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The Greatest nerf gun In the last years: Nerf Recon! Read my report!


Don’t buy the Nerf Recon before reading my review!

Nerf ReconNerf guns have been around for many years, but now they have become extremely popular in our country as well!

That’s because with all the latest advancements in toy technology, they have become really cool and easy to use, without losing what made them so great and famous in the first place: the fact that a Nerf gun is the safest projectile firing toy that any child, or adult who is still a child at heart, can get his hands on!

You see unlike other toy guns for kids that use small and hard plastic pellets, all Nerf guns shoot foam darts that have been designed with safety primarily in mind!

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Simply put, a Nerf War is pretty much the only war guaranteed to end without any casualties and injuries, and I am not just talking about the participants here, I am talking about the battleground itself too, by which I mean your living room or your garden! If you are looking for a really cool yet also safe toy gun for your children, then a Nerf gun is definitely your best choice!

In this Nerf Gun review, we will take a look at one of the most well known and widely used models, the Nerf Recon! Is it as good as many on line reviewers and users are claiming or is it just over hyped? Well, read my Nerf Recon CS-6 review and find out!

nerf n-strike recon cs-6

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Nerf Recon Description

What makes the Nerf Recon stand out from all other toy guns for kids, including those made by Nerf as well, is its unique modular component design!

Nerf ReconThis means that it comes with interchangeable parts that you can attach to it in order to make it more suitable for the current battle situation! In other words, it’s fully customisable!

Also, the interchangeable parts of the Nerf N-Strike Recon CS-6, can also be used with other Nerf Gun models, making it a great investment for those who own many guns!

Furthermore, the loading and unloading mechanism as well as its specially designed bolt action firing mechanism of the Nerf N-Strike Recon CS-6, are way smaller and more user friendly than those found in other Nerf guns!

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The bolt action mechanism for example, is located on top of the gun instead of on its side, which will dramatically increase your firing rate! Speaking of firing rate, the Nerf Recon CS6 uses a revolutionary clip system for its darts, which makes loading and re-loading it extremely fast!

Finally, The Nerf Recon is amazing when it comes to accuracy as well! Not only does it feature a built in adjustable ladder sight, it even comes with laser red dot aiming module, like the ones they use in action films or in the Call Of Duty video games!

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A more detailed look at the Nerf Recon CS6:

  • Unique design!

The Nerf Recon CS-6 comes with five specially designed interchangeable parts that can be easily attached or removed from it on the fly, in order to make it more fit for each tactical situation! For example, in its simplest form, without any of the parts attached, it can be used as a pistol, but by attaching the stock you can turn it into a sub machine, then you can also attach the barrel part and turn it into a lethal assault rifle! The possibilities are endless! Simply put, you will easily be able to come up with a Nerf Recon CS-6 Mod for every situation! What’s also great, is the fact that you can use these parts with other Nerf Guns as well, including the popular Raider and Longshot models!

  • Clip loading system!

Having to reload in the middle of a battle is a great tactical disadvantage, which is why the Nerf Gun Recon uses a clip loading and re-loading mechanism! This means that its darts are loaded into magazines, just like the bullets of a real piston or rifle! Should you run out of ammo, all you’ll  have to do is take out the empty clip and put in a fresh one!

  • Great accuracy!

The Nerf N-strike Recon comes with two very useful targeting aids to help you with your aiming: first, there’s the fully adjustable flip up sight, which is great for close quarters combat, and then there’s red dot light beam that will help you greatly with your long range aiming and shooting!

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Pros and Cons of nerf n-strike recon cs-6


  1. Unique design thanks to its five interchangeable parts, which allow an amazing amount of modification!
  2. Its parts can be used with other Nerf guns as well.
  3. It can be loaded and re-loaded really fast thanks to its clip mechanism.
  4. It features both a flip-up and a red dot sight!
  5. Easy to use!
  6. Great price at amazon.co.uk! Click here to get it!


  1. It only comes with one magazine that can hold six darts. This means that if you don’t own any other Nerf guns and want to make the most of Nerf Recon’s capabilities, you will have to buy some extra darts and magazines.
  2. The red dot targeting module is battery operated.

Where to buy Nerf Recon from and for how much?

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