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Nerf dart tag: Lazer tag with Nerf guns!


nerf toysIf you grew up in the 80s or early 90s, I bet that you have some pretty cool memories of lazer tag or laser quest games. Well we all know how expensive laser tag equipment can be, but if I were to tell you that you can get pretty much the whole laser tag experience at home with your Nerf guns?

Nerf dart tag is essentially laser tag with Nerf guns, the only difference is that instead of using expensive laser weapons and sensors, you will be firing specially designed darts using your favorite Nerf gun and some dart gun vests.

  • Wait a minute, what kind of darts and vests are you talking about?I think we all know that pretty much all nerf guns can fire a wide of different darts: you have the standard ones that come packaged with each gun and then you have other darts that you can buy, like the whistler darts, which are faster and more accurate than regular darts. Nerf dart tags have been specifically designed for Nerf dart tag games. They look just like regular nerf darts, but their tips are covered in velcro, which allows them to stick on the specially designed dart tag vests when they hit them. In laser tags you had complicated sensors that told you whether you hit your opponents or not, in Nerf dart tag games, all you have to do to keep track of your score and accuracy, is count the number of darts on your opponents vest.
  • Where will I find those special darts and vests?Well, there are Nerf dart tag starter sets available that contain a coupe of new Nerf guns, a bunch of dart tag darts and a couple of vests. If you and your friends already own some Nerf guns however and don’t want to buy any more. you can buy some dart tag vests and darts anywhere that you can find nerf guns for sale.
  • Will I need anything else?Well like in all Nerf war games, it is always a good idea to have some kind of eye protection handy, since getting hit with a dart in the eye can be quite painful. Furthermore, try not to wear “fluffy” clothes, like woolen sweaters for example, when playing Nerf dart tag, since your darts, and those of your opponents as well, will starting sticking to your clothes.
  • Where can I pay Nerf dart tag?The short answer is EVERYWHERE! As I am sure you know Nerf guns are safe to use and fire even inside the house, since the darts that they fire are soft and pretty much incapable of breaking stuff and causing damage. You should however always keep in mind that Dart Tag is essentially a form of Nerf War, so the usual tips and restrictions, i.e. don’t play in a crowded area or an area that contains many spots in which your darts can get stuck or lost, apply here as well.

Although pretty much all Nerf guns can be used for a good and fun game of Nerf tag, there are some models that can give you a distinct advantage over the opposition. The Nerf Longstrike is essentially a sniper rifle, making it one of the best nerf guns for dart tag games, since it will allow you to safely take out your opponents from afar.