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Are Nerf gun video games good for children?


nerf gun video game ukWhen the time comes for parents to buy their kids their first toy gun, they will most likely choose a Nerf gun. Why is that, you ask? Well, the reason is actually very simple: Nerf guns look just like toys and not like actual guns and according to recent studies, children shouldn’t be playing with realistic toy guns for kids, as this familiarizes them with guns and makes them desensitized to violence.

When it comes to video games though, things are quite different. All kids love video games, but the vast majority of them nowadays, are made with adults which is why they feature realistic gun models and lots of blood and gore. It goes without saying that games like Call Of Duty and Battlefield should be kept away from younger kids, but what about those Nerf gun video games that are available for the Wii? Are they good for kids? Well, the answer to that question is a definite “Yes!” and here’s why:

They don’t feature any blood and gore

Nerf N-Strike and its sequel Nerf N-Strike Elite for the Nintendo Wii, are about some kids who are Elite Nerfers and they find themselves fighting against evil robots. The characters on the game only use Nerf guns and the only enemies are robots, which means that there is no blood and gore on screen for your kids to see and be shocked by. Furthermore, the main characters of the game are all kids who just love Nerf guns, instead of grizzled veterans and Navy Seals, and that makes them much more relatable to your kids.

They don’t feature realistic gun models

Like I said above, all the characters in the game, player characters and NPCs alike, use ONLY Nerf guns to fire each other. The game’s “arsenal” consists exclusively of digital representations of real life Nerf gun models, along with some fictional models thrown in for good measure. There are no realistic models of real life guns anywhere in sight.

They come with cool accessories

Each game comes with a specially designed Nerf gun. Nerf N-Strike comes with the Switch Shot EX-3, while its sequel, Nerf N-Strike Elite, comes with a new version of the Switch Shot EX-3 blaster that comes equipped with a uniques accessory, called the Red Reveal, which allows the player to view some hidden in-game messages. The good thing about those blasters, is the fact that can be used either as light guns, by inserting the Wii pointer controller on the right slot, or as regular Nerf blasters!

They will provide your kids with fun inside and outside the house

The Nerf gun video games are rail shooters, like Virtua Cop or Time Crisis, and they are really simple and easy to play games, specially designed for kids, that will provide them with hours of fun. But, like i said above, the Nerf gun models included with each game can also be used as regular Nerf guns. They even come with Nerf darts included in the package. This means that when not playing the Nerf video game, your kids can use the Nerf gun that comes packaged with it to play with their friends outside of the house. The Nerf video games are perhaps the only ones that will make kids actually get out of the house and get some exercise, because they come with a fully functional Nerf gun included in the package!

If you want to get your kids, and yourself, a cool Nerf gun instead of video games, then the new Nerf Stampede is definitely the right choice. It is a fully automatic Nerf machine gun, that can shoot dozens of darts with a simple squeeze of the trigger. Simply put, it’s one of the coolest and the best Nerf guns out there.