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Nerf Rebelle: Nerf guns for girls!


Nerf Rebelle gunsNerf guns have always be considered to be toy guns for boys, since boys are more likely to play Nerf War games than girls. Nowadays however this has changed. Female pop culture characters like Katniss Everdeen from the extremely popular Hunger Games series and Merida from Brave, the latest movie by Pixar, are sharpshooters and they have made a lot of girls interested in sports and activities that are based on shooting and aiming skills. As a result, girls have taken an active interest in Nerf guns and Nerf War games.

Although Nerf guns are supposedly “unisex” toys, it is quite obvious that they have been designed with boys in mind, since, even though they look NOTHING like real life guns, they are obviously designed with function rather than looks in mind.

Seeing the increased interest that girls are displaying toward toy guns for kids, the people at Nerf have decided to create the Nerf Rebelle series, which consists of Nerf guns and accessories made specifically for girls. What makes the Nerf Rebelle guns different from the ones made for boys though? Let’s find out!

Unique designs
The Nerf Guns of the Rebelle series are based on those of the ever popular N-Strike series. What makes them stand out though, is the fact that they have been redesigned and repainted to make them more attractive for girls. Rebelle blasters are white with pink and purple highlights. They also feature pink and purple designs on their bodies to make them even “girlier”. In other words, the Rebelle blasters won’t look out of place in a girl;s room or toy shelf and in she has brothers who are also Nerf Guns, there will be no chance of their blasters being mixed up.

Colorful ammo
All Rebelle Nerf guns fire Nerf darts, there are no disc firing models available as of yet, what makes the Rebelle projectiles uniques though, is the fact that they look nothing like the traditional Nerf darts that we all know and love. Granted, they have the same shape, but they come in bright pink and purple colors and some of them are even covered in glitter. This means that girls can also personalize their weapons by choosing darts of their favorite color and design! Furthermore, the Rebelle darts are also collectible, which means that girls will even be able to trade and exchange them in order to get ones that better suit their “Nerf war look”!

Wide variety of models
Some may be quick to write off the Rebelle Nerf guns as an attempt to capitalize on the “young lady action hero” trope that seems to be extremely popular in pop culture nowadays, however that doesn’t seem to be the case. The series may be spearheaded by a bow and a crossbow type of Nerf gun (obviously because most female action heroes seem to favor those weapons) but there are also regular blasters and even side arms available as well! The Rebelle series even includes fashionable protective goggles! Granted, there are no Rebbelle Sniper rifle or gatling gun like models available as of yet, but the current Rebelle Nerf guns should be more than enough to allow girls to allow to participate and even win at Nerf Wars, even against boys armed with N-Strike weapons! The most powerful Rebelle gun currently available is the Powerbelle blaster, which is a battery operated semi automatic blaster, like the ones favored by many Nerf War veterans and experts.

nerf gun rebelleRebelle Nerf guns are kind of new right now, so there are no Rebelle Nerf Sniper rifles available yet. If you would like your little girl to deal “death” from afar in a Nerf War battlefield, then the Nerf Longstrike is definitely the right Nerf gun for the jom. It is the best Sniper Nerf blaster out there!