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The top toy gun for extreme nerf games: Nerf Nite Finder! Read my report!


My Nerf Nite Finder review: the most affordable Nerf gun!

Nerf Nite FinderToy guns have always been really popular with boys of all ages, however they do have some problems! Most are very high powered and they fire small pellets at very high speeds!

These projectiles can easily cause damage to someone if they hit an unprotected part of the body and they can also be dangerous when used in indoor spaces, since they can easily break windows and even TV screens and computer monitors!

Well, the people at Hasbro saw that problem and came up with a revolutionary solution to it a lot of years ago: the Nerf guns!

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What makes those toy guns so unique and successful, is that they can provide the same fun and entertainment as most other toy guns for kids, while at the same time keeping the people playing with them and the house as safe from harm and damage as possible!

You see Nerf guns don’t fire pellets or other similar bullet like projectiles, but soft foam darts that have been specially designed to be as safe and harmless as possible! This has made them a big hit with children all over the world! Even adults love them! It’s not unusual for a full scale Nerf War to break out whenever men come together to watch a football match!

In this review, we’ll take a look at one of the best selling Nerf Guns out there, the Nerf Nite Finder! According to many Nerf gun reviews, it’s one of the best Nerf models that you can currently get! Are they right? Well, read my Nerf Nite Finder review and you’ll find out!

Nerf Nite Finder

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The Nerf N-Strike nite finder at a glance:

Nerf Nite FinderA big problem with most, if not all Nerf guns, is the fact that they can’t be used in the dark or the night, well this unique gun, is here to change that!

Nerf Nite Finder EX-3, has been specially designed to be used during night time and in dark places! It’s equipped with a red laser like light that allows you to aim accurately even in complete darkness!

If you can see the red dot, then that’s where your dart will end up once you shoot it!

This targeting light is also easily visible during the day time as well and if you want like stealth and sneaking upon on your targets, you can switch it off with just the press of a button and you can turn back on just as easily! Darkness will be your best friend when using the Nerf Nite Finder!

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Nerf n-Strike Nite Finder Performance:

  • Firing and ease of use:

When it comes to ease of use, the Nerf N-Strike Nite finder really signs through! It uses a front loading, spring powered mechanism that’s pretty simple and easy to use! Just place a dart in the barrel, pull back the mechanism to cock the gun and press the trigger to fire it! As you can tell, it;s manually loaded but that should be no problem since the process is so fast and easy that even very young children will master it a no time! It’s also very compact and lightweight, which not only makes it really easy to conceal, but also ideal for use by smaller children!

  • Extra features:

Although small and fairly simple, the Nerf nite Finder comes with an almost unique feature: it’s built in light beam targeting system! This makes aiming with it very easy regardless of lighting conditions! You’ll be as accurate during the night as you are during the day! It should be noted however that the targeting light beam system needs 2 AA batteries in order to work and they are not included in the package. Furthermore, you will also find a specially designed stand up target in the box of your Nerf Nite Finder EX-3! This will help you practice and improve your aim whenever you have the time!

  • Easy to mod!

If you are an older Nerf fan then you should also know that it is very easy to mod the Nite Finder in order to increase its already long range of 35 feet and to improve its performance in general! You can find many easy to follow Nerf Nite Finder mod instructions and videos with a simple search on Google!

  • Amazing value for money!

Most Nerf guns cost more than 20 pounds, you can get the Nerf N-Strike Nite Finder for little more than a quarter of that amount! Simply put, it’s probably the most affordable Nerf gun!

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Pros and Cons of Nerf Nite Finder


  1. It’s very compact and lightweight!
  2. It’s very easy to use, making it great for younger children!
  3. It comes with a built in targeting light beam system!
  4. A target that you can use for targeting practice is included in he package!
  5. It’s by far the most affordable Nerf Gun!You can get it really cheap at amazon.co.uk! Click here to get it!


  1. It’s a single shot Nerf Gun which means that it probably can’t be used as your primary weapon during a Nerf game.
  2. The light beam targeting system needs 2 AA batteries, which are not included.

Where to get Nerf Nite Finder from and for how much.

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