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Are the coolest Nerf guns enough to win you all Nerf wars?


nerf pistolThey say that a soldier’s equipment is about as important as his skill and training when it comes to staying alive in the battlefield and the same goes for Nerf wars. Having one of the latest and coolest Nerf guns is important, but it usually won’t be enough by itself, especially since some players take games of Nerf war WAY too seriously. So, what you will need in order to stay alive as long as possible and dominate your opponents apart from your favorite Nerf gun? Let’s have a look!

  • Extra ammo.Bringing only as many nerf darts or discs as your various Nerf guns can carry is pretty much suicidal during a game of Nerf war. The absolute worst thing that can happen to any soldier is to run out of ammo while surrounded by enemies. Every second that you spend with an empty gun, exponentially increases the possibility of being “tagged” and killed by one of your opponents. Always have at least one pre-loaded and ready “lock and load” clip on your person. You can find additional nerf darts and magazines in every toy store that has toy guns or nerf guns for sale.
  • A side arm.You may rely on your favorite Nerf gun for most of your kills during a Nerf gun, but smaller Nerf guns that can be easily concealed or carried in your pockets can save your life. If you are reloading and an enemy is coming for you, having a primed and ready to fire side arm, even a small one, can make a world of difference as far as your survival is concerned! Do not underestimate smaller or single shot Nerf pistols, under the right circumstances, they can be as deadly and important as your main gun.
  • Tactical vest.Now your clips and side arms will have to be stored somewhere on your person until you need them. It is also important that you place them at a place where they will be easy to reach and use, without compromising your speed and mobility on the battlefield. You can try storing them on your pockets, but this will make them full and that will hinder your movement and agility. A tactical vest on the other hand comes with many pockets and pouches placed near your chest. This means that all your accessories and guns will be easy to reach and you won’t have to worry about them getting in your way while fighting your Nerf wars.
  • Eye protection.All Nerf guns fire painless and harmless projectiles, regardless of whether they are discs of darts, but the truth is that getting hit at close range in the face or the eyes with them can still be quite painful. If you don’t want to have to worry about being shot in the face and getting hurt, you will need to protect your eyes. Some Nerf gun sets come with eye protection included in the box. If you don’t have any Nerf protective goggles, you can wear some sunglasses or even protective goggles like the ones used by gardeners, painters and other professionals, which are really easy to find and very cheap.

realistic toy gunsApart from those accessories, there are also some Nerf guns that can help you make a difference in the battlefield and greatly increase your chances of surviving and winning Nerf wars. One of those guns is the Nerf Longstrike, which is essentially a Nerf sniper rifle, which will allow you to pick your enemies off safely and from afar.