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How to find older Nerf guns: some tips for beginner Nerf gun collectors


Nerf-Gun-collectionNerf guns have been around since the early 90s, which means that a lot of people have actually grown up playing with them. Like with all toy guns and toys in general, as new models and designs come out, the old ones get discontinued and this makes them collectible. There are many Nerf gun collectors out there and most of them would do anything to get their hands on some classic models.

Finding old Nerf guns is not very easy, but it is not impossible. The most important thing that a Nerf collector should know however, is where he or she will be able to find those old models that he or she is after. Here are some tips from veteran collectors that might help some new collectors or aspiring get started with their collections.

  • Garage sales

Old toys are usually considered junk, which is why among the first things to be thrown away when someone cleans their garage. When some people decide to clean their garage, they elect to try and sell their stuff instead of throwing them away. Those garage sales are a great source for older Nerf guns, since most people consider them toys and they have no interest in them. You can also buy the guns you are looking for really cheap at garage sales, because the people selling them were just going to throw them away, so every cent that you offer them is profit. Just don’t look too excited, because they will ask more money than they would otherwise.

  • Thrift and second hand stores

Some thrift and second hand stores have huge toy sections, which means that you will inevitably run into some old Nerf guns there. They also sell them extremely cheap since they are used and out of their box and they have no real value for toy collectors (Nerf guns won’t fetch you thousands of dollars at auction, like the old Star Wars toys). Keep in mind though that some thrift stores don’t have Nerf guns because their owners are against selling toy guns. If your town has any thrift stores, they can be found under “thrift stores” on the phone book or online, make sure that you visit them!

  • Old or discount toy stores

If you are not looking for TOO old Nerf guns, there is a good chance that you will find some older and discontinued models at older or discount toy stores. Those store sell unsold stock by other toy stores, or stuff that have been in their shelves for ages without selling.

  • Search online

Although you won’t find old Nerf guns in the Nerf guns Amazon site, you will probably find some in the Nerf guns eBay site. If you are looking for particular models, you can always search online for forums and web sites run by fellow Nerfers. Most of them have “ads” made by people who want to sell or trade their old Nerf blasters. The Nerfer communities are really helpful.

Old Nerf guns may be cool and have a lot of nostalgic and sentimental value, but they have nothing on newer models! The Nerf Stampede is an amazing fully automatic blaster than can find dozens of darts per second, simply by loading it and squeezing the trigger! No serious Nerf collector should be without one!