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What kind of Nerf guns does a Nerf War ream need?


nerf guns typesNerf wars are by far the most fun game that all fans of Nerf guns love and can’t wait till they next time they are able to play. But you know what’s even more fun than playing a Nerf War game?

Winning a Nerf war game! There is no better feeling than you and your team using your Nerf guns and skills to their full potential in order to completely dominate your opponents.

A lot of people think that having lots of fancy or new Nerf guns is all it takes to win Nerf Wars, that however is not true.

A Nerf War game is like a real world version of a multiplayer game in Battlefield or Call Of Duty and as I am sure you know, it takes a well balanced team to win at those games.

A team consisting solely of snipers or heavy machine gun wielding players will lose almost every time. With that being said, let’s have a look at what kind of Nerf guns and how many of each kind a Nerf War should have.

Assault weapons

Assault type Nerf Guns, like the Alpha trooper for example, are the best for Nerf Wars, due to their versatility, accuracy and high rate of fire. They can be used to provide cover or for full on assaults and they are pretty much deadly in each situation. Most of the members of your team should be armed with assault Nerf guns. Those guns may be a bit of “jack of all trades, master of none” when it comes to combat, but they are not gimmicky and they can help a warrior hold his or her own in any situation. Please note that people carrying them should also be carrying a sidearm in order to be able to defend themselves if they run out of ammo.

Heavy weapons

Nerf guns like the Nerf Stampede and the Vulcan are great for holding down positions and defending flags and bases, but they are not so great for use in the battlefield. This is because they are much heavier and bigger than other Nerf gun models, due to the fact that they are almost always battery operated, which makes them kind of hard to aim properly and a bit impractical. They can be used in attempts to overrun enemy positions however, provided that the rest of your team provides them with LOTS of cover. Your team should only have one of those guns or a couple at the most. Since most of those toy guns for kids are battery operated, the person using them should make sure that the batteries have enough power to last until the end of the much, since those Elite Nerf guns are pretty much useless once they run out of batteries.

Sniper rifles

Sniper Nerf Guns allow their users to shoot their enemies from a great distance, which means that they will be way out of range should they miss and the enemy fights back. Sniper rifles however are a bit big and they usually can’t fire as quickly as assault Nerf gun models. A couple of good Snipers should suffice for your team. It would also be a good idea for them to also carry a sophisticates sidearm with them in order to be able to defend themselves if their enemies get too close to their position or to be able to participate in rushes.

If you want to be an amazing sniper, you will need the right blaster. The Nerf Longstrike is by far the best Nerfsniper rifle and one of the best Nerf guns, period! Your enemies won’t know what hit them and with a little practice, you will soon become the MVP of your team!