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Dart firing vs Disc firing Nerf guns


nerf partyI think it is safe to say that we all know that Nerf guns come in all shapes and sizes, yet there is one thing that they all have in common: they fire specially designed darts made using the world famous Nerf foam. Well, that has changed! Many of the new nerf guns fire disc shaped projectiles, called XLR discs, instead of the traditional Nerf darts! Those new disc firing or XLR guns are becoming more and more popular every single day and many Nerf gun enthusiasts and fans “swear” by them and have adopted them as their weapons of choice. So, are the new kids on the block better than the classic Nerf guns that we all know and love? Let’s find out!

  • Safety.What makes Nerf guns stand out from all other toy guns for kids, is the fact that they have been designed specifically with safety in mind. Nerf Darts are well known for being very soft and harmless, regardless of whether they hit people or things. The new XLR discs are just as soft and harmless as their dart counterparts. So, as far as safety is concerned, you can always rest assured that a Nerf gun will be safe and harmless, regardless of whether it is firing disc or dart shaped projectiles.
  • Range and accuracy.Dart firing Nerf guns are famous for being really accurate and for having quite a lot of range, always depending on the model and the design. The new XLR technology guns however are much more accurate and they can fire their projectiles a bit further than most dart firing Nerf gun models. This is because they are disc shaped and thus more aerodynamic. It should be noted however that XLR discs are quite smaller than Nerf darts and thus it’s easier for them to get lost or to get stuck in a place from which retrieving them will be all but impossible.
  • Ease of use.Both disc and dart shooting Nerf guns work on pretty much the same principle: they have to be loaded with ammunition and cocked / primed before allowing the user to pull the trigger and fire the projectile. It should be noted however that because of the fact that they are shaped like discs, XLR projectiles are much easier to load into the guns and their magazines, which makes reloading them significantly faster than reloading dard firing Nerf guns. Also, because of their compact size and shape, XLR disc guns are also less prone when it comes to jams.
  • Model variety.Dart shooting Nerf guns have been around for years, which means that there are many different models to choose from, ranging from assault rifles to sniper rifles and even Gatling guns. XLR guns are much “younger” and thus there is not a great variety in their models. It should be noted however that there are many fully automatic XLR guns available, but if you need batteries in order to use them at “fully automatic” firing mode. Running out of battery power in the middle of a Nerf war will essentially turn you into a sitting duck.
  • Accessories.Dart and XLR disc firing Nerf guns have the very same tactical rails on them, which means that both gun types are compatibles with all of the N-Strike accessories available out there, including the ones that come packaged with certain models.nerf gun war

If you are a die hard fan of dart firing Nerf guns then do not despair: the XLR guns have nothing on some classic models. Take the Nerf Longstrike for example! This amazing Nerf Sniper rifle will allow you to take out all of your XLR disc gun wielding opponents before they know what hit them or where the darts came from!