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Nerf maverick is The Ultimate nerf gun! Read my report for nerf n-strike maverick


Looking for a good Nerf Fun? Read my Nerf Maverick review!

Nerf maverickLet’s face it: boys will always be playing at war! At first they will be using their imaginations and pretend that various items, such as brooms and tennis rackets, are pistols and rifles and they will be running around the house or the neighbourhood making “pew, pew” sounds with their friends!

It’s only a matter of time before they ask you for a real toy gun that actually shoots some projectiles! Now, you may have notices that there already are some air soft guns available that shoot little plastic pellets.

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Those guns though are pretty powerful and their projectiles, though small, can actually cause serious damage to your children or your house!

If you’re looking for a safe toy gun that your children can play with without you worrying so much, then look no further than the Nerf guns! These guns have been designed with safety in mind and thus they shoot soft projectiles, made using the specially designed Nerf gun projectile foam! They are definitely the safest guns for kids out there!

In this Nerf gun review, we will take a look to one of the most popular models: the Nerf N-Strike Maverick! According to many reviews, it’s currently the best Nerf gun to buy! Let’s see how it fares in my review!

nerf n-strike maverick

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Nerf n-strike Maverick Overview

The Nerf Maverick was released a few years ago and it’s still one of the most famous and popular toy guns on the market! It’s being used for war games by children all over the world, as well as adults who would like to have a bit of fun in their office or home!

Nerf maverickWhat makes it so cool, is that it has been designed to look and operate like a real world 6 shooter pistol, like those that cowboys used to carry!

Thanks to that clever design, the user will be able to fire his specially designed foam darts very quickly and with great accuracy!

It also looks really cool! It’s been designed to resemble the guns found in video games or sci-fi films, which means that it’s not a replica of a real fire arm like most air soft guns, which is great if you don’t want your children to get accustomed to seeing and using guns too early!

Finally, it’s also small enough to easily fit in a drawer! Simply put, the Maverick Nerf gun is one of the coolest toy guns out there!

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Nerf maverick Features:

  • Easy to use: The Maverick Nerf has been specially designed to be used by children, so operating it, is really easy and simple! It features a specially engineered pull back mechanism, which can be operated by children of all ages since it requires almost no strength at all to use it, as well as an auto advancing barrel! Reloading the Nerf Gun Maverick is also very very quick simple, thanks to its easy to use flip-open reloading mechanism!
  • Rapid fire action: Thanks to its ease of use and revolutionary design, you or your child, will be able to fire all your darts in quick succession, making it a great semi automatic Maverick! But should you run out of ammo and have to reload, you’ll also not be exposed too long to enemy fire: reloading Nerf Maverick Gun only takes a couple of seconds, provided you have some spare darts, of course!
  • Tactical rails: Like many other Nerf guns, this too comes equipped with “tactical rails”! These can be found on the top side of the gun and they allow you to attach and use many of the Nerf Maverick modification parts, such as scopes for better accuracy, that are currently available on the market!
  • It can use different types of darts: The Nerf Maverick comes with six foam darts but should you need more ammo, you can buy some extra darts from any toy store! In fact, Nerf N-Strike Maverick, is compatible with all types of foam darts made by Nerf, including the whistler, suction and Velcro darts!

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Pros and Cons of Nerf maverick


  1. Really easy and simple to use!
  2. The Nerf Maverick is a semi automatic weapon, which means that it will fire much quicker than regular Nerf Gun models!
  3. Very safe!
  4. Great for children of all ages!
  5. Very affordable! In fact, if you’d like to get a really cheap Nerf Maverick, then click here to go to amazon.co.uk!


  1. It only comes with six darts. If those get lost, then you’ll have to buy new ones.
  2. The modification parts don’t do much to improve the accuracy of the Nerf gun Maverick. They will make it look even cooler though!

Where to buy Nerf maverick from and for how much?

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