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What are those new disc firing Nerf guns?


nerf n strikeIf you grew up during the late 80s or early nineties then you probably know everything there is to know about Nerf guns. But even if you don’t know that much about them, you probably know the basics: they are toy guns for kids (and adults as well) that fire specially designed darts that have been made using a special foam which makes them really soft and safe for people as well as things that get hit by them.

Lately however some new Nerf guns have been made available and they look nothing like the Nerf toy guns that we all know or grew up with. What makes those Nerf guns stand out, is the fact that instead of darts, they fire discs! So, just how different are those new Nerf models? Are the discs more dangerous than Nerf darts? This article will answer all your questions!

  • Are those discs safe?Nerf guns are always being created with safety in mind. In other words, ALL toy guns for kids made by Nerf are being designed to fire harmless projectiles. The same is true for the latest disc firing models. What makes the Nerf darts stand out from other projectiles fired by toy guns, is the fact that they are made using the special Nerf foam, which makes them really soft and therefore. The same applies for Nerf disc guns. Those discs are not made using the same foam, but they are made using a similar material, which renders them just as safe and harmless as the darts that we all know and “love”.
  • Are those new guns easy to use?Nerf guns that fire disc projectiles work pretty much the same way as their disc firing brethren. What makes them stand out however, is the fact that they are easier to reload and less prone to jamming, because of their disc shaped projectiles. It should also be noted that there are many fully automatic Disc firing Nerf guns, but they need batteries in order to be used in “fully automatic” firing mode. So, the bottom line is that if you or your kid knows how to use Nerf dart guns, using those guns will pose no problem whatsoever.
  • I have many nerf accessories, are they compatible with those new Nerf guns?Disc firing Nerf guns and the ones that fire the traditional dart projectiles have the very same tactical rails. This means that all accessories that you bought for your old guns, can also be attached on the latest disc firing models.
  • Are those discs accurate?Not only are those new Nerf discs, they are officially known as the XLR discs, more accurate than traditional disc projectiles, they can also be fired more quickly and they can travel much further. In other words, a skilled Nerf warrior equipped with a good XLR disc gun will dominate pretty much all Nerf Wars he participates in if his opponents are equipped with traditional Nerf guns that shoot dart projectiles.
  • Can the disc Nerf guns fire dart projectiles and vice versa?No. Dart guns can only fire guns and disc guns can only fire XLR discs. Only the accessories are backwards and forwards compatible.nerf gun war

If you are a traditional type and you still love disc firing Nerf guns, there is no need to worry: your favorite guns are not going anywhere. On the contrary, they keep getting better and better! The new Nerf Longstrike for example is simply one of the best nerf guns ever made! Its accurate scope and great range mean that it is a sniper rifle that can turn you into an ace sniper who will take out his enemies before they know what hit them!