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How to increase your accuracy with your Nerf gun


increase your accuracy with your Nerf gunIt is a well known fact that all Nerf gun models are pretty accurate, because of their specially designed Nerf darts. All toy guns however, and real guns for that matter, are only as accurate as the person shooting them. In other words, if you can’t seem able to hit your target, it is probably not the gun’s fault, but your own!

With that being said, no one is born a sniper or a sharpshooter like Annie Oakley! Anyone can learn how to shoot a Nerf gun accurately and everyone can improve his or her accuracy with their weapon of choice. All one need’s to do to become a better shot and be able to shoot his or her Nerf War enemies with great precision and accuracy, is practice!

Practice makes perfect, as the old saying goes, so here are a few practice tips for people looking to learn how to be Nerf gun sharpshooters!

Understand how your gun works

First things first, before you learn how to accurately shoot a Nerf gun, you need to learn how its reloading and firing mechanisms work and you need to become proficient at operating them. You aren’t going to be able to shoot anything if you don’t know how to fire and reload your gun! Most guns fire by squeezing the trigger after you prime it and most nerf guns use magazine based loading systems. There are some models however that use other firing mechanisms, while some guns require the use to place a dart inside the barrel before firing them. Only after you learn how to shoot and load your gun you will be able to learn how to shoot it accurately.

Practice on stationary targets

OK, the best form of accuracy training is target practice! You can start by firing on stationary targets first. Those targets can be anything from dart boards to empty cans. Just take your time and fire whenever you feel ready, this will help you get to grips with the firing mechanism and the kick back of your gun.

Practice quick shooting

This is where things start to get a little more advanced! Once you get to grips with your gun’s firing system and the way it handles, it is time to start practicing firing it quickly. Just set up your targets the same as before and try to hit them by firing as fast as possible. Your object here is to score as many hits as possible in the shortest amount of time. You can also keep some extra clips handy in order to practice reloading your Nerf gun as well.

Try different scenarios

Try to make your practice sessions more interesting and challenging by changing things up a bit. Finding moving targets is going to be hard, but there are man ways to make shooting stationary targets more challenging and fun. Try shooting from the furthest possible distance (more on that later), or add some obstacles between you and your target (those will represent civilians or your teammates) and try shooting your targets without hitting those obstacles. You can also set a time limit in which to try and get as many hits as possible and use all the Nerf darts that you have available. This will help you improve your accuracy while quick firing as well as your reloading skills!

Learn to aim a bit above your target

The more a Nerf dart travels, the more altitude is loses, which means that you your darts will usually land a bit below from where you are aiming. In order to compensate for that, you will need to aim a bit above your targets.

If you just don’t seem able to improve your accuracy there is no need to worry, there are many “spray and pray” Nerf gun models for you to choose from. The Nerf Vulcan, known as the Nerf Havok Fire in the UK, is an electronic Nerf machine gun that will allow you to shoot dozens of darts in just a few seconds. With hat rate of fire, your accuracy won’t matter!