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The best Nerf gun accessories for your Nerf War team!


nerf guns accessoriesAny Nerf war veteran will tell you that it takes more than having really cool or new Nerf gun models for a team to win the Nerf wars it takes part in. This is because although most Nerf guns are designed to be highly efficient on the battlefield right after you take them out of their box, their functionality, effectiveness and performance in battle is maximized only by using the right Nerf gun accessories.

In other words, if you want your team to win all Nerf wars, you will need to have your blasters equipped with the right Nerf gun accessories. As I am sure you know, accessories for Nerf guns are either sold separately or they come packaged with certain blasters and all guns of the same series are compatible with accessories made for guns of that series, regardless if those were bought on their own or they came with another gun. So, before you buy any accessories, have a team meeting and ask all your teammates bring their Nerf guns and mix and match your accessories in order to create deadly Nerf gun mods. Here’s what each “warrior class” should be equipped with:

Assault troopers

Assault troopers are the backbone of all Nerf war teams, which is why their guns are easily the most customizable. Your assault troops should all have stocks equipped on their rifles, in order to steady their aim and be as accurate as possible. You should also make sure to equip as many of them as possible with folding stocks, which will make their guns easier to carry and easier to handle in confined or tight spaces. They should all be equipped with high ammo capacity magazines, in order to reduce the amount of times that they will have to reload during battle. Scopes are welcome, but not mandatory. Don’t let any of your assault soldiers equip a sniper rifle scope on his assault nerf gun, though! Finally, if you are going to fight in the dark, then you should make sure that as many of your troops as possible have flashlights or laser sights equipped on their guns.


Snipers don’t really need many accessories, since their guns already come equipped with the most important one: the scope. If you want to make them more efficient and deadly, you can equip them with bipods, which will help them steady their aim and increase their long distance accuracy, and folding stocks, which will make their guns easier to carry around, therefore increasing their mobility on the battlefield.

Heavy troopers

Your Nerf machine gun wielding troopers don’t need any fancy stocks or scopes in order to be deadlier and more efficient. It should also be noted that their guns come with high capacity magazines included in the package. What they will need though, is a bipod to help them handle their guns better while holding a fixed position and blast shields that will keep them safe from enemy fire while assaulting enemy positions. Blast shields are also ideal for shotgun-like Nerf gun models.

Side arms

ALL of your teammates should be equipped with sidearms! Not, those guns should be easy to carry around and conceal, so they should be kept mostly free of accessories. If the battlefield has some dark or poorly lit areas however, they can attach a flashlight or a laser sight on their sidearms. This will make them more useful, without making them harder to carry and conceal.

If you are looking for a cool nerf gun that comes with unique accessories, then the Nerf Stampede is definitely the right gun for you! It is a fully automatic, battery powered Nerf machine gun, that comes equipped with a blast shield that will help you rain darts on your enemies, without worrying about them returning your fire.