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Zombies vs Humans: a fun game that doesn’t require many Nerf guns!


nerf wars gameMost Nerf war games require all players to have at least one or more Nerf guns with them. What can you do if you have lots of friends who think that Nerf guns are cool and would like to play with them, but they don’t have some of their own and you don’t have enough for everyone? Well, Humans vs Zombies is a game that has been devised in order to allow large groups of people to have huge amounts of fun, without each of them having to own a vast Nerf gun collection. In fact, the fewer the  guns, the more fun everyone involved will have. So, without further ado, let’s see how a game of Humans vs Zombies is played!

  • Object of the game:Imagine that you and your friends are in a post apocalyptic world that has been overrun by zombies and you need to survive a zombie attack, long enough to be rescued and moved to safety. The object of the game for the humans is to stay alive for a set period of time, while the object for the zombies is to kill all the humans before the time runs out.
  1. The players of a Humans vs Zombie game have to divide themselves in two teams: Humans and Zombies. The number of players in each team doesn’t have to be equal, in fact, the game will be more fun if there are more Zombies than humans.
  2. Each human gets at least one Nerf gun. You can choose to have as many humans as you have Nerf guns, thus having one human per gun, or to divide the guns among the humans. Just remember that each human should have at least one gun. The zombies don’t get anything.
  3. Allow some time for the two teams to scatter around the play area. Zombies and humans alike can choose to either stick together and form smaller teams, or move individually. Once this time passes, the game starts.
  4. Zombies are of the fast variety instead of the Romero variety, which means that they can move as fast they want. Once a human is hugged or caught by a zombie, he or she drops any Nerf guns and ammo that he or she is carrying and becomes a zombie. The guns and ammo that have been dropped can be picked up and used by other humans but not by zombies.
  5. Zombies don’t die. If a human “tags” a zombie, the zombie player will simply stop moving for ten seconds or more. You can have additional penalties for hitting specific parts of the body. For example a zombie hit on the torso or legs will have to wait more than a zombie hit in the arms or shoulder before moving again. If you have eye protection for ALL players then you can declare headshots “fatal”.
  6. Zombie players don’t have to return Nerf darts lying on the ground or other parts of the play area to their owners. Humans will have to take the risk and pick up their wasted ammo themselves. It goes without saying that zombies don’t have to wait for humans to reload their guns.
  7. There are no safe zones for humans. The zombies can “attack” them in all areas of the play area.
  8. If there is at least one survivor – human alive and not zombified at the end of the time limit, they are declared winners. If all humans get zombified, then the original zombie team (i.e. the ones who were zombies since the beginning of the much) is declared the winner.

Zombie vs Humans games, and all Nerf War games for that matter, can be really fun if you use the right Nerf guns. If you want to keep the zombies and your opponents in general away from you, then the Nerf Longstrike is the Nerf gun for you! This Nerf sniper rifle will allow you to deal with your opponents from a long distance anyway, therefore not giving them the time to react to your attacks!