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Tips to make Nerf guns even safer


nerf guns tipsIt is a well known that as far as toy guns for kids go, Nerf guns are by far the safest. This is not only because they fire large Nerf darts of XLR disc projectiles, which can’t penetrate the skin line BB gun pellets or the pellets fired by Airsoft guns, but also because all “Nerf bullets” are made using the special Nerf foam, which makes them really soft and practically harmless, regardless of whether they are being shot on people or stuff.

With that being said though, Nerf guns are still projectile firing toy guns, which means that if they are not used the right way, they can cause some injuries or painful hits. This is why regardless of the fact that Nerf blasters are safe and harmless, you should also establish certain rules with your children that will make those toys even safer. Furthermore, you can also use the Nerf gun toys to teach your kids about the basics of gun safety, so that if they some time find themselves handling a real gun for some reason, they will know how to behave safely around it.

So, without further ado, let’s have some look at some safety tips for Nerf guns:

1.Never look down the barrel of a Nerf Blaster

Even though some Nerf guns may appear and feel empty, this doesn’t always mean that they actually. A dart being fired directly on your kid’s eye can be very painful and it can even cause serious injuries, so make sure that you teach your kid to NEVER, EVER look down the barrel of a Nerf gun.

2.Never leave your blaster loaded and ready to fire

All Nerf guns should always be stored with their magazines removed and their barrels and chambers empty, in order to prevent accidents. This is in accordance with the first rule of gun safety: “there is nothing more dangerous than an empty gun”. This is because kids may play around with their blasters if they think that they are empty and hit someone or themselves with a dart at point blank range, and that can be very painful. So always have your children remove the magazine from their Nerf guns and fire once to make sure that the barrel and chamber is empty before they store it.

3.Always point the gun downwards while carrying it or before you start taking aim

Waving a Nerf gun about while walking or waiting for your turn at target practice can be dangerous, because the gun can fire accidentally. Make sure that you and your kids always point your Nerf guns towards the ground when you carry them.

4.Always keep your finger away from the trigger while aiming and place it there only seconds before you fire

This is another great rule to keep your kids shooting someone by accident.

5.Only point the Nerf gun to people you are playing with

This will teach your kids to not become a nuisance by firing their Nerf guns at strangers who may not be alright with being fired upon, even if it is with soft and harmless projectiles.


That’s pretty self explanatory. Firing a Nerf gun at point blank range can be painful and it can also cause injuries.

7.Always wear eye protection when playing Nerf War

Your kids should always play Nerf War games while wearing goggles or sunglasses in order to protect their eyes from direct hits by Nerf darts.

Once your kids learn those rules and start following them to the letter, you can buy them some cooler and fancier Nerf guns, like the Nerf Stampede for example! The Nerf Stampede is a fully automatic Nerf machine gun will make you and your kids feel like Rambo!