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Nerf Mission: An app that all nerf gun fans should have!


nerf missionMost Nerf gun models may look really futuristic and like something that came out of a sci-fi film, in fact many sci-fi films and TV series use re – painted Nerf guns as props, but they are a bit old fashioned when it comes to certain aspects. Many Nerf guns come with scopes, but those just provide the user with some crosshairs in order to help him or her aim better. Modern day scopes do way more than provide the user with an aiming reticles or crosshairs.

Modern day scopes provide their users with all sorts of useful that they need in order to fire their guns as accurately and precisely as possible. Nerf gun scopes simply can’t do that, right? Well, this is about to change! The revolutionary Nerf Mission app for the iPhone and the iPod Touch, provides Nerf users with a heads up display that will not only make them feel like they are inside a video game, it will also provide them with everything they will need to make every single shot count and work as effectively as possible as a Nerf War team.

And the best part? The Nerf Mission App is free! All you need is a special mount that will allow you to attach your IPhone or iPod on your gun! Here’s what the app can offer you!

  • It will provide you with valuable battlefield information

Like I said above, an iPhone or iPod running the Mission All can easily be attached to a Nerf gun, all you need is the right accessory, and provide the user with a fully functional HUD that uses the latest in Augmented Reality technology to provide him or her with valuable information regarding the Battlefield. More specifically, the Mission App Heads Up Display features a compass, a GPS, a two-axis inclinometer and a rangefinder that will let you know how far your targets are. All this information is absolutely essential for making precise and accurate shots, especially if you are your team’s sniper, which brings us to the next point.

  • Amazing zoom capability

You know what makes snipers really deadly? The ability to use the zoom functions and optics of their scopes to zero in on their targets. Most Nerf gun sniper scopes don’t have that ability and if they do, their zooming capabilities are very limited. The Nerf Mission app will allow snipers to zoom in on their targets for more precise and accurate long distance shots.

  • It comes with many cool extra features

The Nerf Mission app is as useful off the battlefield as it is on it. When you are not using it as a H.U.D. mounted on your favorite Nerf gun, you can use it to view information on pretty much all the Nerf gun models available on the market, since it comes with a Nerf gun database. Furthermore, you can use the app to design and plan multiplayer games and missions and share them with your friends. Finally, you can also use the app and your device’s camera in order to record footage of your Nerf war games and show it to your friends or even upload it to Youtube and other similar sites.

If you want a Nerf gun that will essentially turn you into a Nerf wielding version of Rambo, then the Nerf Vulcan, released in the UK as the Nerf Havok Fire, is definitely the right gun for you. This fully automatic, electronic Nerf machine gun will make you feel like the ultimate badass in your Nerf War games!