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Picking the right accessories for your Nerf gun


nerf gun accesoriesIf there is one thing that makes most Nerf gun models stand out from other toy guns for kids, apart from the fact that they are completely safe, is the fact that most Nerf guns can be easily “modified” with various official accessories. This versatility allows Nerf gun owners to personalize their guns and not only make them cooler, but also more efficient during the various Nerf War games they will be involved.

Accessories for Nerf guns can be acquired in two ways: you can buy them separately, or they come packaged with certain guns. The Nerf guns that are part of the N-Strike series, for example, come with “tactical rails” on various parts of their body. Those rails allow pretty much all N-Strike accessories, whether they are bought separately or they came packaged with another Nerf gun model, to be attached on those guns, in order to create unique Nerf gun mods. But which accessories are the best for your Nerf gun? Let’s find out!


Pistol like Nerf gun models are mainly used as sidearms, so adding too many accessories on them, may actually make them harder to conceal or carry around. If you want to make your pistol more functional and cooler looking, you can add laser sight or a flashlight mod under its barrel. You don’t need fancy scopes or stocks for a pistol!

Assault Nerf guns

Most players will be using one of the many assault type Nerf gun models, which is why they are the most customizable. So, which accessories do you need to make your gun the best Nerf gun on the battlefield? We,, first of all you will need a good stock, since this will help you steady your aim and increase your accuracy. For maximum functionality you can choose a folding stock, since this will allow you to make your gun more maneuverable in enclosed spaces. Another thing that an assault Nerf gun should have is a scope. Don’t pick one of the bigger ones that come with Sniper rifle like Nerf guns though, as this will make your gun heavier and harder to handle. If you want to increase your ammo capacity, you can also use larger magazine models. A drum magazine will give you a significant edge over your competition. Finally, when it comes to Nerf gun accessories that can be added to the front of the gun, you can go with either a flashlight or laser sight, or with a fore grip. All those accessories will help you increase your accuracy.

Sniper rifle like Nerf guns

Well Nerf sniper rifles like the Nerf Longstrike are a bit big as they are, so adding more stuff onto them can make them really hard to carry around. In you are a sniper, the only accessories you will need are a good bipod and a good scope. In most cases however the scope that comes packaged with your gun will be more than adequate, so just look for a bipod to help you steady your aim for those hard long distance shots.

Nerf Machine gun models

Again, those guns are already big and heavy, so adding too many accessories on them can make them unwieldy. The only accessories you will need are a bipod, which will come in very handy when defending a fixed position, and a blast shield to protect you during assaults. You do need gancey scopes for a machine gun.

If you are looking for a cool Nerf machine gun with some unique accessories, then the Nerf Stampede is definitely the right choice. It is a fully automatic Nerf gun that comes with a blast shield that will allow you to assault enemy positions, without having to worry about getting tagged in the process. It is kind of like a Nerf light machine gun and it is absolutely deadly in the right hands.