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How and when to reload your Nerf gun and other Nerf dart loading tips!


Nerf dart loading tipsNo matter how cool or deadly your Nerf gun is, when you are reloading it you are essentially a sitting duck, since you can’t use it to defend yourself and you can only fire back at your opponent after you are done loading it. Simply put, every time you reload your weapon, you risk getting “tagged” and “killed”. This means that if you want to stay alive during a Nerf war, you will have to reload as few times as possible.

Learning how and when to reload your primary Nerf gun and how to make the most out of its magazine and reloading system, is absolutely essential for your survival in Nerf wars. The following tips will probably save your life some day, so make sure that you follow them to the letter and running out of Nerf bullets won’t be a death sentence.

Always reload behind cover!

If you are running and you need to reload, find some cover and get behind it before you start reloading your gun. Remember, you are defenceless when reloading, so don’t make it easier for your enemies to kill you by standing in the open and essentially being a sitting duck! You can also ask your teammates to provide you with some covering fire while you get to your cover.

Burst fire is the way to go!

The current Streamline Nerf darts that come packaged with most Nerf models, are only accurate and precise when fired by a Nerf Sniper rifle. This means that you’d be better off firing in bursts of two or three darts with your assault blasters, instead of going for accurate single shots. Burst firing will dramatically increase your chances of tagging the enemy you are firing at. For even better results, use those guns for medium distance or close shots.

Don’t wait for your clip to run dry

If you have fired half or more than half of the Nerf darts loaded in your clip, then reload as soon as you get behind some cover. This way you will have a fresh clip on your gun and you will be able to pick up darts that you find scattered about the battlefield and load your half full magazine with them, which should be easily accessible, thus making it ready to be inserted in your gun when your current clip starts running out of ammo.

Six dart capacity magazines are useless

Don’t bother with 6 dart magazines unless you don’t have any magazines that can take more Nerf darts in them and are compatible with your Nerf gun. Six dart magazines run out of ammo really quick and they won’t allow you to fire in bursts. Furthermore, they will take as much space in your vest or pockets as 18 dart capacity magazines, so they are not even space efficient!

Always load your magazines with good darts

Make sure that you load your magazines as carefully as possible and only put the best Nerf darts that you can find in them. Bent darts or darts that have lost their original form and shape can cause jams during combat and on a Nerf war, a jammed Nerf gun is a death sentence.

Clips are better than drum magazines

You should stick with clips magazines instead of drum magazines, if that’s possible. This is because most drum magazines can have problems with their rotation mechanisms, which can result in jams and misfires. It should be noted that this problem is most common with the very large 35 dart capacity drums. 18 and 25 capacity drums are less likely to face that problem, so if your gun is only compatible with drum magazines, stay away from the 25 dart ones!

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