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The best nerf gun of all worlds: Nerf Spectre! Read my report!


My Nerf Spectre review: the stealthiest Nerf gun!

If you’re looking for a toy gun that will be enjoyed not just by your children but by everyone in your family as well, then one of the ever popular and successful

Nerf SpectreNerf guns will be just the right choice for you! These fantastic toys are quite probably the most famous toy guns for kids available on the market and they have provided hundreds of thousands of children, and even many adults, all over the world with countless hours of fun and entertainment!

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But why are the Nerf guns so popular to begin with and why do their countless fans, as well as experts, claim that they might be the best toy guns for kids ever made? Well, the answer to this question is very simple!

First of all, while all other toy guns are exact replicas of real world guns, a thing which many experts claim makes them inappropriate for young and small children, Nerf guns manage to look somewhat realistic while still at the same retaining the general look and feeling of a child’s toy!

Then there’s also the very important fact that they are completely harmless and safe for their users! This is because unlike other toy guns, such as air soft guns, that fire pellets made of hard plastic at great speeds which can be harmful if they hit someone in an unprotected place, Nerf guns shoot large foam darts that have been designed and made with the safety of the children primarily in mind

In this review, we will take a very close look at one of the most popular Nerf guns out there: the Spectre! Is it as cool as many reviewers claim? Well, keep on reading my review if you want to find out!

Nerf Spectre

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Nerf Spectre Description

Battles are not always won by brute force, some times you need a bit of stealth and cunning in order to defeat your enemies!

Here’s where the Spectre Nerf gun comes in! It’s an amazing Nerf Blaster that has been designed primarily with stealth in mind, which is why it is the only Nerf gun to feature a detachable silencer!

Nerf SpectreΥour enemies won’t even know what hit them! When it comes to shooting, the Nerf Spectre excels as well!

Thanks to its revolver like, semi automatic loading mechanism, cocking and firing it is extremely fast and easy! Just pull the pump action primer after your shot and you’ll be ready to shoot your next dart!

Apart from the unique silencer accessory, there’s also another cool Nerf Spectre mod included in the package: a detachable, folding stock!

Both the silencer and the stock are also compatible with most guns in the N-Series, which makes the Spectre the perfect choice for seasoned Nerf fans!

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Features of Nerf N-strike Spectre

  • Designed for stealth!

Thanks to its very compact and sleek design, the Nerf Spectre is very conspicuous and it can also be concealed pretty easily! This means that you will be able to sneak upon your targets, without attracting too much unwanted attention or enemy fire! It’s also equipped with a detachable silencer, making it the perfect gun for secret missions! If you like playing stealth games like Splinter Cell and Metal Gear Solid and you want to feel just like their protagonists, then this is definitely the right blaster for you!

  • Rapid Fire Action!

The Nerf N-Strike Spectre is equipped with a specially designed revolver like loading system! Just press the button on its side and the loading cylinder will slide out, then just fill its five chambers with darts, close it and you’re ready to start shooting! Also, thanks to its pump action cocking mechanism it will also provide you with a very good firing rate! Just pull the pump after each shot and you’ll be ready for the next one! It’s a great semi-automatic Nerf gun!

  • Many customisation options!

Apart from the detachable silencer that I mentioned above, the Spectre Nerf Gun also comes equipped with a folding stock that is also detachable! When unfolded, the stock will provide you with steadier and greatly improved aim, especially when it comes to long range targets! Should the enemy get close though, you can just fold it and turn the Spectre into a lethal close combat quarters weapon! These two parts can also be used with other guns of the N-Strike series, which makes it perfect for avid Nerf gun fans and collectors! Also, since the Nerf Spectre features Tactical Rails, you can also equip it with many of the accessories and parts of other N-Series guns and products!

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Pros and Cons of Nerf Spectre


  1. It’s the stealthiest Nerf gun out there!
  2. It comes with two unique accessories: a silencer and a folding stock, both of which are compatible with other N-Strike products!
  3. It’s really easy to load!
  4. It can be fired really fast thanks to its semi-automatic cocking mechanism!
  5. It’s compatible with most N-Strike products and accessories!
  6. Great price on amazon.co.uk! Click here to get it!


  1. It only has a five dart ammo capacity.
  2. With the stock attached and unfolded, it can be a bit too big for younger children to use.

Where to get Nerf Spectre from and for how much

As you may have noticed, Nerf guns are not exactly hard to find these days, in fact most supermarkets and toy stores have dedicated entire sections to them, but by far the best place to get the Nerf Spectre, is amazon.co.uk! There you will find the cheapest price for it, only 34.99 pounds, they will also deliver it anywhere in the UK fast and completely free of charge! Click here to get it!

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