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The secrets of the new Nerf gun discs


nerf gun discIf there is one thing that probably everyone knows about Nerf guns, is the fact that they are toy guns that fire the famous Nerf dart projectiles, right? Well, this has changed nowadays, because newer Nerf gun models use a new type of Nerf gun bullets: the XLR Tech Discs. Those discs are made of the same Nerf foam material that the darts are made, which means that they are just as safe. They are also more accurate than darts and their shape makes them easier to load into guns and magazines and easier to carry around.

Being relatively new, those XLR disc firing Nerf gun models haven’t seen much action in Nerf wars, however, many Elite Nerfers have decided to try them out and see what they are capable of. Those veteran Nerf fans, discovered that those discs have some “secrets” that they can take advantage of in order to dominate their opponents in the “battlefield”. In fact, many Nerf War veterans are currently using XLR disc firing Nerf guns. Here are some really cool tricks and tips regarding those amazing, new Nerf bullets.

Nerf discs can be curved

Remember the cool scenes in the film Wanted in which Angelina Jolie and James McAvoy were bending their bullets in order to hit targets hiding behind cover? Well, you will be able to pull off something like that with your disc firing Nerf gun. The XLR discs will “bend” as they travel in the air (kinda like frisbees) and with a little practice, you will be able to use this bending effect to hit enemies hiding behind cover. Just remember that they spin in a counter clockwise direction, which means that they will ALWAYS bend towards the right.

Nerf discs are really bouncy

Because of the fact that are disc shaped, those new Nerf bullets are really bouncy. This means that when they hit a wall or a tree, instead of sticking to it, like Suction darts, or falling to the ground, like any other type of Nerf darts, they will bounce off and keep going. This means that with a little practice, you will be able to achieve “trick shots” by using this ricochet effect in order to hit enemies who think that they are safe behind cover. Just make sure that ricochet kills are allowed in your Nerf war games.

They are ideal for “spray and pray” tactics

The new Nerf discs aren’t as fast as some Nerf dart types, but although relatively slow, they are very stable projectiles. This means that a swarm of discs is far more intimidating and much more likely to hit a target than a swarm of darts. Also, most disc firing Nerf gun models have very high rates of fire, which means that you will be able to create a deadly “cloud” of Nerf discs, really fast! A swarm of discs might be kind of slow moving, but it is definitely not easy to dodge.

Don’t play in grassy areas

XLR discs are green, so they can easily be lost if you play in a grassy area, because they will blend in with the grass.

Don’t get them wet

Getting your discs wet will make them go soft and as I am sure you know, softness takes a very heavy toll on the performance of all Nerf bullets. So make sure that you always keep them in a dry place and that you don’t shoot your Nerf gun near bodies of water and wet areas.

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