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A beginner’s guide to personalizing your Nerf gun


nerf gun personalWhat makes Nerf guns arguably the best toy guns for kids in the market, is the fact that they are very customizable. When you get a new Nerf gun, you can modify it to make it look even cooler than it is and match your own style and taste. Personalizing your Nerf guns is one of the most fun things that you can do with them. This article will help you learn the basics of Nerf gun personalization

  • Nerf gun integration

Perhaps the most common way of personalizing a Nerf gun is the one known as “gun Integration”. Nerf gun integration is essentially taking out all of the internal parts and mechanisms of a blaster and putting them into the case of another that has been previously hollowed out. Integrations are really practical, because they allow you to essentially transplant the firing power and all the features of your favorite gun, into a new body. It is a great way of surprising your Nerf war opponents!

  • Painting

The second most popular method to personalize a Nerf gun is of course to give it a new paint job! This is the favorite form of personalization of many Nerf fanatics. This method also results in some really cool looking Nerf mods, since when you decide that you want to paint your gun, your creations will be only limited by your imagination! Just visit your local hardware store and you will be amazed by how large the variety of colors to choose from is! Most Nerfers, especially older ones, usually prefer to paint their Nerf guns black, in order to to give them a more “realistic” look, but there are so many other colors for you to choose and experiment with! You can, for example, look in shops that sell car accessories for metallic colors that will look just as good on your Nerf guns as they do on cars!

Here are some useful tips that you should keep in mind If you do decide to paint your Nerf gun:

1.Always take the gun apart first

You should never paint a Nerf gun while it’s still in its case. This is to prevent paint from getting into the barrel and causing extra fiction when firing your gun, which will heavily affect its performance in a negative way. So, just disassemble the gun and make sure to apply paint only on the outer shell.

2.Always use primer

Primer is a pre-coat that should be applied on your Nerf gun before painting it, in order for the paint to stick better to it. This is because the plastic on Nerf guns is very slippery and paint doesn’t adhere well to it. By applying primer on your gun, you give the paint something to stick to. If you haven’t used or seen primer before, you should know that it comes in a can and it is used just like spray paint.

3.Don’t paint your entire Nerf gun black

For safety reasons, if you’re going to paint your Nerf gun black, you should keep the stock barrel that extends past the case of the gun and the trigger in their original, bright colours. All-black Nerf guns may look really cool and badass, but it is easy for someone, like a policeman, to mistake them for real firearms and this can easily get you into a lot of trouble!

If you are looking for a really badass Nerf gun that you can easily customize and personalize, then the Nerf Vulcan, also known as the Nerf Havok Fire in the UK, is the best choice for you. It is a fully automatic Nerf machine gun, that also doubles as a very high powered semi automatic blaster. It doesn’t just look awesome, it is one of the best Nerf Elite guns out there!