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Nerf Tactical Vest kit: The best way to carry extra ammo for your Nerf gun


Nerf Tactical Vest kitOne of the first things that a Nerfer learns, either through personal experience or by hearing the advice of more experienced Nerfers, is that you should always carry lots of ammo with you in a Nerf War.

Even the coolest and “deadliest” Nerf guns are useless when they run out of ammo and having to scavenge darts from the battlefield leaves you open to enemy fire and is quite often a death sentence.

This is why a good Nerf Warrior should carry as many darts as possible with him or her, but when can all this extra ammo be stored without getting in the Nerfer’s way?

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Pockets can only hold one mag at best, any more than that and they will start hindering the Nerfer’s movement. Furthermore, when extra darts are stored in pockets they get bent and bent Nerf darts are the main cause of Nerf gun jams.

If you want to be able to carry enough ammo with you to ensure your survival in all Nerf wars, then you simply need the Nerf Tactical Vest Kit. Here’s why:


The Nerf tactical vest kit contains everything you will need to conveniently carry as much ammo as possible during Nerf wars. The kit contains the Nerf Tactical Vest, two magazines compatible with all N-strike Nerf guns and twelve streamline darts.

Nerf Tactical Vest

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The Nerf Tactical Vest

The Nerf tactical Vest has been specially designed to allow Nerfers to carry lots of extra with them at all times. The Vest ensures that extra ammo will be always handy and will not be getting in the way while the Nerf Warrior is running or performing rolls and other cool stunts in the battlefield.

The Nerf Tactical Vest can hold up to four Dart clips and it also comes equipped with twelve loops for you to store extra darts individually. It also features holsters for your main Nerf gun and your sidearm. In short, the Nerf Tactical Vest is what you need in order to truly become an Elite Nerf Warrior.

Streamline Darts

Streamline darts are the Nerf darts that most Nerf guns are compatible with. Everyone can use a few extra darts, which makes them a very welcome addition to the Nerf Tactical Vest: not only will you get the best solution for extra ammo storage, you will also get some extra ammo to store!

Extra magazines

Most N-Strike Nerf guns are loaded by using clips, so having some extra clips handy is always a plus.Furthermore, the magazines included in the Nerf Tactical Vest Kit are compatible with pretty much all types of Nerf Darts, which means that you can load the magazines with your own Nerf darts, or the darts included in the kit. The magazines that come bundled with the Nerf Tactical Vest are translucent, which makes them unique.

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Pros and Cons


  • The vest can conveniently store individual darts as well as extra ammo clips
  • The Nerf Tactical Vest also features holsters for your main Nerf gun and your sidearm
  • The package includes 12 extra darts
  • Two unique, translucent magazines are included in the Nerf Tactical Vest kit
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  • The vest is “one size fits all”, which might make it a bit uncomfortable for some “bigger” Nerfers
  • The Nerf Tactical Vest kit doesn’t include a blaster

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