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Why Nerf guns are the best toy guns for kids!


Nerf guns are extremely popular in the United States and they have been so for more than 20 years and now it seems that the Nerf craze has made its way to our UK stores. But just what is it that makes those toy guns for kids so desirable? Why have Nerf games become so popular lately? Well, let’s try to find some answers to those questions!nerf toy guns and gear

  • Safety first!What makes Nerf guns so popular is the fact that they are completely safe and harmless for the children playing with them. This is because, unlike airsoft guns and other toy guns, they fire large and really soft projectiles. Classic models fire Nerf Darts, while most new Nerf guns fire specially designed Nerf discs.Those projectiles are made using the world famous Nerf foam, which is extremely soft, and they have been specially designed to be as painless as possible when someone gets hit by them.
  • Cool designs!All Nerf guns are painted with bright colors and they look like really cool science fiction weapons. This means that they look nothing like real guns, which is great news, because according to recent studies, children shouldn’t play with realistic toy guns.
  • Easy to use and durableLet’s face it, children have a tendency to take apart their toys or break them, especially if they like playing with them. Nerf guns may look like something out of a Star Wars film or an episode of Star Trek, but they have been designed with children specifically in mind. This means that despite the fact that they look kind of complicated, they are really easy to use. All a child usually has to do is cock the gun and squeeze the trigger, in order to fire it. Furthermore, even the cheap Nerf guns are extremely durable, because they are made out of thick plastic and all their working parts are out of the reach of children and are only accessible by taking the gun apart.
  • They will make your kids get out of the houseI think we can all agree that one of the biggest problems with children nowadays is the fact that they simply don’t get out of the house much. They are all practically glued to their video games and computers. Nerf wars however a really fun outdoors are activity that your children will definitely love. It will definitely get them out of the house and they will get some much needed exercises as they will have to be constantly running and moving in order to hit their opponents and avoid the projectiles being fired their way. Also, since Nerf guns and their projectiles are totally safe, you will not have to worry about anyone getting hit or breaking anything. In other words, you can be sure that a Nerf war will result in no actual “casualties” and damages.

So if you are still wondering whether your children should join the Nerf Guns UK craze, I think that it is safe to say that if they like toy guns, then they will love Nerf guns!

If you want to get your child one of the coolest Nerf guns that will help him or her win every Nerf War, then you should definitely choose the Nerf Longstrike! It is essentially a Nerf sniper rifle, which will allow your child to hit his or her opponents from a long distance! It’s also one of the coolest looking toy guns on the market!