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How to reinforce and repair the Streamline darts for your Nerf gun


nerf gun repairStreamline darts are the Nerf darts that come packaged with pretty much all Nerf gun models, apart from the late Elite Nerf guns. Those darts are pretty accurate, they can travel very far and they are also great for use in “spray and pray” tactics. They do have a pretty big drawback however: they are more fragile than other Nerf darts.

Believe it or not, if your Nerf darts aren’t in tip top shape, the range and accuracy of your gun will be negatively affected and the chances of your weapon jamming, will increase exponentially. This is because darts need to be as smooth and thick as possible in order to fit very snugly inside the barrel. This snug fit is mainly responsible for a gun’s and dart’s accuracy and range. The tighter the fit, the better the range and accuracy.

Streamline Nerf darts get worn out by repeated use and they fit a bit less snugly in the barrel pretty much every time they used. So, in order to keep from having to replace the darts that came with your Nerf gun all the time, here is how to reinforce the darts in order to slow down their wear and tear and how to repair them once they get damaged or too worn out. All you ned is some tape and a pair of scissors! (Note that Nerf gun bullets that have broken in half can not be repaired.)

How to reinforce streamline Nerf darts

Take some pieces of tape and wrap them around the point where the foam and the rubber tip of the Nerf dart meet. WARNING: you should make absolutely sure that the tape doesn’t touch the or cover the rubber tip. Wrap the tape around as securely as possible and make sure that it’s surface is smooth and completely free of any wrinkles. Don’t wrap the tape TOO tightly, because this will make loading the ammo into the magazine really difficult.

The tape will essentially protect the front of the dart during the loading process. When you cock or prime a Nerf gun, a dart gets inserted into the barrel via the loading mechanism and sometimes the dart might get caught at the top of the barrel, which can cause it form tears, to bends, or, in some extreme cases and usually in Nerf gun mods, to get ripped in half! The slick and smooth surface of the tape that has been applied to that spot, will allows the dart to be loaded as smoothly as possible every time.

How to repair Streamline Nerf darts

Repairing Streamline darts is actually very easy! When you notice any tears on a dart or if it has become bent and wrinkled, then simply wrap some tape around the problematic spots. WARNING: NEVER COVER A DART COMPLETELY IN TAPE. If you do that, the dart’s surface will be completely free of foam which provided it with much needed friction and this lack of friction, will cause the dart to slide right out of the ammo magazine. Furthermore, the smoothness of the tape will make it easier for the dart to move inside the barrel, thus reducing it’s range and accuracy.

Now that you know how to repair and reinforce your Nerf darts, you can put them to good use with a good Nerf gun! The Nerf Vulcan, also known as the Nerf Havok Fire in the UK, is a fully automatic Nerf machine gun, that will allow you to literally rain Nerf darts on your Nerf war opponents, thanks to its amazing rate of fire and electronic firing system!