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How to increase the range of your Nerf gun


Nerf gun rangeWhat makes any Nerf gun really cool and unique when it comes to toy guns for kids, is the fact that pretty much all Nerf guns can be customized. Younger Nerfers can buy some accessories or mix and match the ones that come with the models that they already know, in order to create unique and really cool looking Nerf gun mods. More experienced and older Nerf fanatics however, can take their Nerf guns apart and modify them in order to make them deadlier in combat.

One of the most popular Nerf gun mods, is the removal of the air limiter that keeps almost all Nerf gun models from reaching their full potential as far as range is concerned. Nerf limits the range of all the guns that they manufacture, by using specially designed air restrictors and air limiters. If you want to increase the range of your favorite Nerf gun, all you need to do is remove its air restrictor and air limiters. Note that air restrictors and limiters are different things. This is much easier than it sounds! Let’s find out how it’s done!

Identifying and removing the restrictor

Removing an air restrictor or limiter from a Nerf gun is relatively easy, but you first need to be able to identify them. Air restrictors and limiters can simply be removed and thrown away once you have located them. Air restrictors almost always have the same exact shape, regardless of the blaster model: an air restrictor is a small piece of plastic with three prongs that is attached to the end of a spring. This spring can and should also be removed along with the restrictor

Removing the air limiters from spring powered guns:

Spring powered Nerf guns are almost always equipped with air restrictors as well as air limiters. The first air limiter of a Nerf gun that needs to be removed is the barrel post. The barrel post is the long rod that a stock Nerf dart has to slip over when being placed in a Nerf gun. The extra plastic that you will be left with after removing the Barrel post, can be removed with a drill. This is because those two plastic pieces, were keeping the air from flowing freely inside the gun, thus severely limiting its power and range. Removing these air limiters allows air to flow to the dart more quickly, which greatly increases its range. Once you remove this limiter, you can simply take out the air restrictor which we described above.

Removing the air limiters from pump guns:

Pump guns will almost always come equipped with some sort of air limiters, but unlike spring powered Nerf gun models, they do not come with air restrictors. Again, always remember that air restrictors are the three pronged pieces of plastic with a spring that we described earlier. Anything else is an air limiter. Air limiters in air powered Nerf guns usually look like grates. These air limiting “grates” reduce the range of the nerf gun, because they force the air to flow through and around them, instead of flowing freely. Just remove the grates and you will greatly increase the range of your Nerf gun.

If you don’t care much for Nerf gun mods, then you can just pick a Nerf gun that is badass by design, like the legendary Nerf Vulcan, which is known as the Nerf Havok Fire in the UK. It is an electronic, fully automatic heavy Nerf machine gun, that will allow you to dominate the battlefield, as soon as you take it out of its box.