines have great capacity and they are easy to carry around and attach to your gun, making them ideal for most Nerf assault rifles and even for light Nerf machine gun models.

  • Bipods

Bipods help steady your aim, but deploying them does take some time and it leaves you open to enemy fire. Bipods should only be used with machine guns and sniper rifles.

  • Blast shields

Blast shields provide great defence against enemy fire, but they are pretty heave and they can make your gun hard to aim. They are great for heavy assault Nerf gun models that are not designed to be accurate, like shotguns and machine guns.

  • Fore grips

Fore grips help you steady your aim and they are great for assault rifles and shot fun models.

  • Flashlights / laser sights

Flashlight and laser sights help you aim in the dark. They can pretty heavy because they are battery operated, so only use them when they are absolutely necessary. They are used best with assault rifle and pistol like Nerf gun models.

If you are looking for a Nerf gun that comes packaged with a cool accessory, then you should definitely check out the Nerf Stampede. Not only is it a fully automatic light Nerf machine gun, it also comes with a blast shield that will keep you safe from enemy fire, while assaulting their positions.