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Nerf Super Soaker Thunderstorm Gun – Dont Buy Yet – Read first my Review

Super Soaker Thunderstorm water gun by nerfWith summer fast approaching one thing is for sure, water gun wars are going to start breaking out in every playground and every back yard in the country! If you don’t want to go home soaking wet, you’re gonna need the best Nerf water gun

Because of their great popularity and wide appeal, there are now many different Nerf water gun models on the market! Some of them are simple to use and meant for children and beginners, while others are more complex and have been designed primarily with teenagers and Nerf veterans in mind!

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This means that you can’t just buy the first new Nerf water gun you come across at a toy store, you will have to pick that’s suitable for you or your kid! The best way to do that, is to read some Nerf water gun reviews first! In this review, we will take a detailed look at a really cool Nerf water gun, the Nerf Super Soaker Thunderstorm! What makes it so good? Well read my review and you’ll find out!


TNerf Super Soaker Thunderstorm Water Gunhe new Nerf Super Soaker Thunderstorm is one of the very few fully automatic water guns on the market! Yeah, you read that right, it’s fully automatic: thanks to a specially designed battery operated mechanism, all you’ll have to do to fire it, is press the trigger! You won’t need to pump it! Furthermore, its water stream has a range of about 25 feet! Also, unlike other water guns that need to be taken to a tap in order to be refilled, the Super Thunderstorm features water clips!

You can fill its clips with water at home and simply replace the one that has run out with a fresh one! It’s also compatible with most N-Strike accessories and stocks, which will allow you to customize it to improve its overall performance and to make it even more fun to use!

  • Fully automatic!

Most water toy guns require the user to pump them repeatedly in order to fill an air chamber hat will enable the gun to shoot! This is a very tedious process and it takes way too long, but with the Nerf Thunderstorm, you won’t ever have to do it! It comes equipped with a state of the art, fully automatic firing mechanism, powered by batteries! All you have to shoot it, is simply press the trigger!

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  • Clip based ammo system!

One of the biggest problems with water guns, is the fact that they need to be refilled with water after every few shots. This means that you’ll have to take them to a nearby tap or water hose and wait for their tans to fill! Thankfully, the Nerf Super Soaker Thunderstorm doesn’t work that way! It comes equipped with a revolutionary clip system, in other words, it can be loaded exactly like a Nerf dart gun with a clip based ammo delivery system! Simply fill the clips with water before each battle, place on the gun and replace it with a full one, once it runs out of water!

  • Tactical Rails!

Just like all high quality Nerf guns, the Thunderstorm Nerf comes equipped with Tactical Rails which will allow you to attach many of the optional parts and accessories, including stocks, made for the N-Strike Nerf guns onto it, in order to improve its performance!

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Pros and Cons


  • It’s a fully automatic Water gun!
  • You’ll never have to pump it!
  • It features clips which means that loading it will only take a few seconds and you won’t have to run to a tap in order to do it!
  • It features tactical rails, which make it compatible with most N-Strike accessories and parts, including stocks!
  • It can shoot water up to 25 feet away!
  • Really easy to fire, all you’ll have to do is pull the trigger!


  • It’s battery powered, which means that it will be practically useless if its batteries run out.
  • Each clips holds 300 ml of water, which is good enough, but not great.

Although you can find Nerf Water guns for sale pretty much everywhere, the best place to get the Nerf Super Soaker Thunderstorm water gun from, is definitely amazon.co.uk! Not only will you find the cheapest price for it there, they will also ship it to you fast and free! Click here to get it!