Home Do you like water guns? Then you will love the Nerf Super Soaker Scatter Blast

Do you like water guns? Then you will love the Nerf Super Soaker Scatter Blast

Nerf super soaker scatter blasterIf you’re looking to buy a toy that not only your children but everyone in your family, including you, will have tons of fun with, then you should definitely get one of the really popular and successful Nerf Water guns!

These world famous toys are perhaps the most well known and best selling water guns ever made and they have provided millions of children, teenagers and even adults, in nearly all the countries in the world with countless hours of amazing fun, entertainment and really exciting Nerf War games!

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This great popularity, has lead to literally hundreds of models becoming available on the market! This means that choosing the right Nerf water gun for you and your child, might be a little more complicated and time consuming than you first imagined! The best way to deal with this problem, is to read some Nerf water gun reviews! In this one, we will take a detailed look at one of the most popular Nerf gun models currently on the market: the Nerf Super Soaker Scatter Blast! Is it as awesome as people claim it is? Wee, keep on reading my review and you’ll find out!


Nerf might be famous for making some of the best and most exciting toy dart guns on the market, but they also make really cool water guns! In fact they are considered by many to be among the best currently on the market! Their latest water gun is called the Nerf Super Scatter Blast and it’s truly amazing and really fun to use!

What sets it apart from other water toy guns, is the fact that it doesn’t have a trigger! In order to fire it, all you’ll have to do is use its specially designed pump! It just takes a few pumps to “prime” it, but once it’s primed, it will unleash a torrent of water with each pump! Its barrel is equipped with a specially designed nozzle, that will make sure that everyone around you will get drenched! It can shoot water up to 25 feet away and its tank has a huge capacity of about 600mls! Finally, the Scatter Blast also feature a Tactical Rail, which means that it’s compatible with most of the optional parts and accessories made for the N-Strike series blasters!

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●    Firing system

The Nerf Super Soaker Scatter Blast comes equipped with a rather unique firing system! Instead of requiring you to pump air into an air chamber and pull a trigger to fire the water, the Scatter Blast will unleash a stream of water, each time you pump it! It doesn’t even have a trigger! In other words, it is extremely simple and easy to use!

●    Range!

The Scatter Blast gets its name from the special nozzle that its barrel is equipped with, which allows it to shoot five streams of water at once! This means that you will be able to hit everyone around you with a single pump, or shot! Each stream can also travel up to 25 feet away! In short no one will be safe from it!

●    Water / ammo capacity!

Unlike most water guns that need to be refilled after a few shots, the Nerf Scatter Blast Super Soaker, features a really large water tank that can accommodate up to 600 ml of water! This means that yo won’t have to refill it for a really long time!

●    Tactical Rail!

Like all good Nerf guns, this too features a Tactical Rail, which makes it compatible with most of the accessories available for the N-Strike series Nerf Blasters! This will allow you to customize it and improve its overall performance!

Pros and Cons


●    Really easy to fire thanks to its pump-to-fire mechanism!

●    It doesn’t feature a trigger!

●    It’s tank can contain up to 600 ml of water!

●    It can fire up to five streams of water at once!

●    Each stream can travel up to 25 feet away!

●    Compatible with most N-Strike parts and accessories!

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●    If the tank runs completely dry, you will have to pump it a few times in order to get it ready to fire again.

●    If you’re not careful, you can empty the tank really fast, despite its huge capacity.

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