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Can you turn Super soakers into Nerf guns?


nerf super soakerWhen it comes to toy guns for kids, Nerf guns and super soakers are by far the most popular, which is why most people would like to have one gun that can fire darts, as well as water.Nerf guns are designed to shoot Nerf darts and they are not waterproof, nor are they designed to be able to hold water tanks and pump water (or are they? More on that later).

Power soakers on the other hand, use air pressure to shoot water, which means that with a few modifications they can be turned into Nerf guns, right?

Well, the short answer is “Yes, you can turn a super soaker into a Nerf gun”. The long and more accurate answer however is “You can turn super soakers into Nerf Guns, but you wouldn’t want to!”.

All it takes to convert a Super Soaker into a Nerf gun is to simply replace its nozzle with a tube or a pipe which will stand in for the barrel. You just pump your soaker to build air pressure, load a dart in the barrel and pull the trigger. What’s wrong with that? Quite a few things actually:

Poor performance

In order for your super soaker to be able to fire a Nerf dart with enough power to allow it to travel a long or even adequate distance, you will have to pump it many, MANY times. This might work as a gimmick to impress your friends and it may allow you to accurately shoot some targets in your backyard, but this kind of gun is useless in a Nerf War scenario. You see most Nerf guns are able to shoot several darts a minute, so by the time you build enough air pressure in your modified soaker for the dart to come out, you will be buried under a mountain of enemy Nerf darts!

Poor Reloading time

Like I said above, all Nerf guns will be able to fire way quicker than your Super soaker mod, but that’s not the only advantage they will have! A guy with an empty Nerf gun magazine will be able to reload and get a shot off much quicker than you. All he’ll have to do is remove the empty magazine, snap on a new one, prime his gun and shoot. In order to reload, you need to pump the gun several times in order to build air pressure and then load the dart and push it all the way down the barrel before you are able to fire. In other words, it will be like using a musket against an M1 Garand.

More trouble than its worth

Finding a tube that is of just the right width and length to allow you to fire accurately and to make your darts travel long distances is a very time consuming trial and error process, which as you can tell from my two points above, is probably not worth it.

There are already hybrid Nerf guns out there!

OK, here’s the big twist: you don’t actually need to turn a Super Soaker into a Nerf gun, since there already are Nerf Water guns that can also be used as regular Nerf guns without any modification whatsoever! Granted, those are not cheap Nerf guns, but at the end of the day you will get an excellent product that will provide you with two toy guns for the price one. That’s not a bad deal if you ask me!

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