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Is Nerf Rapid Fire the best nerf gun to buy? Read my report!


Looking for a good Nerf gun? Read my Nerf Rapid Fire review!

Nerf Raider Rapid FireHasbro is probably the most famous and popular toy making company in the world! They were behind classic toys that we and our children grew up with, including the G.I. Joe, Tramsformers and Barbie toy lines!

But perhaps their most well known and long lasting products, are the Nerf Guns!

These specially designed toy guns have allowed children to partake in completely safe Nerf War games for about twenty years now! This toy line is still going strong today and there are dozens of new Nerf Guns that get released each year!

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What makes the Nerf gun such a cool toy though? Well, what makes them stand out from other toy guns is their unique design, they look somewhat realistic but they are not replicas of real life weapons and guns, and the fact that their projectiles are completely harmless to those that get hit by them!

You see instead of firing plastic projectiles at high speeds like other toy guns, all Nerf guns fire projectiles that have been made using the very soft Nerf foam! You can be certain that no one who takes place in a Nerf game will return home covered in bruises, or worse!

In this Nerf gun review, we will take a look at one of the newest and most sought after Nerf guns: the Nerf Rapid Fire CS-35! Is it really as cool as many Nerf gun reviews and enthusiasts claim? Well, read on and you will find out!

Nerf Rapid Fire

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Nerf Rapid Fire Overview

The Nerf Rapid Fire is an amazing new and very fun to use Nerf blaster that will definitely make your enemies every time they see you ready to shoot it!

Nerf Raider Rapid FireWhat makes it stand out from all other Nerf toy guns, is the fact that it comes with a barrel magazine that can hold up to 35 individual foam darts!

These  darts can then be fired at your enemy at any rate you like, since it features three different firing modes to choose from, depending on the tactical situation! There’s single fire mode, slam fore mode and of course multi-shot mode!

It’s also  you can fire rapidly and automatically when you’re in a Nerf battle fighting for the throne-you can even switch in between single shot mode, or rapid multi-shot mode! In other words, this is Nerf’s version of the infamous Tommy gun!

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Features of Nerf Rapid Fire

  • Huge magazine capacity!

What makes the Nerf Rapid gun so unique and cool, is the fact that its ammo capacity easily exceeds that of most Nerf rifles out there! While other similar guns can only use magazines with a 10 or 15 dart capacity, the Rapid uses magazines with a whopping 35 dart capacity! With a bit of practice, you will never have to reload during a battle!

  • Two firing modes!

Most Nerf guns come with just one firing mode, but the Nerf Rapid Fire CS-35 has two firing modes for you to choose from, depending on your current battle situation! Single fire mode is great for precision aiming and shooting and can be used to keep your enemies as far as possible! Should they get close to you though, just switch to the rapid multi-shot mode and they’ll instantly run for cover!

  • Fully customisable!

Like all high quality Nerf models, the Rapid Fire Nerf Gun comes equipped with tactical rails, which you can use to attach some of the many additional parts that are available on the market, such as sights and scopes. These parts will greatly increase your gun’s efficiency and overall performance! Furthermore, the Nerf Rapid also features a fully adjustable stock, to help you improve your aim and to make using this gun a lot more comfortable and easy!

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Nerf Rapid Fire Pros and Cons


  1. It has a huge drum magazine that can fit up to 35 darts!
  2. It features two distinct firing modes: single shot and multi-shot!
  3. It features a fully adjustable stock for better efficiency and maximum comfort and ease of use!
  4. It comes equipped with Tactical Rails, so you can easily add various mods to it!
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  1. Extra drum magazines are pretty hard to come by.
  2. Multi-shot mode will drain your ammo supply pretty quickly.

Where to get Nerf Rapid Fire from and for how much

Nerf guns are so popular that you can find them in all toy stores and super markets, but the place to get the Nerf Rapid fire and all Nerf guns in general, is definitely amazon.co.uk! There you will find the best price for the Nerf Rapid, just 24.99 pounds, as well many user Nerf gun reviews to helo you decide which gun is the best for you! Click here to get it!

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