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Assassination: a new and exciting game for fans of Nerf guns!


nerf guns AssassinationI think we can all agree that Nerf War is the favorite game of all fans of Nerf guns. There are however a couple of problems with it. First of all, in order to have the maximum amount of fun possible with a game of Nerf War, you will need a lot of people and a big and open space, like a park. This means that good Nerf wars can only take place during the weekends or the holidays, when everyone will have lots of free time. But what about the rest of the week? Should your Nerf guns be sitting on the shelf collecting dust?

Well, a new game called assassination is here to keep that from happening! Assassination is a very simple game and the only thing that you need to play it is a Nerf gun and some friends with Nerf guns. What makes it really special, is the fact that it can be played any time of the day. In fact, Assassination games don’t actually have time limits and they don’t stop until there is one “master assassin” standing, a process which will probably take days! Confused? Well, let’s have a look at the rules to help clarify things!

The object of the game

In a game of Assassination ALL players play the role of Assassins that need to eliminate their “competitors” and get away without getting “killed” themselves. Assassinations can happen any time, any day. There are no set rules or time limits regarding how and when someone can be “Assassinated”. The last man standing or the one with the most successful “hits”. is declared the winner.


All participants must gather and declare the fact that they want to participate in the games. This is where the players will decide whether the winner will be the last man standing or the one with the most successful hits. After that there is a set “cease fire” time, during which no Assassin can use his Nerf guns against other Assassins. Once this “cease fire” time runs out, the proper commences.


  1. Assassinations can happen anywhere at any time. Any time an Assassin spots another Assassin he or she can just pull out his or her and tag them. Once the target has been tagged, the Assassin who did the tagging must show him or herself and announce his or her name. A picture can also be taken with the “victim” as proof.
  2. Once a player gets Assassinated, he or she is out of the game and can’t Assassinate any other players.
  3. Any tagging is considered “fatal”. It doesn’t matter where the target gets hit. If a Nerf dart hits him or her, they are dead and can’t use their Nerf guns to retaliate. If their would be Assassin misses however, they are free to fight back until one of them is “dead”.
  4. Assassins are not immune while announcing themselves after a successful assassination, so they should make sure that no other players other than their intended target are in the vicinity.
  5. Targets DON’T have to be carrying Nerf guns in order for a “hit” to count.


  • Having a blog or a Facebook page about your Assassination games is the best way to keep track of the score and of who has “killed” whom.
  • Be careful where you “tag” your enemies. Certain locations, such as government buildings and airports, don’t take kindly to people carrying toy guns. Also, do not try to tag someone during school hours as this has gotten some Assassination players in trouble.

If you want to kill your opponents from afar like a skilled and silent hitman, then you will need the right Nerf guns. The Nerf Longstrike is essentially a Sniper rifle that will allow you to kill your enemies without them even seeing you until you announce yourself. It’s the closest you can get to being a badass sniper without joining the SAS!