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Check out those fun games for Nerf guns enthusiasts


New nerf gunsI bet that when most of you hear the words “Nerf War”, you just think about running around with your friends and shooting your Nerf guns at each other, until you become bored or tired and you decide to call it a night. This can be fun, but Nerf weapons are so much more that regular toy guns for kids and you can play some really cool games with them that will make you feel like you are participating in a real life version of the latest “Battlefield” or “Call of Duty” game. So, without further ado, here are some fun, video game inspired, Nerf war games for all you Nerf gun aficionados out there!

  1. Free for all.This is essentially a “deathmatch” type of game and it is by far the simplest game that you can play with your Nerf guns. Just find a “battlefield” and start your Nerf war! Everyone works alone and the winner is the one who will manage to “tag” the most people in a limited amount of time, the loser is the one who gets “tagged” the most. You can also declare the winner based on everyone’s kill and death ratio. This is type of game is perfect for small groups of people.
  2. Last man standing.This is a cool variation on the Free for all game type. Again it’s every man for him or her self, the only difference is that once you get “tagged”. you get killed and you have to wait outside the battle zone until the current round or game is over. The last person “alive”, is the winner. This game type is ideal for both small and larger groups. Be warned though: the more people playing, the more time those who get “killed” will have to wait in the sidelines…
  3. Team DeathmatchIf. You have lots of friends with Nerf guns, keeping track of individual kills and kill ratios can become pretty difficult, so it’s better to divide yourselves on two teams (or more if you have LOTS of nerf gun fans as friends). Once you divide your group into teams, you can decide on the type of game that you will play. You can play a regular deathmatch in which the team with the most kills at the end of a time limit wins. You can also play a “survival” type of Team Deathmatch in which the team that will manage to eliminate ALL of the opposing team (or teams’) members, will be declared the winner. Just keep in mind that the more people playing, the bigger the combat zone will need to be.
  4. Capture the Flag.This is perhaps the most complicated game you can play with your Nerf guns, but it’s also the most fun. Again, you will have to divide your group into two teams. Then you will have to choose two spots near opposite edges of the battle zone that will serve as each team’s base. In each base you will then place a fla, or a an item that will essentially function as a flag. Each team should try to “steal” the opposing team’s flag and bring it back to their base. In order for a team to score a point, both flags should be at their base. Once a team’s flag is successfully captured, return it to its owners and start another round. When a player get “tagged”, he or she stops moving and shooting for a certain amount of time. If that player was carrying a flag, he or she will have to drop it on the ground and pick it back up only if it hasn’t been picked up by another player while that player was “dead”. It might sound a bit complicated, but once you get the hang of it, this game will become your favorite, you will need lots of friends with Nerf guns in order to have the maximum amount of fun though.

If you want to dominate all Nerf War games, then you will need the right Nerf guns. The Nerf Longstrike is one of the most unique and coolest Nerf gun models out there! It is essentially a sniper rifle, that will allow you to tag your opponents from a long distance, without worrying about them returning fire!