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Do you like Nerf guns? Here are some tips for the best Nerf Wars!


Nerf guns are by far the most popular toy guns for kids, as well as adults, in the world. The main nerf guns gamereason for that, are the so called Nerf wars, or in other words, “war games” using Nerf guns.

This is because thanks to the fact that those specially designed toy guns fire really soft projectiles which not only not cause any pain when they hit people, they also won’t break or otherwise damage any things that they hit, including windows.

If you want to play a good game of Nerf War however, you will need more than just some Nerf guns and some friends. Here are some tips to make your Nerf wars as fun as possible for everyone involved!

  • Play during the day:The projectiles fired by Nerf guns, whether they are discs or darts, may be large and brightly colored, but they don’t glow in the dark! This means that if you play a game of Nerf War during the night, not only will you not be able to tell where you’re shooting at or where the shots you are taking are coming from, you will also lose a lot of your darts or discs, since you won’t be able to see and find them after you fire them all. This brings me to the next tip.
  • Don’t play in areas with many trees and bushes:Trees and bushes may provide excellent cover from enemy projectiles, but they are also magnets for Nerf bullets. This means that a lot of projectiles will end up getting tangled inside the foliage and becoming pretty much irretrievable. Try playing in a park that doesn’t have many short  trees with thick foliage or thick and thorny bushes.
  • Bring some extra ammunition:Most Nerf guns come with enough darts or discs to fill one magazine. Those will be enough for a game or two, but they will soon start getting lost. Always have some extra ammo with you. You can use the darts that came with some old Nerf guns that you no longer use, or you can buy some. Spare darts are really cheap and  they are available everywhere that you can find Nerf guns for sale.
  • Don’t annoy people:Make sure that you and your friends don’t play your Nerf War games in crowded areas. Nerf darts may be painless and harmless, but they can be very annoying, especially if they hit children or parents who are not participating in the game! Also try not to shout and curse! Have some respect for the other people.
  • Wear eye protection:The projectiles fired by Nerf guns, be they darts or discs, may be painless and practically harmless, but they can hurt really bad if they hit someone in the eye, so it is always recommended to wear some kind of eye protection when playing Nerf War games. Protective goggles, like the ones used by gardeners, are really cheap and they won’t impair your vision while playing.
  • Have fun:The game may be called Nerf War, but it is not an actual war! It’s only a game and like in any other game, your only goal should be to have as much fun as possible! Don’t be too competitive and don’t get into pointless fights about whether or not someone actually got “tagged” or not! Just have fun, without worrying about the result! It’s only a fun game!

If you want to have the maximum amount during a Nerf war, you will need some good Nerf guns! The Nerf Longstrike, Probably the coolest one out there, since it is essentially a semi automatic sniper rifle, which will allow you to take out your enemies from afar! They won’t even know what or who hit them!